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  1. FW Rear wing protectors for sale

    Due to an upgrade , I have now removed my Westfield rear FW wing protectors Same as these https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=868&search=arch&description=true No piping or rivets included as I glued mine on , so no holes. O/s has a small crack thats in the arch and was caused by over zealous removal, but will not show at all when fitted. Couple of marks from stones as you would expect. Otherwise really nice and no silicon on the back . I would like £50 plus a fiver postage for these please. I am not going to be here now, so best to contact me at username@hotmail.com and we can discuss. Collection from near Newbury, Berks is also a good possibility. Kettle is on . I will advise the forum when sold. thanks
  2. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Sometimes I despair of the point of being branded a liar on here, so not sure I am really bothered about coming here to face crap.
  3. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Just found this for the dis-believers https://www.jacksonsford.co.uk/pages/performance-centre/bluefin You can put stop stamping sandals now..................
  4. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Dont see why, its no different to how Mountune remap Ford vehicles and they work hand in hand with Ford. I can order a new car from Ford and have it Mountuned from 0 miles, so explain how that works Mike ?
  5. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Just spoken to a nice chap at Bluefin. He said that they work with Ford to get data and will fit Bluefin at new cars at Ford dealerships. They even instruct Ford engineers on data from cars. As for warranties, my mate isnt worried ! Apparently Bluefin said its very common that they do this at a service as they just plug in and if it says update, they say yes. He advised to plugging in the handset and see what it says on the car. It may say installing map, if it is happy with whats on the car , or removing a copy of map, which needs to be sent back to them for adjustments and will be emailed back to go back onto the car. Either way it will get sorted, as my mate wont be going back to Ford as allegedly someone had been rummaging in the front cubby holes as they were open and gained a 3 inch scratch on the rear bumper when there. Bluefin said they will sort it FOC too.
  6. Oh how I laughed..............

    Caterham owners have more money than sense https://caterhamparts.co.uk/cycle-wings/58-cycle-wing-carbon-fibre.html THATS EACH ONE !
  7. Zetec catch can

    Plenty of threads done on this , so hit the search button
  8. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    I didnt get an update on our Skoda this year , as the dealer wanted stupid money. it works , it steers, it does 50mpg, John. Sometimes these updates are a bit of a mis selling thing. Our Volvo XC60 used to go to Volvo and have updates and the only problem was less things worked when it came back, like i pod integration, sat nav and no one at Volvo knew how to fix it
  9. Xflow 1760cc Oil Pressure Help

    Valvoline Racing 20w50 is the best for a crossflow . Used it for many years .
  10. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Yes, there is . He only has about 3 months left anyway. Bluefin will cover the warranty up to a year , for the vehicle , so he will be covered by them.
  11. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    This one we had to upload the standard map to the handset, then email it to Bluefin. They then sent the remap back and we uploaded the map to the handset and then onto the car. You only get one map with this car. I guess we have a copy of the standard map on his docs and maybe the remap. Will plug in the handset and see what it wants to do.
  12. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    We will try it at the weekend. I will email Bluefin and check that is the case. He isnt that savvy with cars, but just changing a sodding light , they shouldnt muck around with anything else. I did say to him to book a Saturday and sit and wait for them to fix things next time. Same dealer that screwed my car Focus ST 5 cyl up when changing the clutch under warranty. But the best of a bad bunch around here.
  13. Ford Remap Wiped of Car

    Yep, he has the handset. Reading on the Bluefin website, they can upload another map . He used to get full boost on the gauge after we uploaded the new map. It has now gone to half boost , as standard. Its pretty quick with the map and a totally different beast with throttle sensitivity, which he says has also gone.
  14. no power at coil pack ??

    Yes sorry Chris is right. Trigger is done on the neutrals. You should have a permanent live on the centre connection. But still check the ecu for power
  15. no power at coil pack ??

    You wont get a test meter to read a voltage on the other 2 wires as thats the coil trigger. I would check the ecu to see if its got power .

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