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  1. Lancashire Area Meeting

    Turners chippy Bilsborrow for pre meet tea for Terry n Caroline n me. Perhaps not!!! Green Man tea now!
  2. Manchester March Pizza Massacre (14th) - all welcome

    Sure the odd persons arriving late will be fine (for left overs )
  3. Manchester March Pizza Massacre (14th) - all welcome

    Any more takers
  4. Lancashire Area Meeting

    If weather very good then chance I'll head off for a drive around Dales late afternoon but most likely around 6ish (but negotiable if meeting up). Aim is to finish tea and be at meet for between 7.30 & 8.00.
  5. MANCHESTER PIZZA MASSACRE AND WSCC VIDEO SHOW After the success of our March 2017 pizza meet we're running this again. It's also a closer opportunity to join in for those who are N / NW Manchester. 14th March 2018 - arrival & start time tbc (likely 1900-1930hrs). Mrs P's - Cafe & Ice Cream Parlour in Ramsbottom will be opening solely for WSCC, serving excellent Pizza. Owner used to be a WSCC member and Sprint competitor. Pizza's will be served buffet style. There's a minimum number of 8 persons required to make this viable so I'll require names commitment by beginning of March, along with pizza preferences or dietary requirements so that they can cater to our tastes. They have a max seating capacity of 25. Pizza and a drink (tea/coffee/non alcoholic) = Cost TBC (£6 in 2017), Ice creams can be bought for desert at extra cost. They are not licenced, but anyone is welcome to bring there own alcoholic beverage if you so wish. Last year, afterwards we moved on to Irwell Works Brewery for a wee beverage. Joining the feast are: Wendy ( @onliest tigger ) and me @John Williams - WSCC Competition Secretary & Louise @Mrs Panda
  6. Lancashire Area Meeting

    Anyone up for pre meet Chippy or Pub Tea???
  7. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Now booked and paid for Wendz n Me, although Wendz doesn't want to drive the hill!
  8. Speed Series 21st Anniversary

    Signed Up
  9. Speed Series

    Yep - perfect combo, All good seat time, unfortunately resources wouldn't allow me to do so.
  10. Speed Series

    In hindsight I wish I'd got a lot more seat time on track days before getting stuck into sprints. The learning curves for handling/lines Etc. are much steeper. But definitely do a couple of sprints if able, and there'll be plenty of help and loan ppe kit available.
  11. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Wendz will be joining me.
  12. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Your thread title doesn't specify what's being tinkered
  13. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Oooops Do we need a coffee thread? This is the one I wanted, https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B00G6FVTTE/ref=psdcmw_10706951_t2_B00U2E75YS but couldn't justify the upgrade tariff! I get my coffee fresh ground from our best local cafe.
  14. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    I Had a decent mid range Gaggia for many years, which was very good and I was looking for another. Unfortunately decent Gaggia availability not as good as it used to be in UK. Before purchasing I was very mistrustful of the hype and 'propaganda' of Sage. But this is better than the Gaggia (albeit noisier), despite being made by Breville. Edit: I just hope it lasts as long.
  15. Doors + Cage = might work :)

    How's the set up work in practice through wetter weather??