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  1. Dash 2 purchase

    Ah, sorry been a busy day, I've got the omex 600 or as a lot of adverts say, omar engines already done and in, this was going to be a little re-fresh but it's turned in to ££££££ mum running a zetec BT with shiny internals to cope with the little supercharger I've dropped in
  2. Dash 2 purchase

    @IanK (Bagpuss) gone with the dash 2 not the pro
  3. Dash 2 purchase

    I've gone with the ecu interface cable so will I still need to config the engine/gearbox ?
  4. Dash 2 purchase

    All ordered, ultra easy to deal with , short call and I'm a few £100 lighter and at no point did I say , hello.... it's me .... although I was very tempted thanks for all your help and for the future help I'm going to need fitting the thing
  5. Dash 2 purchase

    That's great , thanks for your help, should I say "it's me "
  6. Dash 2 purchase

    So I'm going to get a dash 2 for my kit, question is what have others done about sensors (oil,water,speedo) did you configure the dash to suit what you have or buy the sensors from RT ? Ive heard it's quite difficult to configure??
  7. Finishing touch

    So I'm part way through carboning the car and there's a few areas that will let the car down, 1 being the handbrake and the other being the gearstick area, what's others done here or does anyone have any ideas to make it a more seem less fit as in surrounds and material used, I'll grab some pics later to show the areas.
  8. Carbon parts

    Some examples
  9. Carbon parts

    This is actually why I started the thread, I've opted in on any carbon chat/thread that's gone on on this site but like you say it sort of disappears and does a death, I'm hopeful of this coming off but like a lot has said , let's see what the works like, I've asked for pictures of any work so waiting on that at the mo and will update as soon as I get anything, he's been talking about doing them in resin infusion method to keep the cost down? I'm guessing I'm going to get a barrage of abuse for this method ??
  10. Carbon parts

    @ XTR2Turbo how's others done this then ? And who's Julian @Nick the guy thats proposing to do this used to be in an f1 team so I don't doubt his ability no cash will be asked of anyone, this was just gauging interest and to see if an order could be put together but it seems to of upset more than anything else or is this the norm to shoot people down with negative response ??
  11. Carbon parts

    I can see your point, it's early stages for the company, I'm trying to get something made up so everyone can see quality and get a more definite price schedule
  12. Carbon parts

    Gauging interest, there is a possibility that a guy will be making a batch of carbon v8 bonnets and nosecones as well as other parts, the bonnet and cone is the main reason for this post, if this goes ahead would anyone be interested in any/all ? Pricing looks around £700 (ish) for the bonnet and £500 (ish) on the nose these could go down if there's enough interest (group buy)
  13. Battery

    Looking for a small lightweight battery, I have a high comp engine so needs to be up to it , anyone got any suppliers /ideas ?
  14. Brake lines

    Long front brake lines needed please
  15. Few bits

    @mikey p To be clear it's not the arches, just the brackets, located in Worthing, no idea what wheel was under them, I'll measure them tomorrow