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  1. Welding

    Thanks chaps
  2. Welding

    Can someone please tell me if this is repairable?
  3. My Christmas holiday project

    I did consider that but it's a gravel drive and the photo doesn't show the incline!
  4. My Christmas holiday project

    I don't need to worry about that if it drops I'll be dead in an instant due to the weight of it!!!
  5. My Christmas holiday project

    I was tempted to put it in the lounge!!
  6. My Christmas holiday project

    Thanks chaps
  7. My Christmas holiday project

    How do I get in the car I hear you ask?
  8. As my garage has been converted to another room , I was not 100% happy with the cover ( even though it was a good one) so I built its own little house!
  9. fitting wind deflectors

    yes they are the ebay ones
  10. fitting wind deflectors

    Jim, I got an NRG quick release boss and a momo race steering wheel, very happy with both
  11. fitting wind deflectors

    Hi Jim, the car is great, made a few changes, moved the front indicators to below the lights and upgraded to LEDs all round but nothing drastic...yet
  12. fitting wind deflectors

    Wind deflectors now fitted, I used some 5mm tubing from B&Q which I split and fitted to protect the gel coat
  13. Next question

    I have found it, cunningly bolted to the back of the dash!
  14. Next question

    thanks everybody i will try that tonight
  15. Next question

    Thanks Chris I have had a look under the scuttle but can't seem to see anything