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  1. Hiya Mark, Somebody has to be last mate otherwise nobody would be first, your basically supporting the whole lot of us so well done you I'll take a look at it later for you and amend, no worries Tiggs
  2. ... well that ended with a very close thing dind't it, who'd of thought eh? I'd like to congratulate John Hoyle for winning the Speed Series (Expert) for the 2nd time, and to Steve Carpenter for the Novice Championship, well done both, and to David, really sorry, nothing more you could have done, it was soooo close. I myself came in at a Strong 18th place (that's where it's at I've heard) but hope to do much better next year so Mr Skidmorre, watch out The final results are linked below - Please note: If you have any queries/questions or challenges, please can you register them within the next 48 hours. After that these scores will be final. Thanks for your time, see you at the awards :-) Anglesey R36 (Expert) - Sat Results Anglesey R36 (Expert) - Sun Results Anglesey R36 (Novice) - Sat Results Anglesey R36 (Novice - Sun Results Tiggs ........ over and out
  3. Your Lucky Adam ..... i've never got a 101, I'm well jealous
  4. Results for Curborough 3 (R34) have now been published and it's all looking very close. There's going to be tears I can see it now, but very exciting for the crowd, who will be the Champ. Whoever it is, it will be well deserved so may the best man win, meanwhile back in the lower ranks, here are the scores. Curborough 3 (Expert) Results Curborough 3 (Novice) Result Tiggs
  5. Thanks mate, it will be a sad day but I don't feel it's getting used half as much as it should, so time for somebody else to enjoy the fun Tiggs
  6. Nah, that'll neve happen again ...... ever!
  7. Still in development mate, need to make the plough adjustable for different lengths of grass, i.e. Blyton is really long but Hethel is quite short so need to cater for all tracks
  8. It is well underpriced Terry as it's the wrong time of year really. It if doesn't sell by spring, the price is going up by quite a lot. So time for somebody to grab a bargain whilst they have the chance. Tiggs
  9. Hey all, Results for R33 (aka Not another Blyton lol) event has been posted. Scores are suitably posted on the correct doors so check them out and let me know if they are correct (Law of averages says I will sometimes). Blyton R33 (Expert) results Blyton R33 (Novice( Results Tiggs p.s. I love Blyton, can't wait to get back there next year as I've sharpened my lawn mower cutter
  10. Well I've finally decided to sell my V8 due to lack of use and another project on the horizon. I will be taking a few more pics on the weekend but for now, here are 3 pics of it to give you a feel. Car: Westfield Seight V8 (3.5 Rover) with a proper "2010" plate which enables you to put a private plate if you so wish. Interior could do with a bit of tidying to be honest as it's not "Showroom" condition, this is reflected in the price though. Currently Sorn'd but will be sold with a new MOT.....!! Engine: Rover V8 (3.5) with lightened Flywheel Holley 4 barrel Carb Edelbrock Inlet Manifold Underslung (rear exit) exhaust (Sounds fantastic) LT77 Gearbox Interior: Sports Seats Proper Seatbelts Carpeted Standard Black Dials (I have a spare set of White dials if required included in the price) Exterior: 15" Pro Wheels Proxes T1R (205x5x15) Long Range fuel tank Roll over Bar (I have a RAC type braced Rollover Bar as an optional extra for a bit of extra dosh if required) Price: £10,500 for Quick Sale Tiggs
  11. It's easy, honestly.... You would just need a laptop with Excel on it.
  12. Hi Kev, Sorry but can't make it now, got tickets for the NFL at Wembley on Sunday !! If you give me a call, I can talk you through how to do the weighing and send you over the spreadsheet, or I can sent it to anybody else who wants it for their own use? Tiggs
  13. Just discovered the paddle is broken around the springs, a few stones got in there and caused flippin havoc. So what are the benefits of Solid?
  14. Thanks mate but managed to test it with an older type coil and lashed it together with tiewraps & Gaffer tape and worked fine until I broke the cluth. Really wasn't my weekend but would rather 2 things break on the same weekend that 2 seperate occations. Ordered another one now but my main concern is the Clutch. Just going back into the garage now to finish taking the engine out. Thanks anyway though Tiggs
  15. Surprisingly, that off didn't break the car, it went fine after that slight detour, I think the sprung paddle has broken, just trying to get the engine out today to have a squint. As for the coil, dunno, just decided not to work on Cylinder 3 !!! So I have a few repairs to do but still had a wicked time. Tiggs