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  1. Momo 270

    As title £80 + postage
  2. Various parts

    @banshee it’s just dirty, I’m going to give it a clean tomorrow and I’ll get a new pic, no tears or rips
  3. Various parts

    Full working dash ( available from 15th) £240 momo 270 steering wheel £80 full exhaust system to suit a zetec btop with cat £380 set of front wishbones £130 windscreen wiper motor £80 Boot cover £40 Black carpet set minus the rear bulkhead £50 all plus postage , they can be picked up I’m in Worthing
  4. Exhaust can

    @BigSkyBrad tried your technique and I can confirm I have a cat
  5. Exhaust can

    How do you know if you have a cat fitted to a westy end can ?? Is there a tell sign at all ??
  6. Dash 2 purchase

    It was an ecu hicup, although RT said I had the correct firmware I didn’t, I had 7 but I needed the 7D a small over sight which meant nothing would talk to each other, check, double check and treble checknypu have the correct firmware people.
  7. 4 point harnesses

  8. Dash 2 purchase

    @IanK (Bagpuss) yes finally got it working , still some setting up to do but it does work, thanks for all your help and I’m sure I’ll be asking more advice very soon
  9. Velcro

    @BigSkyBrad it’s for securing some electrical stuff and the ecu under the scuttle, cheers for your reply’s
  10. Velcro

    Anyone got any good suppliers of Velcro ? Not so much the Velcro side but the sticky side, any stuff I’ve bought (hook an eye, Velcro ) doesn’t like sticking to fibreglass any suggestions??
  11. Windscreen Pillars

  12. Bonnet locks

    Fancy doing mine then
  13. Bonnet locks

    Looking at how the aero catch fits , there seems to be a lot of trimming down and only glue to hold in place, my worry would be they could come loose and the bonnet remove itself from the car ?
  14. Bonnet locks

    Does anyone know what the bonnet lock comes under from Westfield?? I’ve tried the obvious names rob