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  1. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    It might be worth clarifying if the venue / camping is open to spectators / club members if car slots all sold out or they don't want to take a car up the hill. Do they need to book / register at all or just turn up?
  2. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Excellent - booked. Note there may be an error on the WSCC numbers remaining (available 80 but 60 remaining 0 booked) unless some already reserved. David
  3. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    A few years ago when sva was replaced by Iva I remember the powers that be saying we were lucky to keep Iva as not allowed in most other countries. Being a member of eu we were apparently coming under pressure to tighten the rules i wonder the source of these changes but if it is seen as a means of keeping Iva going. Whilst I disagree that it will deliver any benefits to emissions, if this change is needed to allow us to keep Iva concept then maybe it is a price the industry as a whole are prepared to accept unfortunately there has been a lot of abuse. I know of many ultimas tested with a basic aged small block only for it to be changed afterwards. Even a lot of the American speed engines were old blocks to fall outside emissions rules it would possibly have a big impact on companies like red triangle who make alvis replicas
  4. French speed limit reduction from 1st July

    You could argue this has already happened in the uk but by stealth. No end of old 60mph roads now seem to have random 40 and 50 limits applied.
  5. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Just google dvla and Bugatti to see the hornets nest uncovered around restored and rebuilt cars there are a fair number of high value cars being challenged as to authenticity
  6. Herts, Beds & Bucks Area Meeting, February 2018

    Yep I'll be there with deliveries to make David
  7. Chassis repairs?

    Marto on here has a body shop and has repaired Westfield chassis for others. Not sure if just favours or something he now does commercially he is mh autos Bletchley near Milton Keynes
  8. Parking Ticket?

    Check on land registry where the boundary lies. Did you park on public or private property also is the road private industrial estate or adopted by the council? Was as it a council parking notice or private parking firm?
  9. Wooden Sign made using a router

    You'll be buying a Morgan soon. Looks great by the way and amazed you managed that freehand
  10. Westfield Build Plaque from 1995!

    Does the April 1st have a hidden meaning ?
  11. Unlocking an iPhone

    Locked to a different network or locked with apple ID?
  12. Problems with the road network

    They can pick up a car for speed, can't be that hard to enable for a red cross on a lane
  13. Problems with the road network

    My point is different. On the M25 cars stream through ignoring red crosses. As the gantries have cameras I don't see why they are not being flashed
  14. Problems with the road network

    I don't agree with undertaking .. you have a larger blind spot in your mirrors when pulling to the left so more likely not to see a car undertaking you if changing lanes to left it is. Correct to overtake and pull left the problem is poor lane discipline mainly as a result of the low speed limits we have.
  15. Problems with the road network

    on Smart motorways driving through a red cross should result in photo taken and points. huge investment in motorway exits. On most motorways the exits at peak times backing onto the main motorway are what cause the issues. replace roundabouts with proper slip exits and underpasses etc use google map data not humans and sensors in the road to set variable speeds Any vehicle exceeding 3.5 tonnes should be excluded from outside lane. Add crawler lanes to any uphill section where lorry speeds might drop below 50 mph tailgating cameras - they have them in Germany - main issue is lorries in 50 mph sections