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  1. Mains colour codes

    That's a lot of building work just to fit a Telly
  2. Mains colour codes

    2nd. letter of Blue is L, that goes on the left, 2nd. letter of Brown is R , that goes on the right. The wire let over obviously goes in the middle.
  3. Is my budget realistic

    You would need to get along and view some 'for sale' cars to have a true understanding of what you can get for your money. Age rarely comes into it but the engine fitted and quality of the build does. £6.5k just gets you into the Redtops and Zetec engined cars. As you're handy with the spanners you can make the car your own and improve it over time. Don't forget to ask advice on this forum, there are many tried and tested upgrades you can do. Insurance premium can be reduced by having a limited yearly mileage, being a member of a car club, using your garage overnight, having a parts only insurance, having high excess level and of course shopping around the kit car specialised insurers. If you go to some club meets you'll have plenty of advice and know what to look for on a Westfield. You could post up a link to any Westfield that interests you, members will soon give you the yay or nay on whether it's a good starter project for you.
  4. Ford – altruistic or cynical..?

    That's why it needs an independent survey to convince you, I and everyone else of their findings. A university or someone like Thatcham Research would be more likely to give a true comparison. i know the metals in batteries come in for some strong criticism on how they are mined but iron and steel used for internal combustion engines can consume an lot of water during their production. It all needs to be taken into consideration.
  5. Ford – altruistic or cynical..?

    I would be interested in a direct comparison of an EV car and a diesel car of the same make and model from factory to breakers yard. The CO2 and other emissions would make interesting reading. Maybe some reliable institution has already crunched the numbers, I don't know. If it hasn't been done , why not? before we jump on the, 'it must be cleaner EV bandwagon'
  6. Who taught the US Navy how to drive?

    Regardless of giving way to starboard or flying flags, the smaller ship should always gives way to the larger ship due to it being less manouverable.
  7. Newby

    Howdee, from Essex
  8. Let's play...

  9. Ultimate Upgrade for Sprinting

    GO Jewson! Got a ring to it you think?
  10. Project Binky and Edd China

    Poor Ed, TV presenter without portfolio. He's a smashing guy but what will Ed do next?
  11. cycle tyres

    @AdamR would be the man to ask as he has a bike shop.
  12. cycle tyres

    Ask Pete G, he's an expert on slicks now.
  13. Sorry we killed you

    Just another small step until 'Skynet' takes over the world. Scary stuff!
  14. Take the long way home

    Have a Safeway store 1mile from our house, would be nice to pop over to your local branch.
  15. Essex Area Monthly Meet

    No, it's still here, just a bit of thread drift.