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  1. boot box for sale... SOLD

    Item now sold....
  2. boot box for sale... SOLD

    price reduced .. now only £35 ... these are £150+ new and with over a 6 week waiting time..!!! ... bargain for someone .....(buyer collects / pays postage)
  3. boot box for sale... SOLD

    boot box for sale - originally fitted to a megabusa with an RAC roll bar... Good condition ... £50, buyer collects from Gloucester.
  4. Now sold... 13" wheels and tyres for sale... Now sold..

    picture of them on our car ...
  5. Now sold... 13" wheels and tyres for sale... Now sold..

    yes all 4 tyres are the same ...
  6. Now sold...many thanks to all for the interest... For sale -- 4 off team dynamics pro race 1.2 in black .. 13 inch , standard ford PCD 108, ET 24.... they have yoko 021R tyres on them and these are included in the sale... All tyres have a good amount of tread left on them... Bought on 15/7/2015 from Westfield direct... all wheels in excellent condition. Reason for sale ... having purchased a trailer then these wheels (originally used for road use) are no longer required. £500 for the lot ... buyer collects or arranges postage... i am based in Gloucester...
  7. Twin carb setup

    Another vote for JPR. John did a really great job on our previous westie (ford cvh) re jetted / dizzy / chokes and took it to 146 bhp’s... hard to believe but I have the dyno to prove... the car was transformed with no flat spots in the Rev range... make sure you take some biscuits... John likes biscuits...
  8. FHR MSA stickers

    I also can see the logic for a helmet sticker, to save looking inside... however at every hill climb I’ve competed in they still look for the snell / fia stickers.... when I asked a scrute why they look inside he said that it has been known that the msa blue sticker has been faked, and also the snell / fia stickers... hence they need to look inside every time... if this is the case - what’s the point of the blue sticker ?? As for the FHR, I guess that the same will apply, so what is the need for a blue sticker... ??
  9. Narrow seats for an SE

    We had some intatrim odyssey 2 in our narrow which fitted snuggly .. so worth looking at their web site as they give dimensions etc...
  10. Megabusa reverse box

    Tom - PM sent ...
  11. Westfield reverse gearbox on ebay

    There is another one been posted.. ends in 2 days.. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/reverse-gearbox-westfield-kit-car-/182745001410?hash=item2a8c736dc2:g:f7IAAOSwQr5ZqrgO
  12. Best road legal semi slicks tyres?

    Avon ZZS or ZZR . But if your going to participate in any MSA events make sure you get the correct ones for the regulations
  13. Fridge Freezer Brands... Sammy or AEG..?

    Have a brows on AO. Lots of reviews etc... and videos of most models we have a beko, faultless - 10 plus years of use still going strong. http://ao.com/l/fridge_freezers-beko/1-6/26/?sort=aol_saleincvat&&WT.srch=1&WT.z_MT=Search&WT.z_RTM=Google PPC&WT.z_DT=t&WT.z_KT=Brand Type&WT.z_PT=MDA-Cooling&WT.z_CN=BT Exact - Fridge Freezer&WT.z_AG=BT - Exact - Beko Fridge Freezer&WT.z_KW=[Beko Fridge Freezer]&WT.z_AT=Fridge Freezer&WT.z_MAT=exact&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIzamirsaf1QIVw7ftCh1pfwxgEAAYAiAAEgKxpPD_BwE
  14. Alex, good luck with the sale... who ever buys this is getting a great well sorted car...