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  1. Too early to book for me, still over 3 months to go. I do like Rockingham though.
  2. You can hear the pump run when you first turn the ignition on, the fuel pressure will build up and then the pump will stop running, this how it is supposed to work. When you start the engine and fuel starts to flow again, the pump will run again. Leave the engine running longer, there's probably nothing wrong.
  3. If you can't release the original strap fixings, cut the straps as far down as you can and you'll be able to withdraw the tank. when it comes to refitting you can extend the straps or buy new ones .
  4. Seems a good idea Pete with just the inks to buy. It is twice the price of an equivalent printer by canon though. If you do alot of printing it may be well worth it.
  5. Takes as long as it takes.
  6. I left all the valvegear fitted to the head, just took out the cam followers and the machine shop removed the rest, it only takes them minutes to do with the right tools and knowhow and added £18 to the bill. THey are also more likely to spot any other problems with your valves, springs etc than you would.
  7. Just don't buy the old 3pot Corsa, they were truly awful.
  8. Bit cold for a bbq
  9. Not hard. Set the timing wheels and crank to tdc, Unbolt the manifolds, remove spark plugs and leads, drain coolant, remove cam cover, remove water hoses and and any other pipes/wiring connectors from the head. Label them if you're not sure where they go come reassembly time. Loosen camshaft cap nuts a bit at a time going round them all two or three times in rotation. Lift of the caps and number/label them where they all go, lift out the camshafts and wrap in bubble wrap or something to protect them. With the head itself, undo the headbolts 1/4 turn each in rotation a couple of times, the headbolts should now be loose enough tto remove completely. The head will probably be stuck by the gasket so use a wooden/hide mallet to tap all round the head to break the seal but only whack the solid surfaces of the head, you dont want crack anything. Some gentle leverage maybe reequired if the head is reaally stuck but use wooden blocks. If you think you might forget where parts go then take loads of photos before you start and good luck.
  10. The Linn LP12 prices scare me now. I think Regas offerings are far more realistically priced, and sound good enough for me.
  11. Happy birthday big boy
  12. I do the same as this------ Or you could just let the Mrs. buy yer clothes.
  13. Yes Gary, have the 3 Essex Boyz already sharing, room for one more so would be £10 each.
  14. Option 1 Russ. Reason--- I assume you know your engine is a otherwise a good one. I can't see how it would cost £300 to fix the valve, more like a £100. I've just had my exhaust valve guides changed, seats re cut and had to buy one valve, cost £192.
  15. If you mean the original 100pcd pattern then you are going to be hard pushed finding a replacement, so as above buy an undrilled wheel. The other option is changing the Boss to a 70/74 pcd pattern and then the you have the choice of just about every available steering wheel in the world.