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  1. Bit of rubber hose slid over the bracket should suffice. Glue it on and make it secure.
  2. Standard silencers are quite small diameters. I would look at a larger diameter silencer rather than spend money cutting the standard silencer open and repacking. The car builder solution one is really nice and removed the standard system and fitted it and made a more mellow and sensible sound.
  3. If your not happy with the panel, I wouldnt be, then speak to the factory, send a photo and ask for a replacement.
  4. Ex Reading bod here. We used to use Maybank garage , who were pretty fair with fixing cars. Try them.
  5. I filled up on the A19 before the M1 , Leciester Services and that got me home then. Cruising at 70 to 80 was gettting a decent mpg . Wife was following with a new born in the car , so anything went wrong I would have been abandoned . But all went to plan.
  6. I just called them, gave them my name , said it was a Westfield . Not sure I gave any doc numbers from the forms. They knew the car and told me straight out, its done today and in the post, albeit 3 days to appear.
  7. I got feisty in the garage with this and greased anything that needed it.................. nipples werent on the list !!
  8. Sorry to hear Dave. Shame they couldnt sort it properly !!
  9. Cool stuff Adge................... Well done !!
  10. Great , its alive, but a can of this will make it look nice and shiny on the wishbones to match the shocks.
  11. Some insurance companies give a discount for having a company car for years without incident. I lost my no claims due to the 2 years non-use for the years I had. I got 2 years free from somewhere, when I ditched the company car, so that helped. cant remember who, someone like Direct Line.
  12. Its the screw with the driver on top. It adjusts the airflow to balance
  13. I had this recently after Martyn 123's fire . He managed to ram powder from the extinguisher into the carbs, so I had to basically strip the carbs off and clean them. When re- balancing ( they were out before the fire and probably caused the spit back) I ran it and tried to balance with a hose , as didnt have a balancer. It ran better, but I said about buying a balancer. Cue a week later with balancer in my mitt. One seemed to run low on air. The more I tried to balance it, the worse it got. So, I thought stuff it and wound all the air balance screws in and then turned then out 2 turns and they then ran pretty well !! A couple of smaller tweaks and it came up all very close. Gave him better pick up and low down power, so worked well.
  14. Might have a focus with a ticket until end of year for £400 or so ( need to confirm) . Any good ?
  15. Cool, looking forward to the noises !! Well done Adge.