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  1. About to take the FW Special Edition plunge...

    Hello and welcome to the club, I too built an FW Special edition. I'd agree with John re the blog. I was not sure I'd but the sort to keep up with a blog, it's not what I'm normally like, id very much recommend it. Not only does it serve as reference later but I was surprised how often when updating my blog and describing a problem I saw the answer to my issues. Writing the blog makes you think logically about describing an issue, it's surprising how often when doing that you see the answer yourself. here is mine As for options. Assuming it's the Hi Spec Westfield branded calipers then probably worth it, they are lighter than the standard ones. Probably would not bother with the 8" rear wheels, unless your going to do some expensive upgrades to the Zetec you won't need wider rears, but if they still offer the R1R upgrade I'd go for those tyres of the T1R every day. I run 205 R1R rears tyres on the standard rims and would not go bigger. Protech dampers are worth a punt, though not sure of the upgrade price compared with purchasing later. I'd agree with the heater, not something I'd initially included myself but after a discussion at a club meet decided to go for it. I'm glad I've now got it, surprising how useful when returning from a late meet or going out early even in the summer. the other one I'd serious consider is upgrade to the standard roll bar, the standard "Jap bar" is really cosmetic and quite low, the RAC or MSA bars are both higher and both allow easy addition of a half hood at a later date. One of those needs to be on your upgrade list. Good luck with the build and enjoy.
  2. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Is the real issue the lack of clearance between trailer wheel arch and door frame and therefore trying to judge with it hitched to the car. If so then idea 1 Could you make the lower section of the frame removable, I can't see from the outside what's attached to the inside and it may not be possible if the door mechanism is attached. You could then remove the lower 18" or so when you need to pull the trailer in or out. idea 2 some sort of guide rails that you bolt to the floor that force the trailer wheels to go where you want them, once the wheels are between the rails then you know it's going to go through.
  3. How ill do you have to be to be an athlete?

    Basic Logic for me says if your asthmatic then your asthmatic and if you want to compete you have to work out how to compete without medication. If there are two people of identical ability but person A has asthma and person B does not if by taking said legal medication person A could in anyway benefit and enhance their abilities then those medications should be banned from competitive sport, which I suspect would be the case. There are other drugs that are needed for different conditions that would not allow you to then compete, eg by daughter does a little shooting and is quite a good shot, she was then prescribed beta blockers which if she wanted to start to shoot competitively she would not be able to take. I seem to remember something about a snooker player who had to rely on Alcohol as he could not use a prescription medicine, though that could well be fanciful fiction.
  4. Fuel cut-off

    not quite sure what your asking, but this is where I fitted mine
  5. 4" headlamps

    If you look for "Harley Davidson led headlight 5 3/4" on Amazon or Ebay there seem to be a variety of that type of lamp to fit the 5 3/4 head light bowls that a lot of us have. Not sure if these have integrated DRL and indicators so may be more straight forward than those fitted by Dave.
  6. Aero....

    Back on topic Thinking about the parachute effect the rear of the Westfield has (especially the FW) I made a hole behind the rear number plate to allow some of it to escape. The number plate is then leaning forward ever so slightly so the escaping air is deflected up(ish) to create a little down force. (If Aston can do it on the DB11 with the AreoBlade why cant we) What effect it actually has, who knows, but it can't do any harm and removing some body work must save some weight.
  7. Best tyres for a Westfield

    The NS-2Rs may be worth a look as they're not much more expensive than the cheap ditch finders.
  8. Hello - Newbie questions

    you know that the IVA test will be precise and to the book, depending on your mot testers familiarity and friendliness towards Westfields and the like you may have a little more leeway.
  9. Hello - Newbie questions

    Taking the IVA emissions testing into consideration, an option may be to stick to the standard Ford induction during the build and then swap to TBs post running in and IVA.
  10. Hello - Newbie questions

    I'd agree with the protech shocks and the other one to consider is either the RAC or MSA roll bar upgrade assuming your not going cage. Also seats, i'd go for the sport turbo or potentially try and not have seats and go for some shell seats (tillet, JK etc) As your looking to purchase after Stoneleigh you'll have chance to look at a lot of Westfields and probably get to sit in some if you wish to try the different seat options.
  11. Winter tinkering - one step forward, two steps back!

    Do you plan to replace like for like, if you plan to replace with a different anti roll bar, eg like Ians then you maybe ok. Cut the bar and those split brackets will pivot and and you can get access.
  12. Winter tinkering - one step forward, two steps back!

    I think that anti roll bar may well be the Westfield rear. looking at the picture again you can see the bar under the tank. this is mine (before the drop links were attached) and it looks very much like the one you have.
  13. Mini one as first car?

    The other think with the 107 etc is that they are very cheap to tax, not sure of the mini and seem to run on vapour, my daughter has had one for year and won't part with it. She needed a slightly bigger car for work but still would not get rid of the Pug. It's been reliable bur not perfect, as long as you've got a good independent garage then when it's needed work it has not been expensive. If you look keep an eye out for signs of water ingress (passenger door, boot area) as they can have issues in those areas, it tends to cause condensation issues. Another point of notes is that because they tend to be cheap to run and insure they seem to hold their value well, I have not looked presently but she'd had it for several years and pranged it, when I say it I thought it could be a write off so did a bit of research and it had hardly lost any value in the three or so years she'd had it. that was 4 or 5 years ago.
  14. Show us how far your 30th Westfield Shirt has travelled !

    Early on she was sitting at the front next to me, after the break she ended up being moved to make way for some late arrival “Jezza guests” so much for continuity
  15. The Grand Tour Season 2

    It was, a very enjoyable and interesting day out.