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  1. Zetec into Narrow SE

    Hi Stu, as Chris says the engine is the cheap bit, first i would see if its a lowline or a highline, mine was a low but i changed the nose and bonnet to a highline to fit the zetec in and even then its tight and i have a raceline sump too. There is about 50mm difference between low and high lines where the bonnet meets the nose cone. hth. Greggs..
  2. Hydraulic Clutch

    Cheers Neptune, I will get the engine out and see house the bellhousing looks like. will give Retro a call and see exactly what I need. maybe a silly question but is the second hose on the hydraulic clutch for bleeding? Cheers Greggs
  3. Hydraulic Clutch

    Would certianly be the cheeaper option Russ. cheers Neptune, i will have a chat with retro ford, looks a very neat install. Did you get the bellhousing from them too?
  4. Hydraulic Clutch

    I am thinking of a hydraulic clutch, my clutch cable has quite a tight bend on it and I think it is only a matter of time until it gives up, plus the clutch fork is very close to the chassis. Zetec Blacktop into a standard Type 9 box. I have an OMP floor mounted box so no issue there. There are a few companies out there that do them, Retro Ford, Burton, MLR etc. Has anyone done this conversion and have any recommendations? Cheers Greggs,
  5. A massive thank you to Ian aka Gadget for welding my mates exhaust bracket when he should of been having his lunch, during the track day at Blyton on Sunday... Cheers Gadget your are a star.. @Gadget
  6. Blyton Sunday 17th September

    Good to meet you and put some faces to names and good to see so many westfields, MNR and caterhams out there and not forgetting Steves Global....Apart from the weather, losing a bolt from my alternator bracket and losing my car keys (on track) it was a good day. ( i did find the key which was very very lucky) a massive thank you to Ian aka Gadget for welding my mates exhaust bracket when he should of been having his lunch. Cheers Gadget your are a star.. @Gadget
  7. Blyton Sunday 17th September

    A Squeal...
  8. Blyton Sunday 17th September

    And a good number of 7's.. should be a good day..
  9. Westfield part 2 - Track Harder

    A very nice stable mate.....
  10. Blyton Sunday 17th September

    Just booked on... i will come and say hello...
  11. Steering column plastic sleeves/bushes

    is it the same as these? Top steering column bush: Ford Escort Mk2 MP1010 No Tax, Each £3.41 Taxed, Each £4.09 Qty: Add to Cart Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Part Number: MP1010 Nylon bush machined to replace original worn bush in Mk2 ste.... Learn More Available From Stock Bottom steering column bush: Ford Escort Mk2 MP1011 No Tax, Each £3.41 Taxed, Each £4.09 Qty: Add to Cart
  12. Blyton 25th June

    I notice a couple of westfields booked on at Blyton this Sunday... anyone on here?
  13. Tracy days and child passengers .

    Passengers have to be 16 on Javelin trackdays, i would think other companies are the same.
  14. Cheap Halfords tools

    thanks for the heads up ordered.. hopefully will have the same luck as Chris... bargain.
  15. Westfield Hood

    PM sent..