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  1. Old people still working

    I finished full time work at 56 now work very ocasionally for my Brother who's an electrician . Worked for BT for 29 1/2 years . Must be honest I don't think I could go back to working full time again, just love tinkering around in the garage etc Not enough hours in the day
  2. Cheer you up Tuesday

    20. This horse meat scandal has gone too far now......they've just closed our local pub. Someone found traces of Red Rum in one of the optics
  3. Mountney Steering Wheel - Sold!

    Found in my garage yesterday the origonal 12" steering wheel that came with my '88 Westfield all those years ago . Has Westfield badged horn push and presume splines are Allegro . £30, e-mail me if photo required . martinparkes518@btinternet.com
  4. Alloy Flat Sump - Sold!

    Hope it's more successful than mine James
  5. Alloy Flat Sump - Sold!

    This sump has now been sold .
  6. It's different when you put a helmet on and strap yourself in either way just have fun . You'll love it
  7. Alloy Flat Sump - Sold!

    Overall sump depth is 145mm. Any other questions martinparkes518@btinternet.com
  8. I'm sure I've just seen a pig fly past
  9. Alloy Flat Sump - Sold!

    Price reduced to £120 ono. Suit 1300 or 1600.
  10. gearbox

    .......and easier
  11. oh were busy at work today

    Good to see BT engineers as busy as when I used to work for company
  12. The ultimate x-flow

    Sorry to hear about your back problems Paul (the joys of getting old eh? ), have you thought about a motor mover to help with the trailer? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/caravan-motor-mover-/261156013745?pt=UK_Campervan_Caravan_Accessories&hash=item3cce1c86b1 Anyway good luck with the sale of this great engine . Martin.
  13. WWW...

    I had towards the end when writing it .
  14. Whats The Best Numberplate Youve Seen?

    A NSU RO80 in the West Bromwich area used to have a plate BOL10K years ago!
  15. Now I know I'm sad...

    Issue 22 does it for me, sits nice alongside the DT catologue http://www.nfauto.co.uk/