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  1. In the part of rural Worcestershire where I live, we still await fibre broadband. I'm lucky if my download speed hits the dizzy heights of 4Mbps. But there is a new cabinet in the village, we're just waiting for the fibre cable to be run from the exchange. Keeps going back, but hopefully we'll be live by March latest On a similar note, my first PC (1989) didn't have a hard drive; ran off those huge floppy things. My second one (early '90s) was huge and had a 40mb hard drive. That's about 5 mp3s.
  2. Plastic road repairs

    This has been tried before and didn't succeed, so be nice if this is a successful variation. Enormous amount of mixed waste plastic going to landfill or energy from waste
  3. Broadband speed

    You don't need the ID number Andrew just your phone number in the top box. Leave the other 2 boxes blank. Do the test with your laptop ethernet cabled to your router and the router connected to the master phone socket
  4. Broadband speed

    Do a BT Wholesale speedtest. Follow the instructions in red to the letter then follow it through to further diagnostics (put your phone number in the top box). This will then tell you the IP Profile for your line. Your download speed should be slightly less than the IP Profile (mine is 1 Mbps less) - if it's not then it's likely the issue is with you and not with BT/Sky http://www.speedtest.btwholesale.com/
  5. Is BTCC a better watch than F1..?

    Usually go to the Rockingham round. Great day out and £30 gets you a grandstand seat.
  6. Vdo

    Funnily enough I've had exactly the same problem briefly today (after 17 years and 26,000 miles - never happened before and seems to have gone away again now). I asked another Westy owner with VDO and he'd had it too - said it was a bad earth
  7. Zetec running temp

    Didn't know that. Often wondered why my tintops have never fluctuated but my kitcars always have
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cV9vJegnGYc
  9. Well at this moment it's some cod that I caught in an Icelandic fjord this afternoon.........
  10. Car Hire in Majorca

    Used Economy Car Hire many times no problem - they're recently changed their name to Zest. Decent policy on excess. Here You could also do a search on Kayak for the best deals I once met Frankie Valli
  11. The Word Association Thread

  12. My son's girlfriend recently did the same in his car - half an hour before the end of its very last journey before he left it with me to sell! At least Westfields don't have air vents!! He spent 2 hours on it and I spent several more. Sold it OK though
  13. Throttle cable snap

    Brilliant, thank you - will stick that in my info hoard until the time comes to renew my outer cable
  14. Throttle cable snap

    Any chance of a little more detail on the boss that you made? Pretty please.......
  15. The Word Association Thread