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  1. W Shep

    Lancashire Area Meeting

    I'll have a better idea nearer the time Jim, however it won't be that early though . I'll be in touch if I am coming and meet up with you somewhere. Cheers
  2. W Shep

    Manchester Area Meet - April 11th

    Sorry chaps, no can do
  3. W Shep

    21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Sounds like a great event, count me in please.
  4. W Shep

    Manchester Meet versus Valentine's Day

    Doubt we'll be there, too much on I'm afraid.
  5. Yooo! In Liverpool at moment but once we’ve had summit to eat we’ll be making our way home. Be at the meet but will be getting off early. See ya later!
  6. W Shep

    Got my first westy - Yay!!

    Hi Jimbobtcc, First of all congratulations on securing ownership of THE Boghouse. I owned it before John and had 8 years of great fun and many miles from that car, If you get half of what I had from it then you'll do ok . Hopefully see you around.
  7. W Shep

    Manchester Area Meet, November

    Hoping to be there
  8. Only just seen this thread John, glad your keeping hold of the Boghouse. I still miss it now..........
  9. W Shep

    Manchester Area Meet, October

    Aiming to be there
  10. can't make it tonight unfortunately, on call.
  11. b******* !!!!!!! Sorry Paul, just read this and realised the time/day. I'll try harder next time......sorry.
  12. I might be down if there's going to be others there. Most likely be in tin top though If the numbers are low though I don't mind missing it.
  13. W Shep

    Seasonal Meal pm 2nd Dec Manchester

    Provisionally book the two of us in Dave. I just need to get rid of my stand-by AGAIN!!!
  14. Sorry Terry, I'm on call Sunday so I'll have to give it a miss.
  15. No the road is accessible from both sides Paul. (at least it was last week)

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