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  1. What width are the rims please...I suspect 7"
  2. Carbon V8 bonnet

    Any progress with prices?
  3. I have to agree about posting pictures online. The photographer is a well known scottish rally photographer who is MSA accredited. Whilst I suspect he may have thought this a bit of a joke at the very least he could have spoken to the errr subject first for approval before posting. Only one person complained to the MSA whilst 19k + have seen it online. Of course the penalty doesnt fit the crime but I believe Jock isnt going to appeal the decision
  4. Top Speeds

    Hit 117.7mph (from data logger) just before braking for Duffus at Knockhill, and the straight there is uphill from the hairpin. in a standard Busa with aeroscreen and full cage
  5. 13 x 8 or 10 rims

    Thanks Chris, have just located the price and at £1k, more than I would wish to pay
  6. Can i just add my 2 pennyworth. I compete in a series called Super Lap Scotland, in effect it is similar to Time Attack. On track there are maybe 20 cars at a time but the competition is against the clock. Car classes are defined by power to weight ratio. Yes there are large differences in speed i maybe topping out at 120 whilst a firebreathing Impreza will be doing 140 but they brake earlier and maybe corner slower. After my first year at this I would rather do a SLS event than a trackday as more consideration is shown to other drivers and generally greater track awareness with what is going on. Like F1 quali when gearing up for a hot lap you make space for yourself...likewise if not on a hot lap you keep an eye on your mirrors
  7. Which tyre would you choose for 195hp bec for sprint/circuit use. I am particularly interested from those that have used AR1's and difference they made to lap times
  8. 13 x 8 or 10 rims

    Thanks Chris, however I cannot seem to open that link, can you give me the title of the thread so can do a search instead,,,cheers
  9. 13 x 8 or 10 rims

    Just wondering if anyone is thinking of selling ideally 13x8 rims and may also consider 2 @13x10
  10. Car cover dust car cover.

    If you are quick Lidls have nylon car covers in at the moment at c£10..the small one fits a Westie...good enough for your purposes I would think
  11. 13 x 8 rims

    I have 8 Team Dynamic Pro Race 1.2 13x7 wheels. For next season looking to put slightly wider rubber on but regretably Rimstock/Team Dynamics dont and wont produce a 13x8. So aestheitcally may need to but 4 wheels. So looking for lightweight 13x8 wheels - what would you recommend?
  12. Toyo 888 SG

    Thanks thats great
  13. Toyo 888 SG

    My question refers to the Toyo 888 SG compound 13". I realise these tyres were designed for wet weather or sprinting/hillclimbing. If you have used these tyres in the past how do you think they would fare for say 5 minutes hard circuit driving, so say 7/8 miles, rest for 5 minutes then another 5 minutes hard driving, then a rest period of 1 hour, repeated 3 times in a day in the dry
  14. Paddle shift for Megabusa

    Thanks Dean...photos tell a thousand words