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  1. Got my first westy - Yay!!

    Hi Jimbobtcc, First of all congratulations on securing ownership of THE Boghouse. I owned it before John and had 8 years of great fun and many miles from that car, If you get half of what I had from it then you'll do ok . Hopefully see you around.
  2. Manchester Area Meet, November

    Hoping to be there
  3. Only just seen this thread John, glad your keeping hold of the Boghouse. I still miss it now..........
  4. Manchester Area Meet, October

    Aiming to be there
  5. can't make it tonight unfortunately, on call.
  6. b******* !!!!!!! Sorry Paul, just read this and realised the time/day. I'll try harder next time......sorry.
  7. I might be down if there's going to be others there. Most likely be in tin top though If the numbers are low though I don't mind missing it.
  8. Seasonal Meal pm 2nd Dec Manchester

    Provisionally book the two of us in Dave. I just need to get rid of my stand-by AGAIN!!!
  9. Sorry Terry, I'm on call Sunday so I'll have to give it a miss.
  10. No the road is accessible from both sides Paul. (at least it was last week)
  11. BBQ @ the Carding Shed, 20th July.

    Agreed, great evening Robin thanks for the "heads-up"
  12. BBQ @ the Carding Shed, 20th July.

    Dave, How about Sandbrook Pub, Sandbrook Park, Rochdale (end of A627M), 16:30 ok?
  13. BBQ @ the Carding Shed, 20th July.

    About to go out now Dave, let me get back to you tonight.
  14. Just a quick note to thank you Graham for organising the GF meal last week-end, it was greatly appreciated and very much enjoyed.

    Oh! nice to meet you too :d

    Wayne and Gwen

  15. BBQ @ the Carding Shed, 20th July.

    There's a good chance we'll join you Robin, will have a better idea next week.