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  1. Letter & Number Punch Set

    Does anyone have a 10mm letter and number punch set I could borrow?
  2. (SOLD) 2.0 XE SEiW

    20 years has come to an end. I have built her, looked after her, polished and preened her, lavished her with presents including tyres, engine upgrades, many holidays in Wales, the Isle of Man and Scotland. Babe has driven off into the sunset with Kevin. Yes, the end of an era and I did shed a tear. But now I have a V8. Whoopee. Let the fun begin again.
  3. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    You don't often see a 2CV outrunning MGB's. And it's orange. Respect, well done.
  4. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Ian, Motor is fixed to the scuttle on the left hand side. Hard to get at, it's an early Mini unit and mechanicals, Mini as in the type of car. It is two speed so check that first. The motor drives the two wheel boxes, where the wipers attach, via a cable so try plenty of WD40 in case something has tightened up. Alternatively, don't go out in the rain. Let me know how you get on. John.
  5. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Not too bad then.
  6. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Mike, Do what I do. "I won't be out too late", then say sorry. It's easier to get forgiveness than approval. John.
  7. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Hi Jeff, Car nearly finished, need a few miles on it in the next couple of days. If it survives, will see you Sunday. Will text to confirm either way. And must set up the headlights. John.
  8. (SOLD) 2.0 XE SEiW

    Now there’s a thought..... But just need a V8 for a while.
  9. (SOLD) 2.0 XE SEiW

    My Westfield is presently on a sorn and is not insured for the road. If you want a test drive on a public road you must provide a certificate of comprehensive insurance in your name covering the car, and must be prepared to tax it. A road car policy, with a drive any other car third party only insurance clause, is not acceptable. You must also provide a current full driving license. Viewing the car, asking questions, requesting pictures, before making any financial commitment, is advised and strongly recommended. If you are seriously interested in the car, this will not be a problem. Dreamers and tyrekickers, please look elsewhere. John.
  10. VOSA IVA Manuals

    The inspector at Kidderminster said he spent the night before the test studying photos. Presume he meant the photos of the car
  11. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Nice one Jeff. Did you see any of the new average speed cameras that Heddlu are putting up, Horseshoe Pass done, and it won't be long before the evo triangle suffers the same fate? Maybe the Scots have the answer. John.
  12. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    Probably the best lager........
  13. Wirrai N/Wales Sunday Run

    1st April. Unfortunately my Westie decided to empty its bowels on my garage floor today, so I'm on mop and bucket duties. Rod might be there in his yellow Submarine, with a few Spitfires and Hurricanes for cover, the Vulcan is on a daylight bombing raid with Grizzlee so they are busy. Elvis has promised to come in his Westie, co-driven by Mike C, although three might be a crowd. Farmer John is trying to catch the pheasants that vandalised his car. Yes, pheasants, not peasants, ask Mary, she's a pheasant plucker. Have a great day and happy Easter. Disclaimer:- any reference to anyone fictional or real is a pure coincidence, except Farmer John of course, he doesn't have internet.
  14. (SOLD) 2.0 XE SEiW

    Going on eBay and Facebook soon ...... Summer's nearly here.
  15. 2mm thick stainless Westfield new style badge

    Perfect. Arrived before I paid, thanks Marcus. The wife thinks it will look better on the Westie, rather than the coffee table.

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