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  1. Wheels

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222675510655 found these but not sure the et is correct ?
  2. Carbon V8 bonnet

    Same, interested but would need a rough idea on price
  3. Bits an bobs

    Air box sold I'm afraid
  4. Brake fluid

    What would be the recommended fluid ? Mostly road use cheers
  5. Steering stops/bumps

    @Nic (NICO) - Shropshire and Mid-Wales AO I have some shiny new bones that aren't fitted yet cheers all
  6. Steering stops/bumps

    Is this one of the nylon steering stops/bumps ? If it is how do you get them off , can they just be cut off ?
  7. Areo catches

    Has anyone fitted any ? If so how did they do it as I can't seem to find a way of them fitting without a big gap because of the shape of the bonnet ??
  8. Big brakes

    @SXRORY cheers , I think when I get 5 minutes I'm going to bleed out the old gear and give this a go plus better pads before I go ££££££ on big brakes.
  9. Big brakes

    @SXRORY I'm not sure about the bias bar? Is that the normal looking type? Discs to the rear , 1 master cylinder?
  10. RAC Roll Bar Infill Panels

    Do these go in the boot box ?
  11. Wheel and quick release boss

    @Yanto all seems ok, clicks in and releases, could you pm me your postal address and I'll get costs cheers
  12. Steering wheel 320mm 6 holes 70 mm Pcd £30 + postage Quick release boss 6 hole 70 pcd £10 + postage
  13. Steering boss

    Forgot to add, one of the reasons I'd like a quick release boss is to move the driving position closer to me and away from all the switchs as my nuckles brush/bash in to them (all the time)
  14. Steering boss

    Anyone got any ideas how I can mod my boss to take a quick release boss to then take a momo wheel ? I know Westfield do a new shaft but in the 200's seems a bit excessive, would ideally like a cheaper mod if anyone's done it ?
  15. Big brakes

    So I finally got to getting the wheel and brakes off, any ideas of upright and brakes ?