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  1. Watch out Russ or the 'Rover' will get yer, if you are a naughty boy!
  2. RFL goes up just about every year by a tenner or so.
  3. Muesili and fruit juice,
  4. I do like my Healthy Brekky at North Weald, should be there.
  5. I few of us are going July 15th. Can you change your date Kev?
  6. from sunny Essex. That's a tidy car there and a great colour combo. Westfields come alive on the track so get out there quick.
  7. Like you I had the yellow Spaxs on my '98 car, and were old and a very hard ride whatever setting I put them on. You need new shocks, any brand of nice new shocks will be a revelation for your ride comfort.
  8. Just needs a coat a yacht varnish. Perfect weather at Snetterton and never seemed crowded on the track the whole day.
  9. No hammer on mine. My motor smokes when it under stress and it's been doing that for 30 years but still works ok. Who said B&D were rubbish? inherted from my dad as well.
  10. Oh, you beat me to it. Mine is the same black/decker you have there, the orange and silver one and with the latest technology, wait for it -------2 speed . The Titan is popular with us lot I see.
  11. Nah, women colour co-ordinate. Need something out of the ordinary.
  12. Wait until you see what I got, classic drills
  13. Top of the range Ex model with Panoramic roof, A/C, cruise control, Multi function steering wheel, USB connector. 2 remote keys. Looks great in Crystal black and has 7 speed box, changes so smoooooooooooth. No damage and everything works. MOT November and service due about now. £5400 Offers. I'm in South Benfleet area Essex. Bernie 07710034984.
  14. Hi there. Rooves are for pussies. Chuck out the carpets and buy some non absorbent seats, don a waterproof one piece suit and you're good to go, think of your Westfield as a 4 wheeled motorbike.
  15. I have the Fibet catalogue filed on my laptop, large range of mounts, bobbins etc. and bought quite a few from them. Good service as you say.