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  1. Robo

    Toyo R888r prices

    Do you do tyres ? I’m after some or will be, 205,50, 15’s
  2. Robo

    Over heating

    @SootySportswitch turns on around 85 degrees, the point is I shouldn’t need a fan while driving and free air passing through the rad, any power demand and the temp goes through the roof so have to be very mindful and be smooth, the cars built to be , let’s say....well used but I can’t all the while this temp keeps rising, I’m baffled, I’ve done a block test too and that’s all fine. @the stoatno thermostat, I removed it.
  3. Robo

    Over heating

    Sorry engine is a zetec blacktop, all internals uprated, supercharged, the pipes In the rad are too and bottom (my drawing , sorry) @RussH i know because it’s boiled over 3 times now, all different coolant, I’ve even put wetter water in to help lower the temp, the dash seems to read around 10 degrees higher @Thrustyjust there is a small outlet pipe on the other side that’s blanked so I take that off to bleed it, I’ve run the engine several times up to temp to check the rad (like a house radiator) feels hot throughout @kenton taken away all the small ali Westfield pipe work and replaced with silicone hoses, the two heater outlets at the bottom of the thermostat housing are blanked off, is this correct ? Taken the thermostat out to check it wasn’t that, still runs hot when power is demanded ?
  4. Robo

    Over heating

    So I’ve been having difficulties with the temperature of my car, this all started after I upgraded to a new dash 2 i changed some of the pipe work to neaten it up a bit and I’m wondering if I’ve made a mistake at all, see picture for what I currently have, it would be good to see diagrams of what everyone else is running as regards to plumbing cheers
  5. Robo

    Toyo R888r prices

    There’s a guy that does deals on eBay some mates have used him several tomes as have I, https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F273136139687 try him , you can make offers rob
  6. Robo

    Garage Clearout Again

    Is the silicone hose 63mm id or od? Cheers
  7. Robo

    Steering wheel

    Edited and pm’s replied to thanks
  8. Robo

    Steering wheel

    Looking for a momo or Sparco or the like wheel 280/300 I have the 6 hole 70 pcd quick release fitted anyone got one ?
  9. Robo

    Team dynamics

    After 2 15 inch team Dynamics in black et 15 ??
  10. Robo


    It is the rad/intercooler set up, I’ve masked off round the nose cone to push all available air through them both, I put a new water pump on when I re-built the engine as a matter of course, it runs correctly, it had been running fine (I did have an initial overheat on the first drive) until I did the winter tinkers, I fitted a new digi dash , checked the heat readout with an infa red gun and the dash says it’s reading around 10 degrees above what the gun says, the coolant is new, there’s not a lot it could be now so I’m hoping the new expansion tank cap will be the end of it, I’m hoping to get out for a test run tomorrow to check it all , fingers tightly crossed.
  11. Robo


    I’ve upgraded to the coolex one , intercooler in front, a mates come up with an idea about the cooling problem and it could be down to a ill fitting expansion tank cap (its was new ) this can cause premature boiling/heat
  12. Robo


    So I’m still having heating problems, it goes up fairly rapid at speed in cold conditions and also boils over or it did last week in traffic, so I know it won’t cure the speed issues but a decent fans going to help/cure the traffic problem, what does everyone have ? I’m running a zetec with super charger so need a high power fan with plenty of cfm’s ive done a block test 4 times and that’s clear, checked for air locks, all clear, it’s such a simple set up its baffled me.
  13. Robo

    Zetec lowered sump

    I have one from scholar , pm me if your interested
  14. I’m after a high torque one, Brise maybe, it’s for a zetec to type 9 cheers
  15. Robo

    Wilwood brakes

    @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary I wish, agreed I wouldn’t need anything as there first class, I have these, single piston AP’s

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