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  1. Hi Spec Brake Pads

    If you have Hi Spec Ultralights then Mintex 1144 pads are MDB1890.
  2. Gen light flickers when revving

    It's the led bulb that's wrong here, they need the correct voltage to switch on and will not light up or glow dim below the rated voltage, they are either on or off and no inbetween. Yer normal filament bulb will operate at any voltage, going dim at below the bulb rating and fully illuminated at it's correct rating. They will also get brighter when over the rated voltage but will off course blow a lot sooner.
  3. Reading material

    JAD86 It would be nice to know your name. 99% of what you want to know is on this forum, somewhere. Use the search function and read some build threads. You'll also receive a wave of answers for any questions you ask.
  4. What a s**t start to my day

    Ohh ------it's not that traumatic apart from gagging on the 2 sachets of Preparation X. Think of the camera journey through your body as a video game viewed on HD TV. Marvel at the Lasso capturing alien lifeforms and negotiating the twists and turns in your intestines. At some point of the procedure you fall into serene slumber as a result of the Pre Med somewhere along the cameras journey. You then wake up greeted by a pretty nurse serving a cuppa and some biscuits. Not so bad after all.
  5. Happy Birthday Bernie

    Thanks fellas, it was a good evening but was working in the day.
  6. What a s**t start to my day

    I would think quite a few of have some sort of operation to our digestion system causing some later constipation. After similar experiences such as yours, the aftermath feels rather enlightening.
  7. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    That's easy to resolve, change your MOT date to the warmer months, mine is in late April.
  8. Electrical fault

    As above, MCB's trip easily with lower currents than the old fuses. Also sometimes the pylons in the bulbs can fall together and draw more current than usual, again tripping out an MCB. If they changeover to LED bulbs they won't have this problem and bulbs last for years, so they tell us.
  9. MOT - specialist/friendly, or anyone?

    I use my local garage who is Sunbeam Tiger owner, we spend most of the time talking about classic cars to fill in time as not much to test on a Westfield. You need to use your local trusted garage for testing and build up a bit of rapport.
  10. Peak District Blaze Ice Cream Run , Sun 26th Nov 10.30am

    The wifey says she would love to come along but she doesn't realise how much of a trek it would be
  11. Peak District Blaze Ice Cream Run , Sun 26th Nov 10.30am

    Just the weather for ice cream
  12. Play Kool front & rear anti roll bars

    As above, PlaysKool now supply bolt on clamps for the rear lower wishbone joint or you can still choose the weld on bracket.
  13. New Member, Westi Question help ID

    Love the polished alloy panels.
  14. An old man notices a change in download speeds

    When I started with the GPO with one of these 300baud was an almighty speed for data over copper lines. I think that relates to 300bits per sec. thesedays. You youngsters don't realise how lucky you are.
  15. Engine Lift

    You use mine as well Kevin, no hurry for returning it.