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  1. You need to speak to an insurance broker. Try A plan for starters and they will arrange something direct with the underwriters.
  2. We'll stay at Woodbridge for this one, Snetterton is not far off and a few of us are going there, you need to do it Tim.
  3. Yes we'll stick with the Dogging, not many sheep around these parts.
  4. You should have said "Spending other peoples money" What this forum is good at
  5. Eastenders has to go. Even the proper Eastend people (as they call themselves) drive me mad, they now live in SE Essex.
  6. Ah yes, there's always some exceptions.
  7. Not surprised there is a slight hum if you turn a 250w sub to max. You can't have it that loud when listening to music or film, can you? Certainly couldn't with mine which is only 120watt, as the house would shake itself to rubble. The 50hz hum is just it's integral power supply, none of them are completely silent unless you are spending big money.
  8. Go with one of the older guys, you know they are the best
  9. New engines do burn more oil than usual. When the engine is has done a couple of thousand miles and everything is bedded in nicely, oil consumption does decrease significantly, same goes for fuel consumption. If you have an Audi 2.0TSI engine forget the above info.
  10. I'll carry on as usual then
  11. Think its the 200 model I need for my bike carbs and I'll need the loom that goes with it. Best to PM me, Thanks Bernie.
  12. Newton Automotive are or were the Westfiled supplied cap, They actually have a man you can talk to on the phone, so worth a call.
  13. I've been to Woodbridge with 15 cars a long time ago.
  14. Currently I'm driving around with no bonnet as it's being repaired. Is this illegal in the eyes of the Boys in Blue? A Police car did pull up beside me at a traffic light and had a good look at the engine but nothing said or gestured, he just carried on.