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  1. C20XE not starting

    Can you smell fuel in the exhaust ? If its that sensitive to water , then like people say check electrical connections and try and make them less susceptible to water ingress if its them.
  2. Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    Good stuff.Have a look in the new complete kitcar this month about a Sigma ( albeit a 1600) at Northampton Motorsport being mapped after being fitted
  3. Am I going soft?

    Our heating goes on at 6:30 am................. I get up at 7:15am.................... its fine for me Wife gets up to walk the dogs at 6am. Dont see the need to warm her up, thats what she does on the walk
  4. XC90s

    We moved our 2010 XC60 onwards in the middle of last year and the running gear is the same. Watch out for the haldex as Volvo dont have an oil and filter change schedule for these at all , even if VW do every 36k miles. Gearbox is the 6 speed one in auto and not a great gearbox. Worth an oil change which is pricey, the boxes only last just over 100k otherwise. Gets lost in what to do and we had jolting going on. Rear Haldex prop bearings do fail, I thought our was starting the whine. AWD 205bhp is no ball of fire and does 33 mpg on our lifetime average of 3 1/2 years ownership. Auxilary idler on engine for auxilary belt is allegedly on the Mk5 version and still dont work/ last long. Ours failed. Remember these were built under Ford, so interiors werent the greatest with squeaks and rattles a plenty. Our new XC is so much better in every way and still the same shape version. As Dave said the rear prop was known to shear splines off at the diff and make them 2 wd. I believe Volvo do fix it under warranty . Good things are that its a great car . Hence why we bought a new one. Its roomy and solid and a great place to sit. Seats are awesome and boot has dog space. Rear legroom is great and so is headroom. We will get another new one in 18 months time of the new version, but for the last of the old shape, it would have to be something really special to beat this one.
  5. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    So, the lambda wouldnt lean off the fueling instead ?
  6. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    Does that mean a new table for MAF has to be made with the correct environment on the rollers ? or do they just make a compensation table for air pressure relative to the fuel map ?
  7. The Grand Tour Season 2

    I had a feeling it could be a bit turdy like the first lot. Such a shame to be honest. Will probably watch a bit like the first lot and switch it off again.
  8. Who's changed to their winter tyres!

    Just sold mine which I had for the Volvo. Went pretty quick and contributed to a recent trip away and a small profit. Since I sold the AWD XC60 and got a FWD one, thought I would stay indoors than get hit by some dweeb who thinks they can control the Scandinavian flick and then thump my car. We live of a slight hill, with no grit, so most people just slide passed the house .
  9. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    You've been reading the Spain trip in the new mag. Just off my throne having done the same thing . I wonder whether having a lambda would lessen fuel being injected , if it detects it running rich ? MAF would prove awkward with bonnet clearance .
  10. Just bought my first kit car

    Noice mota !! KN Diamonds, the original westie wheels look cool and a dry sump crossflow .................welcome
  11. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    What about a box like this and duct the filter in front of the engine ? You can fabricate the holes in a position to fit as long as the bonnet closes. Or you could get similar fabricated ? http://www.sbdev.co.uk/Air_Filters/Air_Boxes_Backing_Plates/Air_Boxes_Backing_Plates.htm
  12. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    If you need another head to look at it, I am only a couple of miles away from Newbury................
  13. Westfield World......

    Home for lunch as usual but something better to read than normal. Great Calendar too. Well done all that made it happen !!
  14. S2000 Late engine trigger swop

    Obviously the crank sensor is also different, so the use of the original sensor is needed, which has a different plug. So the loom plug on the Omex loom would be different.
  15. S2000 Late engine trigger swop

    Very true Dave, but if the worst happened to your engine tomorrow, then your easiest option if you need a new engine is as the video. Yes, by changing from 2 ltr to a 2.2ltr will require mapping, if you wanted more CC , but it just gives all built cars the chance to use the later (potentially lower mileage) engines from later cars. Its been a few years now since they were manufactured.