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  1. andyismilesaway

    Tips on locating an engine bay rattle

    Thanks for the pointers folks, I've a sneaking suspicion the LH engine mount could be a little loose at one end and chattering with the block - I've ordered some new bolts and will fight with them to get them in, on and tight. I did wonder about the CAT broken up, think I mentioned this at Stoneleigh - hoping that's not it :S
  2. andyismilesaway

    Tips on locating an engine bay rattle

    I wish it was awesome, It's more of a tinkle rattle I'll check again around the manifold to head - a loose metal exhaust gasket was my first guess as it sounds like a thin metal piece vibrating - had given the manifold bolds a check and they were all tight. Sorry, to clarify. When revving in any gear, including in Neutral. 0-1300rpm no noise 1300-2500 the noise, which does not change through those revs 2500+ I don't think the noise is there, although it could be it's just drowned out revving up, down or holding produces the same result depending on what the revs are (see above). hth. engine mount is a fair question
  3. andyismilesaway

    Tips on locating an engine bay rattle

    I've an annoying rattle on the engine bay and although hopefully not terminal, is annoying. I'm not necessarily looking for suggestions on what it is (unless you know!), but any clever tips on locating it in a busy engine bay? I've an auto stethoscope but tbh I've not found it terribly helpful FWIW, fascinating rattle facts: Only started since installing the new engine (MX5 1.8) - engine appears to run fine. Of course all hoses, wires, ancillaries were swapped when engine went in Comes in at ~1300rpm and appears to go ~2500 It's more of a light metallic tinkle than a rattle or rumble Doesn't change frequency with revs Also present when stationary and in Neutral revving Sounds like it's coming from the LH exhaust side of the engine, but it's really tough to narrow down (hence the ask for clever tips) It's not the MX5 HLA sound, it's not "killed my engine like last time" noise
  4. andyismilesaway

    Thames Valley and North Oxford Convoy to Stoneleigh

    Il be at baynards for 9
  5. andyismilesaway

    Mazda SDV Build Diary

    Ah the joys of mx5 sumps, while we're sharing, this is what I ended up with after 2 separate welding shop visits (one lengthened, the other added wings). Just lengthening resulted in the oil surging forward and ultimately killed engine #1 as far as I will ever know. Now have the lengthen, wings, (shortened) maruha baffle and a home made baffle infront of the lengthened part of the sump... simples :S hate to think now what that bit of the car owes me! It does now seem to hold up to the extensive power of my stock engine though. It'd be interesting to see how you get on with the standard sump route and raising the engine, I know a lot of mx5 forums spoke highly of the original, unchopped design. A few pics for prosperity.
  6. andyismilesaway

    Handbrake Cable Manufacturer

    I literally had a custom set back from cable-tec.co.uk 2 days back and am really pleased with the finish, but also the comms, service and turnaround. I can't speak for the others so maybe they're just as good, but was really pleased with these guys
  7. andyismilesaway

    Getting oil of the garage floor

    Excellent ideas, thanks folks. Will give a few ideas a shot. It did indeed go everywhere, just spread :S
  8. andyismilesaway

    Getting oil of the garage floor

    Don't ask how (trying to do too many jobs with not enough hands), but in my last engine oil change I managed to spill about 1L on the grey concrete garage floor. At the time I tried to mop up as much as possible, but it's left; at best a black island and in places what feels like a layer of set oil. Annoying. The internet has many videos of a can of coke removing in an instant, or cat litter, have just tried Mr muscle oven cleaner to no avail. Any ideas how or if I can remove the black oil!? Without hurting the concrete obviously. (Already considered staining the lot black and just putting down rubber tiles)
  9. andyismilesaway

    Nuts ,bolts and washers

    I found these guys good. Unrelated to WSC https://www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk/Careers.html with a good selection of types, materials etc. What I can confirm was not cost effective was ordering bits as I needed them - hate to think how much I've paid in P&P for everything over the build
  10. andyismilesaway

    Brake Pads - Type Approvals and "Not For Road Us"

    Hi, going to fit some 1144s to some new Powerlites, I stumbled across this thread. I mailed Mintex for clarification and received the below, hope this helps someone... From: xxx@tmdfriction.com> Sent: 27 November 2017 09:01 To: xxx Subject: RE: ECE R90 complience for pad Hello, thank you for your enquiry, Your vehicle is classified as an Individual type approval and therefore an R90 approval is not required. Regards xxx Car Product Manager TMD Friction UK Ltd.
  11. andyismilesaway

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    1. Fit new operational engine and all that stuff 2. Have new sump fabricated 3. Have Blink do some minor head work 4. Change brake calipers (exact route tbc) 5. Carbon dash 6. Redo handbrake gaiter 7. Make roof bars to stop hood flap 8. Sort my lock stops All subject to the usual limits: Time, money, energy
  12. andyismilesaway

    How much does my car weigh?

    625 for my 1.8 mx5 sdv, I need to get it on a diet!
  13. andyismilesaway

    Westfield fix your website!

    Hi Chris, fwiw I've had this for about 6 weeks, intermittently. Only on the android os, never ever on pc, not on windows phone (noone targets WP!). Not sure if you can capture a network trace on android - I don't know the is well, but shout if I can help with any testing or repros.
  14. andyismilesaway

    Where to source an mx5 engine?

    Thank you, that's a very kind offer, just looking over my opinions! Cheers
  15. andyismilesaway

    Mx5 engine

    I'm after a mk1 1.8 mx5 engine, ideally less than about 70k miles and has a reasonably kind life. Just after engine less ancillaries ideally

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