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  1. S2T

    Ecoboost for sale 229bhp

    What year is it?
  2. S2T

    Caterham Apollo wheels

    I am looking at some secondhand 6x13" and 8x13" Caterham Apollo wheels both sets with an offset of ET23... I assume these will be OK to use on a Megabusa. Am currently running 7x13" all round of ET24
  3. S2T

    How to work out offset

    Thanks everyone...quite a handy tool to play with...getting the outside edge to be the same would suggest it is not as essential to have another geo set up or am I talking rubbish
  4. S2T

    How to work out offset

    My current tyre is 205/60/13 on a 7x13"rim with an offset of 24. What would be the offset required to run a 185/60/13 tyre on a 6x13" rim?
  5. S2T

    Getting heat into Toyo 888r on track

    Stephen yes the series I run in (similar to Time Attack) which is open to road going and track orientated cars limits all but the 'pro class' to 1a or 1b tyres. Classes are divided by power at wheels to all up weight so in my Class with the Megabusa I am up against Imprezas, Evos Caterham Superlight, The fast Caterhams are using Avon ZZS's 185's at front 215's on the rear so to some extent the sensible option would be to follow them. The riskiest option would be to use the new Extreme tyres VR2 which now come in 205 size with different compounds http://extreme-tyres.com/en/tyres/ I say riskiest as they are to a large extent unkonwn quantity and as such am a bit surprised with their pricing at £125/tyre Next on the consideration list are the Nankand AR1's but they are quite heavy and the final option would be to use the old style 888's but in SG compound
  6. S2T

    Getting heat into Toyo 888r on track

    The 888r's only come in the one compund interestingly the local tyre man at the circuit did suggest putting on the SG older style 888's on the front...will be chatting through with Toyo once the guy that was taking all my data viz pressures and tyre temps sends the data over
  7. Just spent a day on track playing around with damper settings and tyre pressures. I am using Toyo 888r's 205/60/13 and they seem to behave differently to the previous set of 888's in that in similar conditions the 888's would have been showing signs of mild melting. I am starting to come to the conclusion that 888r's are not the tyre for a light car. So would welcome views on; 1 How to get more heat ninto the tyre 2 Other options, kind of thinking the Avon ZZS Competition wise what I do is like an elongated sprint so say max 5 miles per session Thanks
  8. S2T

    Carbon fibre, blade and busa parts

    Just the one side panel?
  9. S2T

    Gen1 Busa Oil

    I suspect the only side effect may be a higher temperature as I think the lower viscosity oils dissipate heat better....but thats why I am throwing the question out there
  10. S2T

    Gen1 Busa Oil

    Just about to change oil and filter pre trackday I was going to get some Silkolene Pro4 Fully Synethetic Race 10/40 but researching more not only do I see people recommending Semi Synthetic but also just had an interesting conversation with a supplier who was suggesting looking at Sikolene Pro Fully Synthetic 15/50 as it would maintain its viscosity better on the track. Just wonderted what others use
  11. S2T

    Looking for my first Westfield

    Hi Have sent you a PM, decided to sell my roadgoing one as hasnt had much use recently as am focussing on my more motorsport focussed one. Just compiling the spec.
  12. S2T

    Builder competition focussed car

    I have a track focussed Megabusa at the moment and am thinking the next car maybe more competitive with a car engine. The reason for not buying secondhand is with a new one at least I know what I have and would like to think I have a good idea what I want on it, I appreciate there will be more time invested in devloping a new car. Dave I have in mind the 1.6 ecoboost (though havent explored the technicalities) I would want it to be a 'standard' car built for racing but at this stage wouldnt think I would need much fabrication doing except perhaps some chassis strengthening. I have also toyed with the idea of doing something completely different like the AB Performance Arion S2 but although aerodynamically it looks better from what I have seen on timesheets it si not really any quicker than a bike engined westie
  13. S2T

    Builder competition focussed car

    Just a question of time....
  14. Just curious but if commissioning the building of a competition focussed Westfield ...who would use?

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