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  1. Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Quite a bit of interest so far, but no offers yet. The engine alone would cost at least 10k to build from new! Cheers
  2. Hill Climb and sprint car wanted

    I can see your logic and yes a 2ltr would have some more low down torque. But my 1600 used to pull well from 3000rpm and was geared in such a way that it was very drivable as you don’t want a peaky engine especially for hillclimbs. The 1640cc engine was just incredible and watching the Rev counter fly round to 9500rpm was an experience. Just my thoughts. Hope you find something cheers
  3. Hill Climb and sprint car wanted

    Hi Can I ask why it needs to be a 2ltr only?
  4. Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    It can also do this, even though it was filmed in 2010 I think. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8xtoiYdp4S4
  5. Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Thanks, that was easy. Here you go then!
  6. Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Hi yes I have loads, I’ll try and figure out how to post them up for you. Cheers chris
  7. Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    Hi all This is really for me to gage interest on possibly selling my 1600cc Vauxhall hillclimb/Sprint SE Westfield. In brief the car was and still is one of the quickest 2a cars around. Holds lots of class records and is extremely sorted handling wise, and spec. It has a 1640cc 16v Vauxhall engine built by cougar engineering with all SBD internals producing a genuine 200bhp. Revs to 9500rpm and just sounds incredible. This is just a very brief description of this great car, but a full spec will be available if you are interested. Haven’t even thought of a price. also have a covered Brian James trailer available with the car at extra cost or separately if not needed. thanks for looking Chris
  8. Video sync with two movies

    Hi I'm hoping somebody might be able to point me in the right direction with playing two separate in car videos back at the same time and sync them so they start at the same time? So I need to see two separate movies playing, starting at the same time on one screen. Hope this makes sense? I have VLC/ IMOVIE or the GOPRO app at the moment. Thanks
  9. Supercharging a Hayabusa

    It would feel even faster with a proper driver!
  10. Garage heating.

    Hi all What do we think is the best and safest way to keep my Westfield in good condition over the Winter in my garage? I obviously don't want huge electricity bills for radiators or heaters and ideally would like to just leave whatever it might be on in the day and night, so needs to be nice and safe. Any ideas or help would be great. Thanks Chris
  11. Blyton Finals

    I'm not sure about everybody else but wouldn't we rather 2x practice in the morning on both days? Practice is for that very reason, each day is different and you build up through the day. Our championship only counts 2 timed runs so I would rather the extra practice instead. Just my thoughts.
  12. Blyton Sprint Weekend on 9th & 10th July 2016

    Could I ask why the single seaters are all the way down the far end of the paddock? Would it not make more sense to have them nearer the start? Just a thought.
  13. New level of stupidity

    Kids seem to be doing everything whilst using the phones. Except working!
  14. MBE/red top engine misfire

    Plugs? I also had trouble with plugs especially this time of year.
  15. MBE/red top engine misfire

    Is it the actual TPS. Check the voltage through the throttle range. Not sure what the voltage should be on the 2ltr. SBD should know. Have had trouble with mine on the 1600vx