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  1. Getting oil of the garage floor

    I have a can of Jizer for spills. Spray on the oily floor, brush in with any sort of brush, leave for 10 mins. Hose with copious amounts of water and a broom and it disappears down the road. You need to paint the garage floor with floor paint to prevent oil soaking into the concrete in the future, also prevents dust on the car when parked up in the garage.
  2. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    Where's that? and how do they keep so many beers fresh.
  3. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    As the 6 Nations is on we have 'Scrum Down' in our local pub, very drinkable and similar in taste to 'Doom Bar'
  4. Exhaust repack acousta-fil questions

    I found Acoustifil reduces noise by 3db by the standard noise test, 1/2metre away at 3/4 your max engine revs. Can't say it swelled up after being hot, seemed to fill the silencer the same as cold. Doesn't burn on the perforated pipe so no wire wool required.
  5. Replacement tin-top suggestions

    That was quick
  6. Duratec and Weber 45 DCOEs

    You'll get about the same power with bike carbs or twin Webers. I've tried both and there's nothing in it. Bike carbs are tune once and forget about them, less fuel smell when parked up in the garage and don't go out of balance as often as Webers. Bike carb parts and advice are well catered for now, have a look at danst & Bogg bros websites.
  7. Replacement tin-top suggestions

    Think you mean the Tiquan Martin, the Touran is the mini bus thingy. They don't change the Haldex filter anymore on the newer models, say it doesn't need it. However it does need regular filter and oil changes as some of the Audi forumers have found out to their cost. If I was Martin I would be going for the reliable Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Mazda Ute's and definitely not a DERV of any sort.
  8. Essex Area Monthly Meet - 11th February

    Not on the track myself so I'll be at the Lodge.
  9. Mini one as first car?

    Teenage Boys do pay more than Girls, even though there's supposed to be no discrimination. My daughter's first year policy was £750 on a 1.2 Corsa and dropped the second year to £450 and that's with no Black Box. I would imagine you live in a semi rural area so should be a low risk area.
  10. Rear bulkhead Panel

    Speakers The middle one was probably the kick ass bassbox.
  11. Bedford autodrome GT

    Might give it another chance then, if trackdays survive at Bedford, MSV are due to sell the place soon.
  12. closed cell sponge - removing.....

    Rub the foam with a dry rag to remove most of it and then soak it with 'Sticky Stuff Remover' Done this a few times to my bonnet foam cushioning without problems.
  13. Dash Wiring Question

    Even if you don't do the above test, it's just a case of switching the two wires around on your new set up, if the wrong lamp works.
  14. Rear bulkhead Panel

    Don't forget to holesaw the damper bolt access holes Russ. I used blank rubber grommets to bung them up. I'm also curious why there are 3 rectangular plates riveted in there.
  15. Help bleeding brakes

    For the benefit of others, Dean doesn't have the handbrake handle fitted normally, (only for the MOT) Any chance the rears haven't bled properly due to no handbrake lever fitted. Could the brake fluid just be moving back & forth as the pedal is pushed? Also, did the brake fluid level ever drop low enough in the master cylinder reservoir to uncover one of the MC seals?