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  1. Hillclimb/Sprint Megabusa

    Thats a great car but a £4k premium ?
  2. Stoneleigh Photos - go spot yourself

    Great pics ! cheers for a great time on saturday - was good to see everyone
  3. Westfield Seight 3.9 EFI (SALE WITHDRAWN)

    glad you kept it :-)
  4. Sprint Tank - 8 litre

    pics to follow
  5. SE Tonneau Cover

    PM Sent Jen, its black and as we talked about it would easily fit RAC bar.
  6. Ali bodies pre-lit rolling chassis project

    engine mounts for a cross flow - what more does anyone need to hear??
  7. Trials and tribulations

    Cheers Mark - had a great day and the old car was well received
  8. New owner - Hello! and a few questions...

    welcome - superb engine choice by the way
  9. SE Tonneau Cover

    Westfield SRE tonneau - covered in dust from the garage but good shape and no holes... can bring to Stoneleigh. Text message to 07811 207274 as I am travelling from now £195.00 ONO can bring to stoneleigh tomorrow
  10. Front wishbones with ball joints

    £150 bump can bring to stoneleigh tomorrow
  11. Trials and tribulations

    Thanks Smeg ! and Robin - quick question - do you think anyone would mind if i bought the trials car to Stoneleigh tomorrow ?
  12. Your favourite Monty Python sketch

    spanish inquisition
  13. Carbon NV Half Doors (Pair)

    SOLD to the first PM received from Budslater. Yanto I have sent you a PM as well. Thanks for the interest, James
  14. Carbon NV Half Doors (Pair)

    Early pair of Carbon NV half doors - never fitted - still in bubble wrap. £125 ONO Can bring to stoneleigh Cheers james

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