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  1. Bitcoin

    Apparently Inland Revenue are also getting in on the act and demanding capital gains tax on the transactions. They are classed as investments
  2. Am I going soft?

    reminds me of that Del boy classic. Del: Put your coat on luv .. Mrs: why? are you taking me out ? Del: No ! I'm going out and I'm turning the heating off ;-)
  3. The Grand Tour Season 2

    I enjoyed it
  4. Am I crazy?

    Dave Eastwood to the boardroom pls
  5. MegaS2000 with Elite il200 sequential box

    I would look at the options from Sadev and quaiffe too i have a sadev which is the same size as a type 9 and fits in an seiw chassis easily you will also need a different clutch probably and closed loop flarshifter such as the small box geartronics sell
  6. 3.6 7” Sierra Diff

    I think Windy had some David
  7. land rover

    Nick I think it only makes sense if you fit galavanised chassis but the costs then mean you need to own a while to get value
  8. land rover

    I have had a disco 3 and disco 4 from new Disco 3 had a fault with header tank sensor and water got in to tailgate switch. Those were only faults in 6 years and 65000 miles. Disco 4 no faults in 4 years and 25,000 miles Perhaps I was lucky or the internet means you get a distorted view of people always posting faults The main issue is the dealer costs are very high. At the moment I have a Defender 90 and defender 110. I am missing a disco in the fleet. Keep looking online at disco 5s but price has got silly and I don't really like automatics. Ultimately that was why I sold the disco 4. I am thinking of a nice disco II and ultimately building up on a new galvanised chassis with a slight lift as an offroad toy and a keeper. David
  9. Autocar Road test

    Generally a bit negative, especially compared to a Caterham (handling, aesthetics, fit and finish) - basically kit car. Positive was the performance at price point. Car was £35k as tested.
  10. Superclutch clutches

    Is that 'SBD' Craig?
  11. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I wonder if offering a more tiered ticketing would help numbers and overall take e.g entry including camping and souvenier T shirt (or equivalent) £30 'Shed' space £10 Passenger pass £10 5 runs up the hill £40 10 runs £70 unlimited £100
  12. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Well done organising this. Should be a great event at a wonderful venue just to be completely clear this is open to all members not just speed series entrants ?

    I can see it might have appeal in three areas 1) the young that haven't learnt to drive yet and maybe won't need to 2) the old that can perhaps no longer safely drive 3) those that would rather, on occasion, use their time more productively than drive . e.g. in traffic commuting. I still see huge problems to overcome.
  14. Carbon parts

    Chris Smith (the original owner and founder of Westfield) seemed to be much more relaxed about this sort of thing when Carbon mods and others were offering. Probably not surprising given the Westfield origin. By all accounts the current owners are much more protective of their IP. I wish your friend well but just wanted to flag one of the risks he faces. David