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  1. Westfield Aluminium Gear Knob / Collar

    ... or you could spray the collar matt black??
  2. Half Hoods & Fasteners

    I have a soft bits half hood and it's very good imo. Each hood is purpose made in that they need the roll bar to windscreen measurement which ensures a snug fit. There will be some who say drilling the roll bar will compromise its integrity. I disagree and have drilled my RAC bar for the high level brake light, the side straps and the end straps. So much neater than having them flapping about and fixed to the bodywork. Just praying I never need the bar in any seriousness anytime soon!
  3. Duratec Coolex Rad - oil cooler needed??

    You could also ask Cleggy the Spiderman (Howsafe). He has a Duratec with similar power to yours.
  4. Disaster, Maybe.

    Great news Stephen - soon be sorted!
  5. Free: C20XE Rods with ARP Bolts

    Thanks but no thanks Mr Stoat - very happy with the oil pump and con rods!
  6. Free: C20XE Rods with ARP Bolts

    Yes please Mr Stoat - details as before!
  7. C20XE Oil Pump with SBD Relief valve

    Thanks - pleased to save your postage!
  8. C20XE Oil Pump with SBD Relief valve

    Yes please Mr Stoat - are you going to Stoneleigh?
  9. Oh how I laughed..............

    It's not 'bad' imo, it's stupid and they won't sell any (unlike the carbon cycle wings, sadly)
  10. Club benefits

    I do!
  11. Sourcing bits for SE/Narrow chassis cars

    Soft bits are poor on communication but excellent on everything else. They will do whatever you want I'm sure...
  12. Sport 250 Selby Build Bucks

    As I have said before - there is no such thing as a stupid question, just a stupid answer
  13. Club benefits

    I remember 'tagging' along with you down into Helmsley. Jeez.....
  14. Ramair Filters

    They are cheaper than some.
  15. MHR Martin/Rory's Dad

    Having a really good day thanks - Dun Cow for lunch (although prawns are out of season), Ordanace Arms just now! Zzzzz

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