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  1. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Where did you get the mirror from Chris?
  2. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    Why not get it on the road this year, do some track days to get used to the car, sort out any teething problems?
  3. Gearbox supplied by Westfield fubar'd

    just use an adjustable spanner carefully
  4. Gearbox supplied by Westfield fubar'd

    Do you use a magnet to get the tang out?
  5. a plan insurance

    A-Plan for my tin top always comes out on top A-plan for my rental properties comes out on top A-plan for kit car always gets nudged up by quite a lot. I find myself swapping from A-Plan to Adrian Flux and back again each year. They all nudge it up. I used to always call up and magically they get it back down again I take the view that if they nudge it up, I don't bother haggling to win and get it down. I just go elsewhere now. If everyone did this, it wouldn't happen and customer loyalty would genuinely be rewarded
  6. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    There's a thread on here postend during the week. I'll see if I can find it
  7. Valentinik's Duratec Build

    ASH have a 15% discount on at the moment
  8. Exhaust wrap doesn't last?

    Thanks all. Will take a look at camcoat Clearances between my exhaust and my latest upgrade are very tight so coating may be a better idea Is it really that effective at stopping radiant heat from the exhaust @CosKev?
  9. Exhaust wrap doesn't last?

    Thread resurrection.... How much of this did you need Barney? I'm not sure what length to buy Mx5 4 to 1 manifold
  10. How much fuel

    Oh sorry I meant track day
  11. How much fuel

    I tend to use circa 55 - 60 litres
  12. 1st Oil Change

    For the cost of a filter, I'd be changing it
  13. 1st Oil Change

    Warm it up first I'd also add a container under the car to your list You may need a new copper washer on the sump plug Change the filter too!