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  1. November 4th at Cadwell Trackday

    Plenty of people use gazebos at trackdays and also at MSV tracks so you'll be ok with yours. Wind will be a problem though, if it is windy of course, you'll need some weighty ballast to hold it down.
  2. Possible threat to track days.

    This won't happen surely, just can't end all forms of motorsport in the EU-------------can it?
  3. Broadband speed

    Disconnect the extension cable and plug your router directly into the main socket. Even with nothing plugged in the extension socket the cable can still slow your speed down if it still connected to the line. You can use Ethernet extenders that go through the ring main to extend your internet usage elsewhere in the house. Any broadband line will work better when there is only one socket in the house.
  4. X-Mass

    Buy them a Trackday and you can be the driver
  5. Rockingham 11th November.

    Anyone else fancy going? Get your fix here . 10cc are going. That's a cryptic clue for the over 60's.
  6. C20xe coolant pipes

    When my Redtop was 170bhp the polo rad was adequate on the road and on the track, it's plumbed up exactly as the SBD diagram. Add another 30bhp to the engine and it was starting to overheat on track but ok on the road. Radtec has been fitted about a year ago and all is well now even on a hot trackday in summer. I reckon your mates engine at 187bhp is just over the cooling capabilities of the standard Polo rad now, you may get away with just the ducting in the nose cone as it is now. As for the Header in front of the engine, ermm no, it's not high enough as everybody else says.
  7. Gates Timing Belt

    Very true, click and collect at the counter so you can see what brand your getting.
  8. Gates Timing Belt

    Eurocarparts also sell Gates and Dayco belts, not always listed, so have a look on their website.
  9. Diff whine

    We can't have your mate sitting around doing nothing in the winter. He can do his tinkering and just whip it out and have it repaired, providing the car is the right price of course. Bet he'll find a few more jobs to do when get in there.
  10. Easy to be a pilot?

    This week I see adverts on TV with Easyjet offering thousands of discounted extra seats all over Europe. Coincidence?
  11. BoB memorial flight

    'Scillonia Airways' Is it the small airline that served the Scilly Isles Russ?
  12. Essex Area Monthly Meet - October

    Don't think I'll be allowed out Sunday, it's our Pearl wedding anniversary.
  13. Vdo

    The odometer pixelating is a common problem, usually damp getting into the gauge and more prevalent if you park the Westfield outside at night with a car cover, increases condensation in the cockpit. Drying out is the only thing you can try but it will fail sooner or later. ETB at Southend-On-Sea do a repair service, very fine fellows there I can recommend. New Speedo is about £200 so worth trying a repair in the first instance.
  14. Narrow seats for an SE

    It looks like you'll be 5mm in deficit with those seats, as the blurb states they are 410mm wide at the base. If you remove the interior side panels they should just fit. Other thing to consider is, will they be comfortable for you sit in? They do look like a good bargain though and may be worth a risk but most of us would only buy seats that we have tried for size and comfort.
  15. Odd Rear Light Issue

    Worth changing the fuse and cleaning the fuse holder. Check the fuse holder terminals as well, they may have lost their tension to grip the blades on the fuse.