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  1. Woodbridge is no more....

    fraid so Dave.
  2. Car Hire in Majorca

    Book your car before you go, always the best prices. Most countries I've been to, Enterprise have been the best.
  3. Which war first?

    I was more scarier in the 1950 s & 1960 s during the Cold War, especially when most of thought we would all die the next day in the Cuban Missile Crisis. Luckily the USSR backed down at the last minute. These latest episodes of tit for tat are really insignificant compared then.
  4. Easy to be a pilot?

    O'Leary doesn't seem to compromise that his pilots need holidays now and again. They are paid above the industry standard and it seems to me they don't want the £12,000 bonus to forgo there holidays, they want to spend time with their families as we all do. Ryanair simply don't have enough pilots to cover holidays and sick leave, a very basic staffing omission that all other companies seem to have grasped. I for one would not want a semi trained pilot that can't take over control of a plane when there are problems with the aircraft and nor would any of you.
  5. Essex Area Christmas Meal

    I'll try and make this one.
  6. Woodbridge is no more....

    .......a trackday venue sadly. Us Essex boys had some fun there for a few years and was cheap and local.
  7. Which track works best for you?

    I find Brands Hatch best for me, having said that there is always too many cars booked on to a trackday for the size of the track. Also too many race teams use a trackday there as a test day. Only near the end of the day is there a bit more space. I like Rockingham for it's variety but yet to drive round Cadwell, must do it next year.
  8. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    Ah bless him, all on his lonesome.
  9. Action/dash cams

    Buy the best, this Go Pro has no bells and whistles like the Hero range but is the cheapest Go Pro http://www.argos.co.uk/product/4184063?cmpid=GS001&_$ja=tsid:59158|cid:200291090|agid:12525696170|tid:pla-197888503730|crid:66128554730|nw:g|rnd:13015056235967318102|dvc:c|adp:1o1&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI06W62fqX1gIVBpPtCh3nOw23EAQYASABEgKSv_D_BwE but has the film quality. A second hand Hero 2 or 3 may be about the same price and also the same quality. Don't bother about a 4k. facility, it eats up data storage space and takes a lot longer to download/upload.
  10. It's taken a while.....

    You'll get used to the steering wheel, yours looks like the optimum size for a Westfield, any bigger and your hands will rub on the doors when fitted. As for the oil leak, check the filter is tight first. If it leaks at the front of the engine it could the front crank seal and if it leaks and if it leaks at the rear, the rear crank seal could be shot. Hopefully it's just the sump gasket that's leaking which is the easiest part to change.
  11. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    I'll try and get to the G&D ontime but don't be waiting for me.
  12. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    If anyone doesn't know where the NAAFI is, go in the main entrance and drive all around the perimeter road passed all the hangers and 2 other Cafes. The NAAFI is two Nissen huts with cam nets over them. If in doubt ask the security man at the main entrance for directions.
  13. Snetterton 300 20th September 2017 - Javelin Trackdays

    Can bring them to North Weald on Sunday or you can collect anytime from my Gaff, I'm on leave now but going to Tenerife next Wednesday.
  14. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 10th September

    Oh ah! that's early. Weather seems ok in the morning so I'll jog along, may go straight to the NAFFI if I arise too late.
  15. Leather Seat Refurbishment Project

    Seats look great now Gary. Is there more work to do on the Beemer?