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  1. Just wondering if anyone has made an aluminium trailer top either hinged like clamshell or a 'box' with a back door to fit on car transporter trailer. If so shall be grateful for pics or tips in design
  2. Knockhill 2018 dates

    I live 150 miles from KH...I hope others bed it in before then, the kerbs havent been changed so the track is now 3 inches higher which means the kerbs are lower..they have changed a couple of the run off areas more so for anticlockwise....Landrover Jaguar have hired the track for a week/10 days so there were pleanty of cars going aropund at the weekend...problem is it was rather wet
  3. Knockhill 2018 dates

    Oh yes need to get some early season ones in...my first is end march with Track Scotland Btw the new surface is rather slippy at the moment
  4. Knockhill 2018 dates

    I am doing a few upgrades as will be trying to get the car to behave more suited to an 'advancing years gentleman driver' than a pure race driver. My target for this year will be 56's
  5. Knockhill 2018 dates

    Real claim to fame is a BTCC driver was driving my car last year so I know what times a proper race driver can achieve in my car...he was 3 seconds quicker than me between start and the exit of the chicane ...however after that our data traces were on top of each other...all part of my vertical learning curve
  6. Knockhill 2018 dates

    Agree with your Andrew when you get racers as opposed to SLS/Time Attack guys on the circuit as they seem to think they own it. I almost got wiped out by Lewis Hamiltons brother at Oulton when he was using a track day as his test day afew years ago
  7. Knockhill 2018 dates

    I compete in Super Lap Scotland in my Megabusa...Class C. Re your comment about track behaviour I must say I find SLS to be a safer and more considerate environment than trackdays
  8. Aluminium Panels

    Not answering your question but are you awaiting the body and trim or ordered it without ie just the rolling chassis
  9. Megabusa clutch issue

    We checked the plates at the beginning of last season and measured them all for thickness and decided there was no requirement to change in addition their colour was as it should be. Mid season I changed the fluid as there was I presume air in the system ie required pumping to get decent pressure. Thereafter it ran ok till the last outing in September when it developed the problem as described. I would say in terms of 'abuse' although used on the track, there are no standing starts and the clutch is 99% only used downshifting, I would like to think I drive with a fair amount of mechanical sympathy. I am pretty sure the clutch lift is as it was. Is there a way to test if there is air in the system except for bleeding it again, problem there is as the car is not road legal how can I test various things without taking it on the track Appreciate your advices...BTW the master cylinder being a Brembo unit is only £40 so I may just swap that out
  10. Carbon aerosceen widebody

    Can you clarify ....with the carbon aeroscreen sitting over the scuttle, your pictures would seem to indicate over the front 'lip' too does than mean the bonnet protrudes above it or conversely is there a gap between the bonnet and the back end of the top of the side rail
  11. Megabusa clutch issue

    Hi Tony...yes have tried pumping and to be honest didnt make much difference. Just recollecting what I did last time out several months ago I think I ended stopping the engine, depressing clutch and coming out of gear then starting and selecting 1st and toodling through the paddock...It doesnt seem to occur when everything is relatively cold...which when reading online is the usual problem with sticking plates (How are you getting on with your Busa)
  12. Megabusa clutch issue

    I have a problem with the clutch disengaging usually more evident after a 15 minute track session, pull into paddock depress clutch and drive remains. I did replace the fluids which seemed to help but the problem has retured. Car is 4 years old. Possible issue is that air is getting into system possibly due to a seal problem....but just guessing. Anyone else come across this....if it is what I think I am kinda thinking just to get a replacement new master cylinder rather than faff with seals
  13. Trailer weights

    On the same hymn sheet Stephen...thanks
  14. Trailer weights

    Have just found this https://www.barlowtrailers.co.uk/PDF/VOSA-Trailer-Weights-Information.pdf albeit from 2011
  15. Trailer weights

    That is also relevant my other halfs Ifor Williams horse box is plated 2340kgs which is sufficient for 2 horses. However as she 99% only has one of her horses in it that comes out including trailer to about 1500kgs....not a problem when we use the pickup, however going back to y original question her XTrail has a capacity of 2000kg towing capacity. As we both have licences pre 97/98 technically even though she only has 1 horse in the trailer because it is plated 2340kgs and beyond the cars capability she can be 'done'