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  1. 13" Split Rims

    Have two Compomotive 13" x 10 Ford PCD. - Will need to check the measurement if you are interested. Please send a PM. Neil
  2. Early SEi or SE Narrow

    PM sent.
  3. Have a couple in the work shop, Pm with your address and i will send them - Neil @ Areodynamix
  4. Early SEi or SE Narrow

    Looking for an early SEi or SE. Don't mind a basket case or a car in need of full restoration. Neil - 01738 550005
  5. Aero screen narrow body

    Aerodynamix have them in stock. Neilk@aerodynamix.co.uk
  6. Anyone want to share a garage? Neil
  7. XTR2

    Thanks Dave, I was looking for information on the body tub fixings. Neil
  8. XTR2

    Anyone have a construction manual that I can copy? Neil
  9. Twin 45 jenvey on xflow

    I have had this issue a couple of times. Shimming the engine mounts with ally plate or 5mm washers has helped. On the Supercharged Crossflow build we have taken a more extreme approach. Machined an angle on mounting faces on the inlet manifold. Neil
  10. Westfield SEi Narrow diff carrier with mounting bushes and new HD gasket £175.00 Please PM for photos. Neil
  11. Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    Hi , I have done the Pre- Lit Crossflow to Sigma modification. Have a set of Sigma engine mounts , bellhousing and new exhaust manifold if you are interested. Please PM Neil .
  12. Quaife Atb for Ford English diff

    Have a nice ATB with Tran-x 3.9 diff Please PM. Neil
  13. Supercharged Crossflow

    Have found a solution to the "packaging problem"
  14. Supercharged Crossflow

    We ran it with 8psi boost. Its still a work in progress. Need to solve the alternator problem before we can move forward.
  15. Supercharged Crossflow

    No fast road cam or vernier sorry - Lots of dry sump parts if you are interested