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  1. Portmanteau words

    Mongtard........................ Plenty of them in my local town................
  2. What's your favourite acronym?

    Said by 'everyone ' at work, when a Bank Holiday looms................ Hang on, thats this Friday then !!
  3. Mazda diff instructions

    Upper bracket and socket caps Lower mounts
  4. Oil catch tank

    Do get a filter on there. Autosilicon hoses do one for a fiver or so, but it stops water getting in there .
  5. Mazda diff instructions

    There is only 6 bolts. 4 off socket caps for the upper H bracket and 2 off larger bolts for the lower cross bracket. I fitted the lower cross bracket. Lifted the diff in and loosely put the 2 lower bolts in. Then fitted the upper H bracket , then the socket caps.Then unbolted one at a time, bit of loctite and tightened up. Then fitted the drive shaft adaptors , as easier to get in the chassis.
  6. ThuRANTSday

    Dave, blackboards and shorts have changed now , as does semolina and frogs eyes
  7. Changing fuel tank

    Cost me £27 for 3/4 of a tank yesterday tells me its bigger than 22 litres............. even if it was V power..............
  8. All clean and ready for a blat!

    Did you offer the driver of the Toyota some cable ties to get him home ?
  9. Interesting option for those wanting a 6 speed gearbox

    Not much in it. Does someone make an adaptor plate to join them ? Shudders at the memory of the 2 bolts on the slave cylinder, fitting while engine and box in the car of the Rex
  10. spa mirrors

  11. ThuRANTSday

    To be honest, blondie above is your worst nightmare on the road. Personally she would be much better off sat on my knee, but thats bye the bye. Thats the kind of person on a bike ( not a cyclist) with about much street sense as a halibut on a zebra crossing. Also, it wouldnt be long before the skirt got jammed in the wheel. On the other hand a 'proper roadie' would be chasing strava points , so in a London 'race from the lights' he would win as he wont be stopping. You need to find an average between the two............
  12. All clean and ready for a blat!

    Lovely car, just needs a 3/4 front plate for an extra 10 mph and less speed hump issues
  13. 1780cc Crossflow Engine

    I'd build a crossflow and stick it in. My xflow engine build, now sadly departed , Steve Parker, used to leave his blocks outside in the brambles to de- stress them, so a bit of rust will not hurt nothing. Get the best block rebored, new accralite pistons, reground crank, head checked and valves re-lapped , stick it together and you will be £1500 lighter, but you will be £2000 better off than a zetec, ecu, flywheel, clutch, exhaust, bonnet mods etc etc. The mounts arent an issue. Dont remember if my pre-lit was round or square tubed, but easy enough to fit a block ( you have several) with a hoist , with the gearbox in location. Use the one good to hold in place and make the missing one with inch tubing and plate. Get it to a fabricator to make and give him the other to make a new replacement. £75 and its done. I put uprated crossflow mounts from Peter Lloyd rallying, if they still do them. Basically massive rubber bobbins than the rectangular ones which are the standard escort ones, which are reknown to fail with age.
  14. Yaaaay!

    Stunning car, enjoy !!