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  1. Bargain s2000 engine

    Thats fair.
  2. Bargain s2000 engine

    Playing devils advocate - its clearly cheap, he states its untested and by outward appearances doesn't look the best. He's not claiming its runs, so nothing wrong in my opinion...
  3. Ariel Atoms are now not made in Britain

    Ive seen worse Robin Hoods.
  4. Who's changed to their winter tyres!

    Got round to it today and snapped the locking nut off :/
  5. C20XE not starting

    How fuelish of you.
  6. XC90s

    Anyone got one? What do I need to know? Looking at MY09 for the wife, likely a D5 Auto.
  7. Am I going soft?

    I’m tight, ours is on 0545 til 0700, then I have the wood burner on the rest of the day.
  8. The Grand Tour Season 2

    In your opinion, better / worse than series 1?
  9. Who's changed to their winter tyres!

    I did think about putting them on today, we had snow overnight. Ironically it was too cold so I couldn't be bothered. The wife tends to take my faux by four (on summers) every day anyway, because mine has heated seats...
  10. Am I crazy?

    Get an Elise
  11. Happy Birthday Trevturtle

    Happy birthday Trev!
  12. that happens to native speakers too!
  13. Home made rivnut tool

    12 quid? Link!