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  1. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

  2. Brake lights are not working

    Are all the other rear light working? I there should be a chassis earth at the rear of the car which may need cleaning to get a good contact.
  3. Thames Valley Meet

    So will I.
  4. Thames Valley Meet

    This Sunday at the Bird in Hand 12:00 as usual. Hopefully it won't be raining this time.
  5. Toyo R1R - which size?

    How old are the tyres and has the car ever had the suspension set up correctly? It has been known for cars to handy badly on new tyres with poorly set up suspension.
  6. Thames Valley Meet

    No that's Bumpity Bump Bump.
  7. Wet Tyres

    Kuhmo's aren't E marked at the moment so may fall foul of the organisers regs
  8. Thames Valley Meet

    Bumpity Bump
  9. Farringdon Festival Of Transport

    Sounds like a good day out. We will discuss it on Sunday.
  10. What’s your power to weight then?

    535 bhp/tonne but I'm not in it!!!!!
  11. Thames Valley Meet

    It's not til next week now
  12. Thames Valley Meet

  13. Thames Valley Meet

    Hi Everyone As this Sunday (second of the month) clashes with Mothers day, and to earn blatting points , we have changed this month's meet to Sunday 18th March at the Bird in Hand on the A4, Knowl Hill from 12:00. I hope you can make the new date. Tim and Steve Thames Valley WSCC AOs
  14. Lyneham dates to be cancelled?

    Always well supported and great for newbies. The team at Motorsport Events are very good.
  15. Nankang AR1 review

    Definitely interested in how these perform.

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