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  1. Rich's S2000 Build

    Oooh, missed that bit. Dont trust the manual at all for the steering column. Many , including me was hoping for truthful information from the manual, which isnt the case on some bits , this being one of them !
  2. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    Screwfix own brand silicon in black works well and very thin and easy to squeeze into place .
  3. Rich's S2000 Build

    Rich, I did this. When I cut the end fitting off the banjo fuel hose , I then had enough for it to reach the fuel pipe. It would be extremely difficult to reach the steel pipes when the rest of the car is together Please dont insult the S2000 manual. The factory spent a lot of time doing that ...................... for the Zetec cars
  4. Newbie from Norfolk

    How crap. You were lucky. Never know a gearbox to lock up. As for new driveshafts, I am sure someone will come to your rescue on here from the old school department. It will be back together better soon, so dont worry. Glad you are unscathed !!
  5. Rich's S2000 Build

    Other than bending the fuel pipes out at 45 deg at the engine end, no seems fine
  6. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    Yes, its wrong in so many ways , but someone out there wont see it is !!
  7. Rich's S2000 Build

    Must admit to not knowing this was just a starter kit, as I bought the whole lot, as to why I had them in a box, hidden
  8. Rich's S2000 Build

    Not usual. Well wasnt for mine. They seemed to send me loads in a fixings bag with rivets and bolts and other stuff
  9. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    Not good at all. We pressure test a/c systems up to 400 psi with flexible hoses , which worries me for the guys, but the are supposedly safe to double that. If anything went wrong , it could be fatal .
  10. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    Almost a Darwin award for the nitrogen
  11. Safe at Work ...........or maybe not ?

    What pressure do plane tyres get pumped up to Steve ?
  12. Ouch, have you seen this Sport 250 on eBay

    I wish them well in selling it ............................. at a sensible price...............one day...........
  13. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Will be interesting in the response. With all these things its what 'you' interpret the regs as. I was asked questions during my test and I explained how I came to the conclusion on what I had done and I am sure he took in what I said, seemed logical and put a tick in the right box.
  14. Silver top Zetec thermostat housing

    As Chris says, it needs a bit of hose changes , but yes, the 3 bolts hold the back of the rail and the unused heat shield bolt threads in the head hold it along the side of the head .
  15. S2000 diff

    Quite happy doing it all in 6th at times with mine. From 28 ish to whatever it seems happy with the Mazda 3.6 whatever diff.