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  1. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    I think you're right ................... its nice , but not 85k nice. And its a Ford diesel woohahahahaha
  2. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    I have a mate with a brand new discovery costing £85k !! And............................ the aircon doesnt work, it leaks , its got electrical issues ................... but he loves them and tell me about the repair costs they would have all been , should he not have a warranty. He wont buy anything else. and they cant get the rear plate in the middle, looks crap
  3. Twin carb setup

    Probably the largest chokes you can fit in there for starters. They should run fine , but best to find an old school rolling road that still has the jets and emulsion tubes. From an airflow perspective, there is plenty of available air going in. A decent engine should run 180 bhp, which I have know crossflows on 40's to run .I believe somewhere like Aldon Automotive still do webers etc. Best to get it right rather than hope, as bore wash from bad jetting can kill an engine pretty quickly.
  4. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    VW got their fingers burnt by specifying belt changes in the past according to a mate who was in the business, so they like to change the belts at an interval where the belt will be brand new . So they dont get engine replacements on a regular basis, as previous. Saying that, its not normally the belt that fails from being worn, more likely a water pump , if driven by the cambelt or an idler bearing going. I have varying belt schedules for the Citygo from 30k miles ( the default VW number) to 130 k miles , as seen on Briskoda . Not had a chance to call Oxford today, sadly I was 'expected' to do some work, at work.............. some bosses !! I am going to do the pollen filter myself, so I will just get my local chap to do oil and filter. That spec oil 0-30 is pretty expensive stuff though..............
  5. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    Thats weird, we have an invisible indicator relay then. Fog light doesnt need anything relay wise. It just needs a feed from the headlights being on, to go the the switch, so unless the headlights are on, it gets no power. This is the older drawing for electrics and shows no form of relay for the fog lights . It does show a relay for in the indicators , which is on the ecu tray. I dont have this , as my relays are for Vtec and fuel pump only. The indicators can now use LED bulbs without the need of changing the relay to a less resistive one, because I dont have one. Hence the belief that the black box was the indicator relay. Other than that , they must flash using voodoo magic. I cant give a better drawing as the factory havent gievn me a more up to date one, just the Zetec one. 4833 Chassis Harness.pdf
  6. Por15

    Cough..............wheeze.................. it is..................but its called top coat. And it smooths really well. https://www.frost.co.uk/brands/por15/por15-blackcote-473ml-us-pint.html
  7. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    That black box is the indicator relay , solid state if we are talking the same thing !
  8. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    I noticed on Martin 123's car this week when installing the immobliser that a wire extension had been put it to stop the fog light illuminating until it switched on. His was a factory built car allegedly.
  9. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    Maybe so Blatters, but if the nearest dealer to me wants to charge 40% extra to another main dealer 25 miles away shouldn't really be allowed . Currently my local non franchised garage is getting the business. Just make sure I use a Skoda/ VW oil filter and decent oil and off we go...........
  10. I need a project. Ideas?

    Get a cost from Iain at IH Freelance . You never know !! Then build a decent Zetec for it or something . You want loose a bean if you sell it.
  11. I need a project. Ideas?

    Bit of a journey , but should be just over a couple of grand.............. 302472060745 ebay item number
  12. James' S2000 build

    The rear panel with no grommets, I cut it in half , across the holes, so it made removal easier in the future. I scored both sides with a sharp stanley blade and clicked into 2 bits. As for pipe protection, I covered the areas where the pipes come up from under the floor, to stops stones from chipping it, also any areas close to edges, such as pipes by the dropped floorpan etc. You can see my fuses come out the scuttle area, but I mounted them on a plate under the dash rather than on the scuttle in the way of heat and damp.
  13. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    Weirdly, I called another branch of Marshalls Skoda today , to be met by a different cost again. Their Newbury garage want £260 , their Reading one wants £226 for the same service.......... might as well call their Oxford one tomorrow and get a full comparison . Still, £160 at Winchester Skoda ( different group) is obviously the cheapest. It really is numbers in a hat. Day 3.5 and no response from Newbury. Found info on the CEO for Skoda . I'll get Oxfords costs and then pop him a polite email about how they get their prices so different?
  14. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    As Darve says, the fog light should only show on the dash when the fog light is on. This will only illuminate if the headlights are on. I wired mine differently, so it lit when sidelights were on and headlights ( in the car) but wont light the fog light out the back until the headlights are on. It did create a slight issue at IVA but he let it go.
  15. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    Problem is that the system needs to be charged correctly as the refrigerant cycles the compressor oil. If this runs low , then the oil doesnt return back and can cause compressor failures. Also, by people injecting more oil and uv dyes into systems, this can cause compressor to hydraulic and smash it to bits. Anyone fiddling with their car a/c will also induce moisture and dirt , hence why it should be left alone as much as possible.