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  1. Half Hoods & Fasteners

    I have recently fitted an MSA roll bar and also have a half hood. I didn't want to drill my roll bar so I used a couple of jubilee clips, drilled through with a rivnut inserted. Not as neat as drilling the roll bar but a reasonable solution I think. If you are interested I can try and get a photo for you. Steve
  2. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    I think Steve H was using Rainsport 3 tyres and appeared to be going very well in the wet conditions. Admittedly he was in the Pug and not a Westfield but I assume it was still a relatively light car. I am thinking of trying some Rainsport 3s when my R1Rs wear out as I need something I can use in mixed conditions and drive to and from the track.
  3. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Have now booked for the driving only and with @Trevturtle as a passenger. Steve
  4. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Great to meet everyone and enjoy the conditions. Thanks to Steve H for the discount and Andrew for organising. Very pleased we had garages we could share to shelter from the elements, particularly during the morning. I could tell it was an interesting track day when there was a tannoy announcement to turn lights on otherwise we could be black flagged! Also the 'Calm Down' gantry sign which was on display after the umpteenth red flag in the afternoon Steve
  5. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Andrew, I am happy to contribute towards the extra garage. How much did it cost? Steve
  6. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    I have just booked this. looking forward to seeing you all and if possible it would be great to get a passenger ride with some of you, especially if you know the track well, or at least better than me. I have only been once before to Oulton and it was damp and slippy, whereas its bound to be dry and warm on the 10th, isn't it?....... Steve
  7. Tips for marking out flared side panels

    Fitting flared side panels is a job I plan to do. If you could update the thread with any photos and tips of how you do yours, it would be great to see.
  8. Any experience with rally design rims ?

    I don't have any experience of those wheels but something to consider is the offset. I have found for my car that et23 is a better fit in the arches than et38 hence why I chose the TD pro race 1.2 wheels. Steve
  9. Fuel hose for injection

    I had a bad experience with sub standard fuel hose from ebay so ended up having to replace all of the hoses again. 2nd time round I purchased from CBS online and have been pleased with the quality of their Cohline hose.
  10. Duratec Coolex Rad - oil cooler needed??

    With my Duratec on track I have seen upto 135c oil temperature but still had good oil pressure. Mid last year I fitted a coolex rad and also a modine water to oil cooler. I did 3 track days after the mod and it appears to have brought the peak oil temps down to around 120c which I think is ok. I think the laminova water oil cooler that The Stoat uses is a very good system and I might consider that in the future if I ever increase the power anymore. Steve
  11. Broken down - Alternator Issues

    A few years ago I also had an alternator failure on my Duratec powered car. A couple of reasons I thought maybe the cause was either due to vibration as our cars typically have the engines quite rigidly mounted to the chassis. The other potential cause could be heat, as the exhaust manifold runs close to the alternator. To help reduce this I fitted a small heat shield between the manifold and alternator and it maybe a coincidence, but I have not had a problem since.
  12. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    I'm interested please Steve
  13. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    and also very
  14. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    that caused him
  15. Donington Park Sun 19th Nov

    What a great track afternoon session that was! Excellent weather, on a great track and from what I could see the driving standards were very good from everyone I came across. Good to meet up with you Scott. Steve

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