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  1. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Forgot to add I will update this thread will all the stuff i have bought and prices paid and list any issues etc and a review of my thoughts before and after. Then hopefully it might be of interest or help to some people in the future.
  2. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Many thanks for the recommendations. I have a fellow forum member who is going to do the work for me, then I will be taking it to get tuned on the rollers so thanks may look them up.
  3. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Ok thanks, engine is standard at the moment but will go for the Sytec 044 as might not always be standard
  4. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks Phil, Already got a fuel pressure regulator
  5. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Great thanks much cheaper on Matt Lewis racing not heard of them before. Do you think this would be suitable? http://www.mattlewisracing.co.uk/product.php/386/102/fuel_pump___matt_lewis_racing/d49f1613c1701435e71a38f0511a3eed Cheers think I will go with that one too.
  6. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks Chris. Have taken the plunge for the Jenvey route. Sourced some parts so now have QED DTH throttle bodies, fuel rail / regulator/ injectors / Omex ecu & loom. Now all I think i require is a swirl pot and fuel pump, so after any recommendations. So for an XE doing the conversion from carbs what fuel pump should i go for and what swirl pot do i need? I have found this swirl pot which looks good from an old post on here but would this suit my needs? http://www.alloyracingfabrications.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=54 Also this fuel pump again from an old post: https://www.glencoeltd.co.uk/ti-automotive-fuel-pumps-walbro/walbro-fuel-pumps/walbro-gsl392-fuel-pump-kit-fp650-includes-mounting-brackets-gcl611-1/ Thanks again for all the help.
  7. Ohh that was quick am after one of those too.
  8. Bonnet cut out picture request

    Dave sorry to be a pain but do you have any pics of your new bonnet on the car with the throttle body filter on?
  9. Bonnet cut out picture request

    thanks I'd rather hear it like it is. Was really hoping I wouldn't need a new bonnet though as its painted in a 3 stage pearl orange
  10. Bonnet cut out picture request

    Thanks for posting. Thinking I will now need some bodywork fixing
  11. Bonnet cut out picture request

    Thanks NIC that helps, I may be able to get away with just making the hole bigger then looking at your pic but I do have a v8 bonnet.
  12. Hi all, following on from my other thread (http://forum.wscc.co.uk/forum/topic/127452-carbs-to-throttle-bodies-cost/) I may have sourced some QED direct to head throttle bodies and am wondering if anybody has any pictures of these or any throttle bodies fitted at this direct angle? I am looking at bonnet clearance and am wondering how much my bonnet will need cutting or indeed if it needs replacing as already has the cut outs for my 45 Webber's. Can't find anything via searching or on Google. Thanks.
  13. Sport turbo seat upgrade

    I also have the sport turbo seats on a not lowered floor and like Andy have done the same mod, I think they are a great seat. These pics give a good idea on height the first pic was on actual seat runners so as high as can be, you can compare against the roll bar (I really need to buy some Schroths)
  14. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks Chris, What is your throttle response / driveability like and cold starting? I.e. do you recommend the Dan at/bike throttle body route?
  15. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks for the offer Dave will let you know Yes understood but either way I think you guys have helped me out with lots of cheaper options, including some nice PM's thanks guys. I will update everything on here once I finally get the conversion done, but will most likely have some more questions before then