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  1. Half Hoods & Fasteners

    The 'nipple' thing held on by nut behind that I attach my half hood straps to...
  2. Half Hoods & Fasteners

    A Rivnut, requires specific tool to fit
  3. Mancs to Lancs meet

    Well that didn't go to plan Lighting problems stopped play for me
  4. Mancs to Lancs meet

    Tonight! meeting 6:45pm at Mcdonalds Blackburn Rd, Haslingden, Accrington, Rossendale BB5 2SB before heading to meet. or see you there
  5. Timing Strut

    As John said! or a carbon off cut.
  6. Mancs to Lancs meet

    Looking good for tomorrow evening
  7. Vango Kela II Drive Away Awning

    Bump - still for sale - offers
  8. WSCC Blyton 2018 Trackday and Booking Info - 13th July 2018

    I would expect so! Don't see it being any different to all the years I've been. There may be an event taking place on Thursday which may mean we have to hang back from setting up shop until they start leaving.
  9. Brake lights are not working

    Had to replace my pressure switch for same reason couple of years ago. They gave worked fine since.
  10. Doors + Cage = might work :)

    When I had an RAC bar my roof fitted ok without the 'pram' frame.
  11. Manchester Area Meet - April 11th

    Great see you there.
  12. TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    @Howsafe Workwear and Safety Equipment Have you booked garages? Can easily share 1 between 4 Westfields (2 for 8 etc)
  13. TRACKDAY - Anglesey June 7th Javelin

    Have booked the accommodation in the hope that all falls into place nearer the time and I will be able join you.
  14. Manchester Area Meet - April 11th

    Hopefully weather'll be dry & Westie friendly
  15. Manchester Area Meet - April 11th

    Anyone coming down tomorrow

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