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  1. New HT Leads Ford EDIS Ignition Module

    You need to search on Ford Gen1 plug leads
  2. Caption competition

    "Now that's weird. The webshop definitely thinks we have more than 4 shelves of stock."
  3. Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    Simpsons Race Exhausts in Slough are good, although at the top end, price-wise
  4. Spotted in Basildon, Essex today

    Blue kit, with 'IVA TEST' displayed number plate... Good luck, hope it passed!
  5. Duratec Coolex Rad - oil cooler needed??

    Because the top of the rad (and the air around it) is hot, whereas the bottom of the rad is cold... So the cooler will work better at the bottom.
  6. Duratec Coolex Rad - oil cooler needed??

    I'd do 4. Move the air to oil cooler to the bottom of the rad. The top is a silly place for it.
  7. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    Yes, I shortened the bolt having assumed it was the wrong length...
  8. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    That's what I'd thought, too - but Dean's experience suggests differently- like the grub screw is helping the flatness of the pad to disc. Of course, without any part drawings or instructions we're guessing...
  9. Disaster, Maybe.

    My mini used to jam its starter like this, sometimes. Often rocking the car in 4th would free it.
  10. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    The handbrake is so much better now, I can park anywhere
  11. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    haha, wonder how many of us there are that thought we knew how to adjust the handbrake...
  12. Essex Area Evening Chippy Run - Weds 18th

    Think I can make it, too
  13. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    I never thought I'd be so excited at the idea of re-adjusting a handbrake!
  14. Essex Area Annual Weigh In - 15th April 2018

    Well the scores are in. 17 cars weighed today! So for all those that ask - what does an XXXX weigh - your answer might be here. But no BECs today, no V8's, just good old Essex pig-iron and Japanese alloys. Name Car Car Weight Kev Turner Pre-lit, Crossflow, aeroscreen, half tank, oil coated 538.5 Kev Baldwin 2.0 zetec, aeroscreen, half tank, no frills 563 Tim Essex Wide, Sigma, aeroscreen 574.5 Rob Thomas 1.6 mazda SDV, windscreen 581 Matt Skilling Wide 2.0 zetec, windscreen, 2/3 tank, hood frame, JK seats 595.5 Bernie Holdgate Wide, XE Redtop, windscreen, just over half tank 597.5 Paul Carey Wide 2.0 Zetec, aeroscreen, tunnel carpet, 3/4 tank fuel 601.5 Andy Banks Wide Zetec 2.0, Full cage, no screen, carpet, half tank 610.5 Mike Rowland Wide 2.0 Zetec, Full Cage, Tonneau, Aeroscreen, half doors, 3/4 tank 612.5 Rob Bannister Wide, 1800 Zetec, windscreen, heater, carpets, half tank 612.5 Dean Savill FW rear, 2.0 Zetec, Full cage, windscreen, heater, half tank, 2 fire ext 618 Mark Wendon Mazda 1.6, windscreen, tonneau, full boot (!), doors, full tank 618 Rich Fossey Wide, 2.0 Zetec, 1/4 tank, windscreen, Nox bottle 619 Paul Khan-Allen Wide, Crossflow, windscreen, spare wheel 623.5 Kev Pullen 2.1 pinto, flared arches, spare wheel, heater, carpet, windscreen 626.5 Paul Demitriou Wide FW, Zetec, windscreen, heater, half hood, side doors, full tank 640.5 Barry O'Grady Wide, Turbo Mazda, windscreen,half hood, wind deflectors 650.5
  15. HiSpec mechanical handbrake adjustment

    It seems mine already have the grub screw - It looks as if it affects the flatness of the pad, obviously I missed it in the fitting instructions - I worked hard on the cantilever arrangement and missed this extra improvement that doesn't seem well documented.

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