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  1. ZK Bodywork (slightly damaged) price reduced.

    Bump with price reductions.
  2. 2 Westfield Worlds received.

    Same here, but i have joint membership, this issue and the last one are the first time in twenty years we have received two.
  3. Weatherspoons

    Isn't that what I said?
  4. Manchester March Pizza Massacre (14th) - all welcome

    Well i wouldn't describe a pizza as a feast....hey ho.....
  5. Weatherspoons

    It's funny you should say that but, me and a bunch of mates regularly meet at one of the Weatherspoons in Manchester, and a four of us turn 70 this year, sometimes we get a bit rowdy. on one occasion Phil the guy at the front on the right in the blue and white tee shirt was bragging about a new weatherspoons app on his phone, and you could order your beer and food without leaving your table, so order he did, the food seemed to be taking longer than usual, so off went Phil. phone in his hand to the bar to ask where the food was, aah yes said the barman your food is waiting for you at the other weatherspoons a quarter of a mile away, so it was a quick sup up, grab coats and leg it round the corner as fast as we could, the best thing is Phil has only one leg so he was hobbling like the clappers leading the way. The app was deleted from his phone soon after.....lol.
  6. Manchester March Pizza Massacre (14th) - all welcome

    Mr and Mrs H
  7. Tonight Car SOS on More 4

    I'm old enough to remember real telly's y'know those 19" black and white ones i suppose it was far easier to fill a 19" screen for an hour, than trying it fill a 50" one
  8. Tonight Car SOS on More 4

    Grumpy old man mode on/ Well I watched car sos for the first and last time, while the end result is commendable, I found the whole format of the program a load of rubbish, as with all these type of program there was far too much repition, can they not fill one hour with interesting stuff?
  9. Snowy pics

    Calm down boys, I'll be home on Sunday, anyone fancy clearing my drive ready for my homecoming?
  10. Snowy pics

    My car right now, it's not moved for five weeks . my view right now, just got up for breakfast.
  11. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    Everyone knows I'm not a beer drinker, but yesterday I was drinking this in Laos And today I'm drinking this in Thailand...hey ho.
  12. Air Conditioning?

    I'm sure Simon Haughton will be able to tell you. failing that try Barry Ashcroft or Pete Billsberry they went on the USA trip as well.
  13. Falcon Heavy

  14. Age of Westfield Model

    Go easy chaps, it's clear that English is not his first language. can you ask the vendor to send you photographs of the chassis number? If we could look at it we may spot something that looks dodgy.
  15. Panda

    Ahem @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary Is there something your not telling us?