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  1. Friendly MOT garage near Worcester

    Always have to watch for Ken in one of his ancient Land Rovers whenever we exit our drive. It's on a bend and I think he takes the racing line!
  2. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    I didn't.......
  3. Alpha 300mm steering wheel - SOLD

    PM received and replied to
  4. Would anyone like this for £60 + postage? 300mm, black leather, bought new from Westfield but never used
  5. Amazon fire stick Kodi

    i have Kodi installed on our Sony android TV
  6. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    I was in Reykjavik recently. In the Skuli Craft Beer bar they had a blueberry infused IPA that worked out at £42,50 a pint.......
  7. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Just sent this: Dear Sir or Madam, I write to express my concerns about the proposed measures for kit cars contained in the current DfT consultation ‘Road vehicles; Improving air quality and safety’. My main concern is that the proposals could damage and possibly severely damage the kit car industry. The consequences of this could be job losses and small business closures; not only affecting kit car manufacturers but also the small industry that serves to provide materials and services to kit car builders and to assist the enthusiasts in this sector in keeping their niche vehicles on the road. The number of vehicles in this sector is very small, they are predominantly very lightweight and, in general, they cover very low mileages per annum (on limited mileage specialist insurance policies). A large percentage of them are already built to meet modern emission standards. It therefore seems very heavy handed to risk such potentially damaging effects on this very small sector when it will have infinitesimal effect on the overall aims of the legislation. There is an even larger risk to the classic kit car and replicas market. This niche industry is a small fraction of the already small kit car market and attempts to manufacture replica vehicles that are as closely as possible to the original in both form and design. This obviously includes (and needs to continue to include) the use of period engines; both for aesthetic reasons and also because many modern engines and environmental aids just would not fit. Another concern is the proposed time scales of this legislation. Some kit car builds are complex and can take up to three to five years. There should therefore be an exceptional transition period of at least 36 months for this sector. Once again, the damage to this small industry which provides to a niche, but thriving enthusiasts sector is likely to be totally incommensurate with the infinitesimal effect such measures will have on the overall aims of the legislation. A blanket strategy is simply not appropriate here. I would therefore respectfully suggest that the kit car proposals in section 4 of the consultation document should be seriously reconsidered. At the very least, a Regulatory Impact Assessment should be carried out before any changes are made to kit car legislation. This should seek to ensure that any such changes and consequent commercial damage are commensurate with the (detailed) environmental benefits. Finally, I would appreciate your acknowledgement that my response has been received and will be duly considered.
  8. Friendly MOT garage near Worcester

    I live half a mile from there and I hadn't either! Chris - yes they've got my business now. Did you know the guys just did a management buy out from the owner who is retiring?
  9. Got a pic of your first car?

    Don't have a digital photo of my first, but this was my second. Built '76 and sold '84 after 91,000 miles. Still going strong in 2000 when it was exported to Italy; may still be driving around Milan
  10. Friendly MOT garage near Worcester

    Egdon Garage. Land Rover specialist but Steve the MoT man is familiar with Westfields. Recommended to me by CorseChris (been doing his for years) and did mine for the first time last year.
  11. Unlocking an iPhone

    IIRC the original provider it was locked to has to ask Apple to unlock it. They can't refuse if its out of contract but some charge to do it
  12. Problems with the road network

    Bloke I know did that all the time; then when the dealer gave him a service loan car without it he crashed into another car at the very first roundabout
  13. Problems with the road network

    When average speed cameras are there to protect the workforce, take the speed limits off when the workforce aren't there. Ridiculous having to do long distances at 50mph at 4am when there's not a soul anywhere nearby
  14. Do stainless fasterners corrode?

    If stainless steel is austenitic then it won't corrode; if it's martensitic then it can. Martensitic stainless (sometimes called chrome iron) is magnetic but austenitic isn't. So, if it's not magnetic, then it won't corrode
  15. 20% off Ebay Voucher

    Thanks so much for this; just saved £75 on some security cameras