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  1. XTR2Turbo

    Trip to De-Havilland Aircraft Museum, London Colney

    Definitely worth visiting. There was a wscc trip here in the last 3 or 4 years so maybe impacting take up
  2. XTR2Turbo

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    GRaham is away on holiday I understood spectating was being encouraged and the more the better. not sure if runs up the hill still available or if runs can be bought on the day
  3. XTR2Turbo

    Stoneleigh thanks

    Excellent turnout Sunday and I think the best weather and biggest crowds I can remember seeing hopefully the same weather is on order for the clubs big shelsley event in June David
  4. Terry they are on resultsman
  5. XTR2Turbo

    2018 T shirts

    All sorted thanks David
  6. XTR2Turbo

    Stickers and cards

    Thanks John All shirts passed to Matt to hand out at the monthly meet on Thursday i won't be there as away on hols David
  7. Will this years T shirts be available to collect at Stoneleigh tomorrow or failing that at the 21st anniversary event at Shelsley? Regards David
  8. XTR2Turbo

    Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Run to Stoneleigh 2018

    I'll head straight to the show see you there David
  9. well done but will be a shame to see her go. Hope you get something else to enter speed series with again at some point
  10. XTR2Turbo

    Trailer Condensation

    My experience with my Brian James RS5 sprint shuttle is that you do get some condensation inside in the winter months especially on the days when there is sun and then cooler evenings etc. There are not many holes and all the door openings have seals When storing a car inside I use a dehumidifier
  11. XTR2Turbo

    SSOT Objectives

    John How do you measure success for each of these objectives and what are the scores at the moment? David
  12. XTR2Turbo

    Gurston Down attendance

    Is there a reason why for wscc we just do the Saturday at Gurston when it is a weekend event? Classic Marques are there both days. Might help increase numbers and make it a more social weekend too with a good pub just down the road.
  13. XTR2Turbo

    Gurston Down attendance

    I would agree it is great to have events like blyton where Almost everyone attends but unless we moved to say a best 10 out of 12 like BHC I can't see this happening and even then you would probably end up with a higher percentage of a smaller number of entrants. I guess you could pick 4 events next year say harewood blyton loton and Hethel and give them double points to see if it gets your focus and numbers up. Personally it would seem to me better to drop events we go to more than once before dropping a venue if a desire to cut down rounds. I can think of 6 people that entered Gurston repeatedly that are not even competing this year which suggests less a venue specific issue. David
  14. XTR2Turbo

    Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

  15. XTR2Turbo

    Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    There is also a chap set up on his own at Bicester Heritage ex ETB I think. Does very nice stuff comparable to Simpsons..

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