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  1. Gary ,Gary ,Gary WHAT! Just Gary, Gary,Gary ! While I'm on here ,can I get numbers for BBQ food please and Kay. & I will get it sorted ,I believe nae breakfast stuff this year as we're hitting the walled garden ? Cheers all Wee Dov.
  2. Wee Dov is exited!!!! Kay's not coming now but Gary Hamilton is taking her place ,I hope he remembers his nighty!
  3. Oooooooh ah can't wait Missed it last year , now Bob ,remind me what Is the theme for this year ,from what I remember !!!! Is it not KIlts in Cars? I await your response H aHa Ha Ha Ha !
  4. Surely Kyle vanw**ker will drive ,we have to go and see the friendly petrol pump attendant again ,I always need a pee when I get there,and I've been holding it In, For two years now HaHa!
  5. Scottish Pre-Season Meet

    Can't get rid of me I'll be there too.
  6. Clan McWesty - August Run Dates

    Hi all , Is there any chance of a run next Sunday 7th .? Any takers?
  7. Zip lob and me Sunday only see you there
  8. Scottish (Clan McWesty) Run 13th July

    Rab add me to the list mate
  9. Scottish (Clan McWesty) Run 13th July

    Hi Rab Count me in Is there a meeting place this side of the Bridge?
  10. What's up with the motor?
  11. What's this about wheel spacers? Is the clutch the cable broken?