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  1. MSA roll cage regs

    That's my plan, since removing my RAC ROP with high level brake light.
  2. Spa suede steering wheel

    Can't see a Spa Design wheel at 280mm on their site! They have 270mm. May be interested if you can confirm, & pre drilled hole measurements (looks like one only part drilled!!) Where are you based?
  3. C20XE SEIW Sprint//Very fast road Ready to go

    If we win the lottery Saturday there's a chance I'll be in Crewe Monday!
  4. C20XE SEIW Sprint//Very fast road Ready to go

    Another One I wish I could get into and lose my handicap Magnificent beast! (The Westfield - Not @maurici )
  5. My new Schroth Harnesses.

    This is how I use them.
  6. 2009 SEIW

    Nice Westie with everything sorted. GLWS
  7. Lancashire Area Quiz Night

    Steve still has space for more of us, so come along. More the merrier. No need to be knowledgeable, after all I always hinder the team I'm in with my lack of answers or rather all my silly answers! Please let Steve know asap - Steve Livesey <bluewestfield@gmail.com>
  8. Sierra diff removal

    As Gary said. We had cord around diff to take weight over roll bar. Helped a lot.
  9. Sierra diff removal

    Just done SEiW open 7.5 to lsd 7. UP! After moving anything that is in way (may be nothing on yours) such as swirl pot, pump, ARB etc. Do not need to remove fuel tank (maybe if a long range one). Use penetrant oil liberally days before as bolts may not have moved for many many years.
  10. 2018 Speed Series draft calendar

    I had entered Anglesey but illness meant withdrawing. But initially When I realised I wasn't doing full season, lost impetuous
  11. 2018 Speed Series draft calendar

    Practically for my situation but You are of course technically correct... I had planned 10 events, then when amendments came I had already made commitment to other parts of my life for alternative sprint dates. But could have still done 10 in theory, only if I'd have done hill climbs I don't want to or sprints that were too far away for my available time.
  12. 2018 Speed Series draft calendar

    Even if it comes out early possibly it'll have provisional dates like last years..... Where later on some were changed resulting in me being unable to make full season commitment
  13. SORN, do you ?

    Definitely NO SORN for me! Had some great Winter blast over my Westie ownership
  14. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Past two Saturdays spent removing 3.9 open 7.5" diff- replacing with 3.9 lsd 7".
  15. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Much quicker than getting my diff out!