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  1. Black Country April Meet - moved to Sun 15th April

    Sunday does not look brilliant, but it does not look terrible either. So hopefully they'll start to appear.
  2. Blacktop Zetec, loosing power under load

    I had the same type of issue and it turned out to be the tank not venting. I'd tried to make sure the breather was OK but in the end (on recommendation from WF) drilled a very small hole in the fuel cap (FW rear) and not had an issue since. This won't help with your main issue though which sounds to be something different.
  3. Hello All, Just a mote to say that the scheduled April meet was due to be held on Sunday 1st April It's Easter Sunday, I'm away and I know that others are not available so I'm moving the meeting back a couple of weeks to Sunday 15th. Spring is with us and hopefully the weather will start to pick up soon so we can start to use them more. I hope this is OK with you and I look forward to seeing you on the 15th, 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. Also as a heads up I'm considering doing something similar for May as the meet clashes with Stoneleigh, so rather than Sunday the 6th May the meet will be on Sunday 13th May. Thanks Rhett
  4. House electrics

    We had both our gas and electricity meters moved a while ago so the legislation may have changed. They were in a garage that we were going to convert to a kitchen. I seem to remember something about a meter max and we managed to make sure that I kept to within that. I had a plumber and electrician sort out the internal pipework and electrics. we two had two fuse boxes which we replace with a single unit. The house had been partially re-wired but some circuits had not yet been replaced, with the new circuits plenty of length or tails had been left, for the one still to be done, they extended with junction boxes. (these have now been replaced). I had a builder install the external boxes (which we sourced from the utility suppliers), they were installed higher than is normal but withing acceptable bounds to make sure that the distances were still withing limits, from memory when the Gas people came to install they did kick up a bit of a fuss (couldn't be bothered I think the problem was), my wife spoke to the supervising department who then told the engineers to get on with it.
  5. Alternate to Venom headlights?

    Where can we find clarification on this, I ask because I've been wondering about using a couple of the Harley Davidson LED lamps but one's with a DRL and then use the DRL as side or position lamp, but was wondering about the use of the DRL as a side/position lamp. One thought was Harleys must also need side/position lights. Then this afternoon my daughter popped round and asked if I'd check her headlamps as she had a bulb out. opened the door and put side lights on, no side lights only the DRLs. it was still light but could not really see much in the way change of intensity but as I was sorting a headlamp that was not working did not look to closely. reading this again did make me think what are the actual rules about DRLs, sidelights and position lights.
  6. Caterham Seven review 2018 | What Car?

    Basically a pointless and incredibly poor bit of journalism, probably one of the worst bits of motoring journalism I've seen and it should never have passed editorial. They will be having a go at the Atom next for not having doors or even sides. The article absolutely misses the point of that type of car, almost all are second cars and therefore purchased using a very different kind of criteria the number of people who would be comparing a Caterham and an ST Fiesta must be incredibly small as would those be considering one as a daily driver though I used to work with someone who did run one for quite a while, he eventually got a basic tin top though for the daily commute.
  7. Black Country Feb Meet - Sun 4th Mar - Cancelled

    Though it may be OK later we've still got quite a bit of snow on the ground. I think it therefore sensible to cancel tonight. Hope with weather improves soon so that we can start to get out in our cars.
  8. Rear light bonding question

    probably not flush, they stick out a little. I think I wanted to be sure that they were vertical compared to the road rather than parallel to the body work. using two nuts allows a reasonable degree of adjustment.
  9. Rear light bonding question

    I was advised by the factory when I built mine to put nuts on these first, so you end up with light, nut (1), body work & nut (2), plus washers of course. You can then use nut (1) to adjust how far out the light protrudes.
  10. Rear light bonding question

    I originally used m4 socket cap bolts but when I changed the lights, as access was restricted, I ended up cutting the end of the bolts off to give me some m4 threaded bar, I then screwed this into the light (having taped the hole) and then this went through the hole in the body work and I then used a nut to secure. I found trying to get a bolt through the hole and lined up with the hole in the light while working through the boot hole rather difficult.
  11. Rear light bonding question

    I didn't use glue to fix my rear lights, I used a combination of m4 nuts and bolts and small self taping screws. Good job as one of the rear LED lights failed and as the design had changed I had to swap both of them for new.
  12. Black Country Feb Meet - Sun 4th Mar - Cancelled

    Not surprised. My Son, Oliver, had to abandon his MX5 on the way home, lucky for him my wife, Tracy, could re-route and pick him up. It took her 2 and half hours or so as well. I ventured back out later with him when the roads had quietened to retrieve it. It was his first real experience of snow driving and I don't really think a MK2 MX5, in heavy slow moving traffic, is the ideal car to learn in. I then had quite a tie tiring journey back as I had to stop and push him up several hills. Hid start to get the hang over it though by the end learning that maintaining momentum is king and being smooth, not always doing what your first instinct says etc. His car is now tucked up and his gone off to work on the Bus.
  13. Just a reminder to say that the March meet is coming up this Sunday, (4th), 7pm at the Dudley Arms, Himley. DY3 4LB. I would normally have said to "Hopefully see a few of you there for a catch up, discussion on Winter projects and what we have in mind for the year ahead", but with the weather forecast for later today and the next couple of days we will have to see. Even if the snow's gone it's still not likely to be Westfield weather. Thanks Rhett
  14. Diesel car ban in German cities

    Except the 1.0L ecoboost is very tall and would take some fitting under the bonnet. It's got a very small footprint (it would stand on a A4 sheet of paper) but its very tall. I've a 4 year old diesel and while not to the latest clean specification is still way cleaner than the cars of old but I'm unsure where I stand re entry to some cities. the other thing I'd really like to understand from a planetary perspective is which is worse CO2 or Particulates. Not necessarily what's worse for us humans but what's worse for the planet as a whole.
  15. About to take the FW Special Edition plunge...

    Hello and welcome to the club, I too built an FW Special edition. I'd agree with John re the blog. I was not sure I'd but the sort to keep up with a blog, it's not what I'm normally like, id very much recommend it. Not only does it serve as reference later but I was surprised how often when updating my blog and describing a problem I saw the answer to my issues. Writing the blog makes you think logically about describing an issue, it's surprising how often when doing that you see the answer yourself. here is mine As for options. Assuming it's the Hi Spec Westfield branded calipers then probably worth it, they are lighter than the standard ones. Probably would not bother with the 8" rear wheels, unless your going to do some expensive upgrades to the Zetec you won't need wider rears, but if they still offer the R1R upgrade I'd go for those tyres of the T1R every day. I run 205 R1R rears tyres on the standard rims and would not go bigger. Protech dampers are worth a punt, though not sure of the upgrade price compared with purchasing later. I'd agree with the heater, not something I'd initially included myself but after a discussion at a club meet decided to go for it. I'm glad I've now got it, surprising how useful when returning from a late meet or going out early even in the summer. the other one I'd serious consider is upgrade to the standard roll bar, the standard "Jap bar" is really cosmetic and quite low, the RAC or MSA bars are both higher and both allow easy addition of a half hood at a later date. One of those needs to be on your upgrade list. Good luck with the build and enjoy.

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