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  1. Oil Catch Tank?

    Fair enough. #BanTheXflow
  2. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    That looks awesome, will it stand up to stone chips?
  3. Oil Catch Tank?

    I've agreed it's irresponsible (if you have a car that breaths a lot, tbh my catch can doesn't fill at all). I'm saying it isn't true to state you can't go on track like that. You can, so perhaps have a discussion about track day regs.
  4. Oil Catch Tank?

    I not saying it's not irresponsible, I was saying it wasn't TRUE.
  5. Oil Catch Tank?

    That doesn't make the statement true though.
  6. Oil Catch Tank?

    That’s not true unless you’re sprinting.
  7. Type 9 to C20XE bolt size?

    I’ve got a 10mm I reckon.
  8. Another MOT question. Q Reg

    Was going to post the same thing, it’s not part of the test to check engine number against DVLA either. The MOT testers love chatting about the cars though!
  9. Career change?

    Remote control battery changer?
  10. Career change?

    And Orsted are building a load offshore.
  11. Career change?

    Shrew Tamer?
  12. Career change?

    Internet forum moderator?
  13. Career change?

    Become a social media star
  14. Career change?

    Train to be a heli pilot for one of the offshore operators. More than £50k though.