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  1. Westfield part 2 - Track Harder

    Looks nice, great those k series engines
  2. Life after Westy's?

    no problem.
  3. Life after Westy's?

    996s are very underrated cars, I've had one and my dads had one for the last 12 years that has to be one of the very best around. Now go into ownership with your eyes wide open I am not scaremongering and thoroughly recommend one, but stick with a tin top much better handling than the convertable, and make sure it is a manual. I know a lot about these cars so PM me if you want any further information. Cheers.
  4. Life after Westy's?

    Ahh I remember that thread as was an active member on Norlog. Elises, vx220s and exiges have poor drop links that on a lot of them people do not keep up to scratch they have been several examples of drop link failure on trackdays too. Aquaplaning also happened to me several times in my old exige but not because of drop links but because of standing water and A048s.
  5. Chassis rail protectors

    I have been after a set of these too. Please let me know if you find any
  6. Sold - Samsung Level Active Bluetooth Headphones

    Hi Dave, I will take these if not already gone. Please PM me your payment details. Thanks Mark
  7. Life after Westy's?

    Interesting thread this one. My story is various new Elise's then on to a new exige S2 supercharged back in 06 when they came out got it up to 300bhp and loved it, longest I had ever owned a car @6 years, then moved house car sold then bought a westie. Lots of fun and cheap to own etc plus great customising it. Then for reasons unknown I sold my M3 daily and Westy and bought a focus RS mk2 and tuned that to 420bhp with lots of other upgrades but...... I still had a massive picture of my Westy on the garage wall and I missed it. Then my actual old car came up for sale so I bought that back and now run a little Renault sport twingo 133 as my daily, which I got at family rates as my brothers wife had owned it from new. Moral of the story for me is over the last 15 years I have always had a lightweight in the garage apart from the last two years when I had the focus RS and now I back again so I have concluded I can't live without one and the Westfield is so much fun for little cost. This time around I have bigger plans as can do all the things I wanted to do first time but didn't get chance due to always spending on my M3.
  8. Had to chuckle

    That story actually made me laugh out loud. At times I really do wonder what goes on in people's minds.
  9. Is it just me? FW rear.

    I also like the FW and glad they have tried something new. But still love the old rear end too.
  10. Bargain for someone would have bought it myself if not bought my old car back a few weeks ago
  11. A reminder to check your bits!!

    Nothing worse than things like this when you gradually replace things and still can't get it sorted, but great news in the end. I had euro CP supply me with the wrong spark plugs for a 24v cosworth powered Capri and couldn't figure out why it ran so bad, turned out to be the wrong plugs supplied in the correct packaging!
  12. Returning owner

    Thanks Dave.
  13. New Member - Hi

    Looks fantastic, top spec car and if I hadn't have just bought my old one back I would be all over that one.
  14. Returning owner

    Ahh great didn't know that will have a look, many thanks.