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  1. Anglesey 8th April

    There are a few at Anglesey over the weekend. Terry and Steve Everall, Derek Hodder, Garry Bunn, Richard Kerr, John Loudon to name a few. There will be a few more. Make yourself known and you will be made most welcome.
  2. Here are the words from the regs.... g) A starter shall be deemed to be a registered competitor who breaks the start-line timing beam following the start of Practice. The minimum points awards to a competitor who is deemed a starter is 75 points.
  3. fire extinguishers

    As Terry says.... Fire extinguishers are recommended but not mandatory for Speed (sprints and hillclimbs) events.... MSA Bluebook Section S: 10.1.14. Fire Extinguishers – K.3.1.2(a) recommended for discharge into cockpit and engine compartment.

    There is no consistency in the scrutineering across the UK. I have always had a fire extinguisher fitted and has never been checked! Though I did have my rear fog light checked on my roadgoing Westfield - an essential safety deveice! In the end I have an email from MSA Technical to say that it does not have to be in date. So I would be surprised if a scrutineer on the day would actually challenge that email. You would be proud - my email saved me a three hundred quid in new fire extinguishers! RE_ Fire extinguisher for Hillclimb and Sprint.pdf

    David, You must have encountered hard times if you are worried about a £2.50 sticker . May I suggest slightly less right foot pressure when driving some of your cars and the £2.50 will soon be saved. My view would be no, not required. If there it is not an MSA requirement to wear FHR in your class then I cannot see the MSA insisting that you meet the requirement for a sticker to be applied. However I would keep a spare £2.50 in your bag just in case you encounter a difficult scrutineer. The reason I give this is that my sprint/hillclimb single seater does not require a fire extinguisher, however I have one fitted but is not "in date". MSA regs now say that extinguishers have to be "in date" and serviced every 2 years. I questioned the MSA on whether the "in date" and 2 year service is requirement is applicable if the regs don't actually require a fire extinguisher but I have one fitted - they came back and said no, did not need to be "in date" for sprints/hillclimbs cars. I am taking a copy of the email to all events to show an over cautious scrutineer. Paul
  6. Croft

    That's not what you want but sounds like the decision was 100% right on the grounds of safety. Hopefully no one was hurt during practice and all the Westfields survived to run another day.
  7. Croft

    Pack the snow tyres and thermals. But they have got the weather forecast wrong before .
  8. Looks like you can enter but please note link to Regulations is still to 2017 version. John Williams is on the case.
  9. Hi Graham, Good man as always for arranging the GF dinner. So answers to the at least 3 questions from my perspective.... How many party goers plan to attend this year "GF" Dinner? I don't know but you can count me in. Is £5 per head still an acceptable amount for people to pay for the return mini bus journey and not have to drive? Bit steep but I am happy to pay £5. If we have have more than 24 people who would like the mini bus is there any non drinkers who will be attending who could provide a lift for 3 or 4 people in there car from and to Blyton Park for the dinner? I have a drink dependency on Fridays so would not be driving my car to/from pub. I assume their are more questions to follow
  10. Slip & Grip

    David, Very true and looks like a bit of competition for Javelin. Paul
  11. Slip & Grip

    Mixed feelings about it on Uphillracers.....clicky
  12. Ear defenders at the ready

    Well done Simon, start them young. Plus if John Williams ever manged to recruit a Child Safeguarding Officer he too will be please see the steps you have taken to safeguard Olivia's hearing. Thinking about it, if @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary failed to recruit then you could be just the person he is looking for
  13. 2018 Regulations

    Hi Andy, They are pinned at the top of the Speed Series / Hill Climbing / Racing forum. Clicky I think this is the version that John has submitted to MSA for approval, so are just draft at the moment. I am sure John will post the final approved version once notified by MSA.
  14. Dry Sump Pan for a Ford Crossflow

    Now sorted.
  15. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Typo - now fixed.

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