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  1. Carbon fibre, blade and busa parts

    It was delivered today mate sorry
  2. Carbon fibre, blade and busa parts

    Carbon side panel now sold to @Zetec1.6
  3. Carbon fibre, blade and busa parts

    Closing panels have now been sold. Everything else still here
  4. Carbon fibre, blade and busa parts

    Here's what the side panel looked like when fitted - TASTY!
  5. Carbon fibre, blade and busa parts

    Yes just the 1.
  6. Have a few bits which are surplus to requirements as follows: Mickmade Carbon Side Panel (RHS). This has been lacquered and then cut at an angle to suit the line of the Westfield bonnet. Looks brilliant fitted. SOLD Suzuki Hayabusa Gen2 - SBD/ITG air filter and back plate. Includes 4x Gen2 busa trumpets and 4x Suzuki clamps. £95 Posted Honda Fireblade 929/954cc - 2x Intake back plates to suit Andy Bates Airbox. £15 Posted Honda Fireblade 929/954cc - Custom bracket for cable gear change. This will allow you to mount a gear change cable beside the gear selector at the bottom of the engine casing. £15 Posted Westfield Closing Panels - these were left over from my build, I have no idea what they are for. Brand new and powder coated black. SOLD
  7. 3D Printing Services

    Oh absolutely, lol. What are the constraints of 3D printing - max dimensions, strength etc? I have never seen it before
  8. 3D Printing Services

    Would JB weld or a second hand one from a breakers not have been easier? Hats off for the effort and finished product
  9. My Gen 2 Megabusa Build

    I didn't use any westfield parts at all because they don't do anything to suit the Gen 2 engine. Mine came from another kit car so had a LOT of parts included, I think the total cost of engine and all parts for this conversion was in the region of £12,000. This is full SBD dry sump, MBE management, jenvey throttle bodies, flat shifter, stainless valves, billet clutch and a load of other stuff. If you source everything second hand and don't dry sump it, you could probably scrape a Gen 1 engine into your car for around £3k, but I am told you would need at least an Accusump. It also needs a wet clutch and the gear shift goes the other way round to the blade. Unfortunately, Busa = £££££
  10. My Gen 2 Megabusa Build

    Progress on the Gen 2 Busa....
  11. Steel brake piping

    Thanks for the kind offer, I don't understand why I can't get the same pipes which came in my kit though?? Don't want to mess about trying to find a paint match for them. I spent a lot of time shaping the steel pipes and made a really tidy job, I am now converting from cable to wet clutch and a brake pipe is in the way so will unfortunately need re-made. Maybe I will have to buy a full kit off the factory!
  12. Steel brake piping

    I need a 2 foot piece of steel brake pipe, but the factory will not sell me a piece unless I buy a complete kit. I don't want to use copper or kunifer as it won't match the rest of the car. I have searched locally and online but can't find anywhere that it is possible to buy steel pipe - can anyone help me out here?
  13. PRG Tyre Rack

    Tyre rack to suit PRG Minisporter As new condition Bargain to clear £250 (Price on PRG website is £624 inc vat) Located in N.Ireland. Won't fit on a standard pallet but may be able to arrange courier delivery at buyers cost. Rob 07811 359699
  14. DVLA and engine change

    Ok thanks for the help gents. Here's hoping the DVLA won't throw up any surprises
  15. DVLA and engine change

    I bought the engine privately, it was a second hand engine, who should I get a receipt from? Another question, is it possible to change the model to Megabusa? Currently registered as Mega SEIW

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