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  1. Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    I've just got booked in with him.
  2. Brake lines - the options

    Silly question but is Kunifer, Cupro Nickel, and Copper Nickel the same thing?
  3. Brake lines - the options

    I need to replace the long brake line to the rear t-piece as the end connector is a different thread to my new master cylinder. There are lots of options but which one is best? Copper - soft so easy to bend by hand and flareing tool is cheap but are they strong enough to run under the car? Why are they now standard issue. Copper nickel - I don't know about these but seen them available from Rally Design. Flexible braided - easy to cut to length but how well will they go round a 90degree corner? More expensive but don't need to buy a flareing tool. Steel - standard issue, strong but needs an expensive tool to flare.
  4. 1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    I have got a little distracted with a MSA roll bar so I have the option of going sprinting in the future. One day I would like a full cage but funds are focused on the rebuild. I have also spent a couple of hours adjusting the Westfield HiSpec rear brakes as per the following thread there is a magic grub screw that many of us have overlooked...
  5. 1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    Done it so the new fuel tank is fitted and ready to be plumbed in.
  6. Gear knob sleeve

    I see, I missed the size of the air gap. Mine was only about 1mm so the tape worked well.
  7. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Dishy 13 inch Image...
  8. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    15inch by 7. Original factory fitted wheels but powder coated in gun metal grey.
  9. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Mine have been on for a couple of years so needed to access the top to tap the cable sleeve out of the caliper. You also need to slack off at the handbrake so allow plenty of time. Enjoy the good weather!
  10. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Hi Ian, Yes, it's under the cable so makes it a bigger job but should make sure it's balanced. Tim
  11. Gear knob sleeve

    My solution was to wrap a few layers of electrical tape round the stick for the grub screws to bite into. Then use locktight on the treads of the grub screws.
  12. Thames Valley and North Oxford Convoy to Stoneleigh

    Hi Trevor, I have sent you Cameron's email address but will also send him a reminder. Thanks, Tim
  13. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    I have discovered I'm lucky to have the magic grub so have been adjusting but not finished. First attempt I made the pads just grip the disk then backed off half a turn. This was too tight as they bound when apply and removing the handbrake. Then I found that adjusting the inside grub screw needs you to hold the disk firm as if the wheel was on because otherwise as you tighten the disk moves out. Currently I've nearly finished trying a full turn but decided to call it a night.
  14. Thames Valley and North Oxford Convoy to Stoneleigh

    7:30am Bird in Hand, RG10 9UP. - Steve Thorne - John Parks 8:00am Berinsfield on the A4074, outside the Infinity Motor Cycle store / H Cafe, OX10 7LY. - Cameron Baynards Green, services, OX27 7SG,
  15. Wide body braced roll bar, good for taller drivers -SOLD


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