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  1. NDS

    Supercharged X-Flow update

    We have been working to reduce the inlet length, fit the alternator and relocate the water pump. We removed the DCOE throttle bodies and replaced them with Jenvey TBH style bodies very short at only 30mm in length. The inlet manifold is now angled to clear the engine bay diagonal. The original plenum will stay for the time being. This may change to the Jenvey Turbo intake as its only 60mm deep. The water pump will be electric we hope to increase the water flow as temperature is an issue. Unfortunately working aboard for the next six weeks progress will come to a halt again.
  2. NDS

    Bonnet Hump

    Aerodynamix.co.uk - Developed a new universal scoop/bulge for the standard bonnet. You can e-mail Neils@aerodynamix.co.uk for details.
  3. NDS

    Jenvey Throttle Bodies

    I have a set available of DCOE style with twin 40s manifold for a Zetec. They have only been dyno run perhaps 45mins only. Please send a PM. Neil
  4. Knockhill on Sunday - It was warmer than it looked. It The Westfield preformed without issue . Only problem is the amount of cleaning it now requires
  5. Anyone at Knockhill tomorrow? . We are taking the XTR out for its first run. Neil
  6. NDS

    Westfield AP 4-pots

    What brake pads are people using in the AP - 4pots? Neil
  7. NDS

    Windscreen with brackets

    Have a complete widebody windscreen, mirrors prespex side screens and doors if required please PM or email neilS@aerodynamix.co.uk
  8. NDS

    XTR - diff

    The diff on the XTR has grease nipples fitted. - What type of grease is used and how often . Testing at Knockhill this week just going through the set-up. Neil
  9. Have a quick look on Aerodynamix.co.uk website - a number of photos
  10. NDS

    Hayabusa Drysump kit

    Sorry cant help. Neil
  11. NDS

    Hayabusa Drysump kit

    Nic , I have a sump if it’s any help. Neil
  12. NDS

    13" Split Rims

    Have two Compomotive 13" x 10 Ford PCD. - Will need to check the measurement if you are interested. Please send a PM. Neil
  13. NDS

    Early SEi or SE Narrow

    PM sent.
  14. Have a couple in the work shop, Pm with your address and i will send them - Neil @ Areodynamix
  15. NDS

    Early SEi or SE Narrow

    Looking for an early SEi or SE. Don't mind a basket case or a car in need of full restoration. Neil - 01738 550005

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