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  1. Ah would not fit my car , Cheers Alan
  2. What' the offset of the alloys ?
  3. Cheers much appreciated I think the end is in sight it's been a long winter with lots of jobs and a big loss of motivation on my behalf now the sun' out once the exhausts back on ,I can drive it out of my cramped garage and work in comfort on the lawn . I am on the home stretch need to order a new areo screen recarpet the inside . Cut the new bonet fit the nose cone and rear arches . And sort a rear tub lid . Should also help as my working hours have dropped off to a more sensible levels . It was getting a bit silly with 12hr days and six day weeks. Working in comfort should realy help
  4. Black steel studs with washers so will just stick the torque wrench on and get them all the same. The fixings are what came off when I started stripping the car so should be okay going back on I just don't want to squash the gasket to much as the previous owner had a couple of issues with getting it sealed and had some compressible gaskets cut so will start low and build up as required. I guess any original settings probably don't apply now as it's far from lithe original ford appliation. Cheers Alan
  5. As above anyone got a recommndation for torque setting for the studs that hold the exhaust manidold on to a 2lt zetec . All this warm weather is making me want to get back on the road . Cheers Alan
  6. kitcardirct rear arches

    Yes £ 140 saving on Westfields price per pair but perhaps Westfield will have some stoneleigh discount ?
  7. kitcardirct rear arches

    has anyone tried the kitcarirect rear arches, I have the latest zk tub and am just wondering how close in style and fit compared with genuine westfield parts they are colour match will no be a issue as will be going contrasting thanks, Alan http://www.kitcardirect.co.uk/westfield-style-grp-fibreglass-rear-wheel-arches-pair.html
  8. Newbie from Norfolk

    Ahhh I feel your pain . Hopefully you can get your car fixed without to much trouble . We have plenty of forum members who have had similar experiences and we all go on to actually rebuild better and stronger cars . Good luck with getting it fixed
  9. First Grid girls now Peter rabbit

    And you know what grid girls and rabbits have in common Tasty very tasty
  10. a plan insurance

    My last change to my tin top policy was £40 (not with a-plan)just to update my address and move half a mile . But when you look at rent,rates,utility', and wages it's hardly surrising they have to charge . I guess you can always shop around next time. But on the positive they did reduce the charge .
  11. Wide body body work

    I have a black 3/4 body complete with rear wings, scuttle, nose cone and bonnet for sale has previously been painted and would need repainting to make 100% the front of the tub has been cut to allow for flaired side panels . I also have 2 new white rear wings pm me a email address or mobile number if you want pictures sending over . Cheers Alan
  12. So i am in the process of swapping the body work on my seiw and I am thinking it might look a little bit plain in all white . So if anyone wants to swap a brand new nose cone and two rear arches In white then send me a pm. All parts are unfitted as of the moment and the nose is still on order so I could swap for any colour if you just have the rear arches . Cheers Alan
  13. Cycle wing with adhesive How to Guide

    http://www.carbon-nv.co.uk/products.html or try carbon nv , highly recommended and is a club sponsor
  14. fitting new bodywork

    quick few questions to help me with fitting replacement bodywork to my car as I want to order materials to help me fit in advance and as I have limited space for storage I would rather get the body onto the car as I figure its the safest place what size rivets do I need ? looking on ebay there is a huge choice of sizes , I presume I want closed rivets with big heads to spread the load where possible for the underside fittings but what size diameter and length ? 4.8 mm diameter springs to mind if 4.8 mm is the correct size do I need to buy a some 5mm carbide drill bits to help with any new holes I need to drill ? also what's the name of the rust proofing spray that you can spray into any open holes, I am thinking this might help stop any of the old rivets from rattling around in the tubes are there any worthwhile instructions in any of the build manuals worth following to help get the body to fit ? hopefully I am going to reuse my original zk nose and replace the scuttle/tub/bonnet and rear arches , is there a trick to the order of fitting ? IE fit tub then scuttle , bonnet then nose ? thanks in advance Alan
  15. Could it happen to cars?

    But with all things electronic someone will make a cheat that can be programmed in to get round it , it's the same as manufacturers trying to make you have the servicing carried out At a main dealer in the end the court ruled that it was ok to use a independent . Unless the government puts in reliable public transport cheep cars are hear to stay or the average Joe blogs will not be able to get to work.

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