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  1. Westfield chrome roll bar

  2. Spa suede steering wheel

  3. Spa suede steering wheel

    Typo 270mm
  4. Spa suede steering wheel

    Hi Dave, you are correct it's 279mm and the holes are 45mm centres. All 3 holes are fully drilled. I live in Tewkesbury just off j9 m5.
  5. Spa suede steering wheel

    As per title 270mm diameter like new. £75.00 07580260832
  6. Weld on quick release boss

    Hi jay yeah I could see that would work but as you say would look a bit of a bodge as you would see the big plate behind the wheel
  7. Weld on quick release boss

    I don't either been looking on endless websites and can't find anything. Have to be a weld on boss I think.
  8. Weld on quick release boss

    Thanks for all the response, been thinking and no real need for a quick release. Does any one know where I can get a bolt on boss that takes the 3 hole 45mm wheel in replacement of the standard Westfield hub and wheel?
  9. Fuel tank foam

    Ok thanks any links to the low pressure pumps that you have or would recommend
  10. Fuel tank foam

    Hi Dave have you got any links of the setup you bought for the swirl pot and pump
  11. Fuel tank foam

    Hi terry, have you got any links or suggestions if I went down the swirl pot route? I.e what pump etc. Andy Bates advised to adapt the tank to have a built in dump/ baffle. Just looking at easiest and most reliable options at the moment
  12. Fuel tank foam

    Hi all, running a megabusa, with a standard Westfield fuel tank (pickup bottom left of tank) when cornering long corners I get fuel surge. Looked at different options - swirl pot or adapt the tank, but talking some one who races karts today he he recommended using the foam in the tank. It sounds the quickest, cheapest and simplest option. Has any one tried it and if so any comments? thanks Tom
  13. Weld on quick release boss

    Hi, wanting to get rid of the standard westy leather steering wheel and fit a suede wheel, can any one recommend a good quality quick release boss under £100.00. Ideally I would prefer no quick release and also non weld, due to my mates wheel coming off round a corner due to him rushing and not clipping the wheel in correctly! but can't seem to find anything to allow another steering wheel to fit? Surely their must be an adaptor or a different bolt on boss on the market to overcome this? thanks Tom
  14. Megabusa exhaust

    Original Westfield megabusa exhaust silencer. Repackable £60ono 07580260832
  15. Carbon seats

    Hi as any one got any reviews/feedback on these seats? Seem very reasonably priced in carbon?