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  1. All Change

    Thanks DonPeffers. Hopefully it's a quick Bread Van!
  2. All Change

    I'll let you know my thoughts Dave but I won't be driving it until next year. The bag seats are surprisingly easy to make. It's just expanding foam and bin bags! I may come to watch at Shelsey but I'll keep my limited budget for racing - it's not the largest budget by any measure..... Mike
  3. All Change

    Yeah thank Dave. Really looking forward to driving it in anger. Never driven a Caterham before so this is a bit of a gamble for me. It's got all the right toys on it - Lowered floors, brake bias, wide track front wishbones, shift light, slippy diff, 140bhp engine, quick rack, aeroscreen etc. I have also just bought an aluminium tonneau and race battery. I also just got a bag seat made. Bring on 2018!
  4. All Change

    Ok. I didn't post a blog following my last race. I was so annoyed with myself after a very frustrating quali, where someone in a 420 just got in the way on the corners and then blocked my on the straights. On a drying track (I did try to hold back on two occasions to get some clear track) he insisted on racing me and as a result I was near the back, at a track that I know well. I had a good start but annoyingly span at Coppice: This sapped my confidence on a wet track. We then had a Code 60 period and the result was just a farse: Now I have been thinking about a change for a while. The 1.8 just doesn't fit well into the classes for the Welsh Sports and Sloons and is in Group 2 for the CSCC Mag 7's. So, I sold the Westie to a very nice chap who's going to use it as a road/track car and may even race it himself (He races in Historic F3) and I bought a Caterham. It's a Supersport, one owner car. It's a little rough round the edges but mechanically sound. Gives me something to develop a little further. SO its over to the dark side for me!
  5. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    I had these on my Westie. A worthwhile purchase indeed. The are easy to adjust, you can buy a 6-point add on and they look great. they also come with the anti-subarine feature.
  6. Best of luck with the sale Maurici. This is an epic car and properly quick for sure. Mike
  7. Sold

    Spent all my money!! Its a really sorted car with all the right spec. Just the seats and harnesses alone were £1300 before fitting. A lot of work has gone into this car to get it right. im really going to miss it
  8. Sold

  9. Sold

    Sorry £10.5 k but will take offers from forum members. Mike
  10. Sold

    Sorry about the pics - Was using the Wife's SLR and I had the wrong setting before she sorted it.
  11. Sold

    Hello Syman84. Pics above. I have spent a long time on this car in the last 5-weeks. It has just had a new front nose cone and rear wings. Its damn near perfect now and I will really miss it. All the right spec as many on this forum will testify. Mike
  12. Sold

    2009 Westfield SEIW A superb car that’s a bit different from the rest. The car has been owned by me for the last 5-years and has been extensively improved during my tenure. I bought the car with around 4,000 miles on the clock, it currently has £9,597 miles. I am the third owner. The car will be missed and is in near perfect condition. The car comes with a with a full pack of receipts for each and every purchase, since original build. I have a detailed log of all the servicing and works that has been done to the car. I have a copy of all the MOT's. The current Mot expires in April 2018. Based on the Sierra single donor vehicle kit and first registered in 2009. Literally thousands has been spent on this car (with receipts to prove). When I first bought the car I took it to Northampton Motorsport for a thorough check-over and engine re-map, with the aim of ensuring reliability. The eventual bill was £2,245.00, but it’s been reliable ever since and has not let me down. The works at NMS included a new fuel filter, new starter motor, replaced engine pulleys and belt, new alternator, replacement temperature sensor, new battery, steering rack gators and a full set-up. A few years later, I had all the suspension bushes replaced for nylon items, the front wishbones changed and Tillet seats fitted at Neil Garner Motorsport. The bill was £2,439 but these works drastically improved the handling of the car and addressed an inherent maintenance issue with the Sierra SDV's wide track. In 2015 the car was taken to Blink motorsport for the engine to be improved. The cams were replaced, the head was ported and polished, the throttle bodies were changed for longer items for improved torque (with new filer) and the cambelt was changed. The bill was £2,215, but the power increased to 182 bhp and 146 lb/ft. I then took the car to Clear Motorsport for the car to have ‘Playskool’ anti-roll bar’s fitted front and rear, along with new springs fitted to compliment the chassis changes and a full set-up. The car has a genuinely superb balance As a result. Since then the car has been professionally maintained by Corinium Motorsport. This car would make a great all round road, track or competition car. The car has always been run on super unleaded. Specification as follows: Engine, Cooling, gearbox and exhaust: 1.8 litre Ford Zetec with ‘Type 9’ gearbox. Jenvey throttle bodies (with long throttle body trumpets), polished and ported cylinder head and uprated cams by BLINK Motorsport, producing a proven 182 bhp and 146 lb/ft. Omex 600 ECU. Wrapped headers and carbon fibre exhaust (approx. 96 DB so will pass trackday noise tests). Raceline baffled sump and Raceline water rail cooling system. Cambelt recently changed. Coolex radiator with integral fan (new in May 2016) with recent coolant change. Safety: Professionally fitted full (‘Playskool’) roll cage with side protection, battery kill switches and plumbed-in extinguisher (serviced in Feb 2017). Schroth 6 (driver) and 4-point harnesses (passenger). Chassis: Independent rear suspension. New, professionally rated and fitted springs all round with Protech 2-way adjustable dampers . Corner weighted and full set-up by Clear Motorsport. Solid nylon bushes all round. ‘Playskool’ adjustable anti-roll bars front and rear. Limited slip dirrerential with breather. Team Dynamics wheels with Avon ZZR's tyres (95/50/15 and 205/50/15) with lots of tread. Brakes: Uprated AB master cylinder. Sierra brake callipers (renewed rears) and recently changed disks. Uprated pads. Braded break lines and recently changed DOT 5.1 brake fluid. Bodywork: Carbon fibre front wings, carbon fibre aeroscreen. New nose cone and new rear arches. Interior: Tillett GRP seats, both on adjustable runners. Carbon effect tunnel cover and rear parcel shelf. Quick release Momo steering wheel. Westfield aluminium gear knob. Matching black leather with yellow stitching gators to hand-brake and gear stick. Omex Shift light integrated into the dash panel. Others / Misc: Tow straps front and rear. Longacre rear view mirror. 2 litre aluminium catch tank. ‘Dominator’ headlights. ‘Odyssey’ lightweight battery. Swirl pot assembly. A limited number of spare parts to be included with sale. WSCC Member. Located near to Bristol No canvessers
  13. Hillclimb Gone Wrong!

    I think you can have a clear conscience here Mitch as your intentions were only ever for praise of those who attended to you in your time of need.
  14. Hillclimb Gone Wrong!

    This really shows the benefit of side impact bars on a full cage. I'm glad you are on the mend now - it must have been really tough to watch the video back.
  15. 13 Inch Tyres

    Like racing! Come on Lee - come and have a play!