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  1. First Test in the Caterham

    I'll have to take your word for that Don, but it definitely is more responsive on the steering. I wish I had changed it on the Westie now.
  2. First Test in the Caterham

    I think it will be quicker, albeit by not a lot. I'll be predominantly racing in the Welsh Sports and Saloons Championship this year with the odd round in the Mag 7's (10 No. Supersports at the first race meeting!). looking forward to getting out these now. I asked the mechanic on Friday and he suggested around 540kg's. Re. the race, err...dunno! its a Caterham quick rack, fitted to the supersport as standard I believe. It's definstely quicker then the Westie which was a standard Sierra one.
  3. So having bought the Caterham in October of last year, I had still yet to drive the car. As part of the purchase, I had negotiated that the seller (who runs a Caterham motorsport outfit) to attend a trackway with me to help prepare and set up the car. I booked a trackday at Donny for Friday with MSV trackdays. I can recommend to anyone with a race or sprint car to attend one of these days as they are race car friendly, in fact, most cars were race cars on the day - Mini's, Exiges, BMW's, Clios etc. I had approx 30 hours work on the car over the winter: 1. Trimmed and re-covered the bag seat 2. Perfected the fit of the tonneau 3. Greased the extinguisher lines 4. Replaced all the stickers 5. Painted the interior 6. Fixed the exhaust (which was squashed to say the least - record and re-packed for only £65!) 7. Given the car a blooming' good clean and tidy up I should have been looking to this day but I was bedridden for 3-days earlier in the week. I still felt rough on the day but it was too late to cancel. Nonetheless, the day was dry and bright even if a little breezy. I got up early and trailered the car to the track, only to find one tyre had picked up a puncture on the way. No bother as I swapped the spare at lunch. So how does it compare to the Westie? Well, its hard to compare when I have been off-track for 6-months, but for sure, the chassis is more communicative and the turn-in is much better (it's got a quick rack). Its better on the brakes too, presumably due to the weight saving. The bag seat is not as comfy as the Tillet and the layout of the dash and pedals to too compact initially, until you get used to it. Power is comparable. Overall, I would say an improvement over the Westie, but not by any significant margin. In fact, my best lap time was a 1.21.5. I think there is more to come when I heel and toe (one step at a time I thought) and can use the whole of the track (the grass was so wet a lot of the kerbs had sods of grass on them!) and under the pressure to perform during Quali....but my best time in the Westie at Donny? Yep. A 1.21.5. Funny how these things work out! My first race for the dark side is on the 22nd of April at Pembrey. I'm in a difference class now with the 1.6 so I hope to be competitive. Wish me luck! Mike Pics below inc. some nice historic racers who occupied the garage after I had packed up. Interior shot in my garage at the end
  4. Lyneham dates to be cancelled?

    I just signed the petition. Ed and Natasha are good people and this is a real shame.
  5. Donnington Track Day

    I never had any problems (1.8 ltr Zetec with TB's and non-cat exhaust) with noise (it's drive by not static). I'll be there on the 6th of April, booked with MSV (blue and orange Caterham) Mike
  6. The Caterham Has Landed

    Thanks DonPeffers. I'll check the turns when I get it off the trailer. Working on the car now to tidy it up...things always take longer than you think!
  7. The Caterham Has Landed

    Dont know the ratio but i think its a quick rack and standard Supersport spec
  8. The Caterham Has Landed

    Me too Russ. Nick - Err yeah. Exhaust is a bit second hand! It got run over in the Caterham championship. still works ok thought and i know if i buy a new one ill prang it for sure!
  9. So on Wednesday night I finally took delivery of the Supersport. I actually paid for the car last October but I asked for a tonneau to be fitted along with a load of other jobs prior to delivery so it was delayed until now. I now have a long list of little things to do to the car to tidy it up, nothing major but I like my car's to be just so. So far all I have done is strip all the old stickers off it. This took me ages last night but I'm just about there - just need to remove the residue before I get painting/general tarting up. Purchased from LFP motorsport in Brum. Aaron really know's his stuff. Really looking forward to the new season now! First outing after a trackday at Donny (date tba with my mate) will be 22nd April at Pembrey My daughter like the car as well!
  10. 13 Inch Tyres

    Looks like the V70s are now available, but only in 175 width. My current tyres are 185. Does this matter? They are softs and I cannot find another tyre in soft at all for 13 that are list 1C. Edited - I purchased these as an ex Caterham mechanic thinks it wont have a significant effect going to a 175. As Adam suggested above, I just feel that the soft compound has to be the priority. Apparently, Khumo are running down stocks prior to a takeover and supply is likely to be haphazard.......whether that's sales patter I don't know but sod it I bought them now!
  11. Good idea. They will need to work hard on marketing in the first instance until it gains 'momentum'. No one wants to sign up to a race series without good grids. It's a competitive market out there.
  12. Good luck to WF. It's a great idea.
  13. All Change

    Thanks DonPeffers. Hopefully it's a quick Bread Van!
  14. All Change

    I'll let you know my thoughts Dave but I won't be driving it until next year. The bag seats are surprisingly easy to make. It's just expanding foam and bin bags! I may come to watch at Shelsey but I'll keep my limited budget for racing - it's not the largest budget by any measure..... Mike
  15. All Change

    Yeah thank Dave. Really looking forward to driving it in anger. Never driven a Caterham before so this is a bit of a gamble for me. It's got all the right toys on it - Lowered floors, brake bias, wide track front wishbones, shift light, slippy diff, 140bhp engine, quick rack, aeroscreen etc. I have also just bought an aluminium tonneau and race battery. I also just got a bag seat made. Bring on 2018!

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