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  1. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    75 miles around Wales and only one stop for petrol. Must try harder. V8's rule.
  2. Happy birthday. Hope to see you soon.

  3. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    I'll be there.
  4. Manual or PDK Boxster

    Get down to your local friendly Porsche centre and drive them both. Depends on how much and how far you will be driving it. Either should be a doddle after Mr Grumpy. And your right, real men drive stick. No doubt someone will dispute this.
  5. Lobro leak.

    Boot is ok, that was my first thought. You can see a shiny blob of grease next to a bolt in the last pic.
  6. Lobro leak.

    The grease looks like it's from two bolts on the lobro. But why has it only sprayed upwards, virtually nothing on the bottom wishbone or anywhere else?
  7. LT77 or R380.

    First choice - T5 - mega expensive, hard to find. Second choice - R380 - nice, but not from a Land Rover as the conversion to 2wd is prohibitively expensive. Third choice - LT77 - not quite as nice, weaker synchros and lots of variations. Another possibility is the RX8 6 speed box, plenty about and they are (relatively) cheap. Needs an adaptor plate to mate the Mazda bell housing to the Rover engine. Not as silly as it first sounds. Propshaft might be the problem. Anyone done this?
  8. LT77 or R380.

    Thanks guys. Needs to be a 2wd box, not a Land Rover, they are a bit harder to find.
  9. Is BTCC a better watch than F1..?

    It's like dodgems at the fair ground. F1 rules.
  10. I thought I had seen it all, until I saw this today

    That is seriously wrong. I mean, what is his left hand doing?
  11. LT77 or R380.

    Bumpety bump.
  12. Ahem "westfield For Sale"

    My vin plate says my car is 950kgs.
  13. Ahem "westfield For Sale"

    Is that actually a Westfield?
  14. V8 engine removal.

    And yours is a 5.3 V8. Wow.
  15. V8 engine removal.

    Thanks. I've got two big mates, so I'll see if I can borrow an engine crane as well.