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  1. Dash Refurb / Wrapping

    Is this what you are looking at doing?the crash pad is covered in leather as it's easier to cover the profile without creasing and the dash is in vinyl .As @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary said above there needs to be some joins in the material but as I wanted French stitching ( the double row of stitching) I didn't mind the seams
  2. European breakdown cover

    As above i did it last year for Le Mans with a plan but i don't think it includes repatriation to the UK just try and get you going
  3. Cornwall/Devon run out Sunday 22nd April

    I'll be busy working on the car to get it back on the road for stoneleigh ..so from May we can get some meets going Martin
  4. Joints

    Dam not what I was expecting...
  5. Hello and advice on setting toe-in

    Hi Jim sorry I'm a bit late to the party. I took my Westy to Matt at A1 tyres at Bodmin he's got 4 wheel laser alignment machine and he used to own a Westfield so he knows all about them total transformed mine http://www.a1tyres.org.uk
  6. Two questions if I may?

    I've just fitted these
  7. Radiator fan positioning

    What service and quality, my rad arrived today and it's almost to nice to hide away in the nose cone .not only did did they fit brackets to attach the fan I found a bag in the bottom of the box with small plates with rivnuts fitted in them which slide onto the side of the fan allowing it to be bolted to the rad.
  8. Radiator fan positioning

    Well I've just got off the phone with coolex and radiator now ordered . What a really helpful company and excellent customer service . They asked what fan I was using and had all the dimensions at hand and are going to weld fixings onto the rad for me .I went for the 55mm core and was assured with the revotec fan it would have no problems cooling a 2L zetec in any climate and if it doesn't he'll take the rad back of me .best of all I ordered at 4pm today and it will be ready and shipped tomorrow.
  9. Radiator fan positioning

    I've already got a new fan it's a revotec comax these were recommended to me as having one of the highest air flow fans these are the figures
  10. Radiator fan positioning

    Thanks Dave I'll give them a call tomorrow
  11. Radiator fan positioning

    Dave what thickness rad did you go for?
  12. Radiator fan positioning

    Cheers @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary @DamperMan I think I'll have a go at building a cowl with the flap's in out of a bit of aluminium sheet . I've not had any problems with overheating while I've been driving even in that hot weather driving down to Le Mans last year . My problem is when I stop in traffic the temperature just starts climbing hence the reason for changing the fan and location . I've checked the water pump and I'm sure it's the 1.8 type so I don't think it's water flow and ive also tested the thermostat which is opening fine .I was also wondering if it was worth changing the rad for a new aluminium one ,the rad looks like an old cortina/Capri style unit i think coolex do them.i just don't want another summer worrying about getting stuck in traffic and over heating
  13. Radiator fan positioning

    I'm fitting a new revotec fan in the car and I'm converting from a push to a pull. The question is am I better to fit the fan tight(20mm) to the rad or space it away a bit and make a cowl to fit the rad and fan Cheers
  14. Southwest Trip to Stoneleigh

    Jon that sounds like a good trip up . what do you think @Kernow ? It might be easier for me to do just 5he Sunday and Monday
  15. Southwest Trip to Stoneleigh

    Hi John i am hoping to go but I'm I'm busy around that time , I'm currently trying to juggle things around and clear the weekend I should have a better idea by the weekend I'll let you know as soon as I know Cheers Martin

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