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  1. Caption competition

    Is that a young Mr Westwood checking stock???
  2. A pair of 2.0 zetec cams from a new blacktop with standard pulleys, engine was never run with these in so unused, Open to offers, Andy
  3. Zetec lowered sump

    Robo, I’ve sent a pm regarding the scholar sump cheers Andy
  4. Zetec sump options

    Hi, pm’d about the scholar one awaiting reply and searching the bay for others, anyone used the kit spares one?
  5. Zetec sump options

    Hi folks, yet more help needed on the engine rebuild/upgrade the engine I bought came with a retro ford sump this unfortunately is the wrong way round for me, what are people using on there blacktops? A raceline one is out of the question ( I’ve ran out of brownie points doing the head and cams) is it a standard ford one or is it one off something else ? Cheers Andy
  6. Help? Flywheel identification

    Thanks for the info guys, it weighs about 5kg so it’s been modified, I’ve spoke to burtonpower and they think it could be,but they say order a new flywheel and a clutch to match ( I don’t think so!) cheers Andy
  7. Hi all, just starting to put my engine back in the car and need help identifying the fly wheel so I can order a clutch, the flywheel came as part of the engine package I bought and have know idea what it is! The measurement from the crankshaft side (face of the crankshaft)to the face of the other side (where the clutch plate will touch) is 28 mm , photos below
  8. MHR Martyn Vann

    Happy birthday Martyn did you get any nice pressies? There’s a nice meccanno set in my garage that needs putting back together have a great one Andy
  9. Zetec parts, cam cover, ARP bolts

    Hi derek, i’ll take the cam cover please, pm sent
  10. The Windmill Returns, Sat 10th Feb

    Thanks all for a great day out!! It was an easy mistake to make with the jacket I know who my real friends are , they didn’t mention it at all during the day!! As for support for my engine and car rebuild,plus the decorating at home the help and moral support we’re great fully received. See you all soon when I’m let out again Andy
  11. I have the following for sale standard wishbones powder coated black £100(SOLD) retro ford water rail £120 new not used ( SOLD) Retro ford alternator £60 new not used All items can be collected from Birmingham or posted at cost cheers Andy
  12. The Windmill Returns, Sat 10th Feb

    Congrats on the new car Andy, folks should I be getting worried!!! If your names Andrew you get a V8 Mr Clarke has one , now Andy R has one ! Should I tell Becky or just get one so I don’t feel left out. As quoted by Syman it’s easier to seek forgiveness than ask for permission!! I’m walking a thin line as it’s is so might leave it a while , hope to see you at the windmill Andy.
  13. The Windmill Returns, Sat 10th Feb

    It’s the tin top for us ! as the car is definitely in bits and Trev you need to be there as I will have a million and one questions for you by then!! Take care Andy & Becky
  14. A windmill and a pub lunch, Sat 13th Jan

    Hi Julie, Becky is very upset that you’ve not taken us to this windmill before you know what she’s like! I’m now getting grief as to why I haven’t taken her there if there’s a windmill that close to home, take care and see you soon Andy & Becky

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