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  1. Nice little Lotus 7 Video

    Straw bales against the lamp posts! Between the walls was scary. Super race, looks like a lot of fun. The paddock is epic.
  2. Fuel hose for injection

    That's fine, check it regularly for signs of cracking and replace when necessary.
  3. Fuel rail connection, Rover V8.

    That's a nice build, mine isn’t quite up to that standard. Thanks for the fuel fitting advice, didn’t know about the olive. John.
  4. Looks nice Ian, nice plate too. See you’ve already invested in some essential tools. John.
  5. Hi Ian, Looking forward to meeting you and your car. Why not post a picture on here? John.
  6. email.

    Sense of humour required. I recently sent this email to bollockybill69@hotmail.com. ”Dear Mr Bill, It appears that our email addresses are similar. I have recently received unwarranted correspondence from several sites and have asked them to unsubscribe me. However they need to talk to you as you are the account holder. The sites are:- phil and ben’s proctology for beginners. bug.ger soixante neuf.co.org. However I am happy to keep receiving emails from:- babesinthewoods.org.asm thanks for your understanding, bollockybill33.” Anyone with similar problems can get help and advice from notinmybackyard.goodness me. Also Amazon have a sale on sense of humour plug ins. Whatever they are.
  7. A new December.

    Adding my grandson Ben’s birthday, 1st December, to my Westfield calendar, it seems that December now has only 29 days. Is this because December is a notoriously expensive month and this is a cost cutting exercise? Can’t wait to see next year’s leap year calendar.
  8. Hi Mike, Nothing trivial I hope. JD.
  9. Wanted more horse power but...

    Yes he does leak. That's part of his charm. A small part.......
  10. Wanted more horse power but...

    Replaced the spigot bearing. Looks like a wise move.
  11. Wanted more horse power but...

    Grizzlee says the manifolds should be easy, there’s only eight pipes into two collectors, what could possibly go wrong?
  12. Wanted more horse power but...

    That’s more promising.
  13. Wanted more horse power but...

    Throttle reponse not too good either.
  14. Fuel rail connection, Rover V8.

    Need the fitting that connects to the inlet on the fuel rail.