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  1. Supercharged Crossflow

    Just pick up the re-built engine from my local engine builder. Every petrol head should listen to the sound. We have a huge heat problem from the headers as you can see in the video they are glowing red. Sorry the quality of the recording. Cameron builds engine obviously missed the class on filming.
  2. Pre Lit Narrow Low Line Engine Options

    We fitted a 1800Zetec to a narrow body car two year ago. It required custom engine mounts But it fits. Have a quick look at the Fiesta S ( Sigma engine) Used in Caterham. Great alternative to the Crossflow. Its Very light readily available and inexpensive. We currently building one with a Rotrex supercharger and throttle bodies. Also have a Supercharged Crossflow we are about to fit in a 87 narrow body. It have a highlevel none cone. Unfortunately expensive and heavy but sounds great and makes good numbers on the Dyno. https://www.facebook.com/CameronGilmourEngineServices/videos/1613096735395953/ But I think it would be the Sigma every time!
  3. Essex Area Monthly Meet

    Thanks Julian the emails are NeilS@aerodynamix.co.uk and NeilK@aerodynamix.co.uk Neil
  4. Pair of early seats

    Yes I have two sets please drop me a Pm
  5. Gearbox options

    Caterham box SOLD
  6. 1600 cross flow inlet manifold

    Think I have one in a box of old crossflow spare. Will send photos as a PM neil
  7. Gearbox options

    Its my spare box. I can take the lid off and send some photos. Very little use. Neil
  8. Gearbox options

    Have three gearboxes : Caterham 6 speed only road use. Ratios 2.69,2.02,1.59,1.32,1.13, 1 Has the spacer to convert to short shaft £ 1440.00 Tran X 4 speed dog box Ratios 2.48,1.69,1.27 1.1 £ 550.00 Ford Type 9 Five speed with concentric slave cylinder and steel bell housing £375.00 ( have the standard ford release arm if required ) Can deliver M6/M5 corridor next Tuesday/Wednesday. Please PM for photos. Neil
  9. early kit bonnet

    We have an early bonnet and also a new scoop design that would save you a lot of work! Contact NeilK at Aerodynamix.co.uk
  10. Sigma clutch release brearing

    Thanks Gary. Will check it out.
  11. Sigma clutch release brearing

    Unfortunately the Westfield factory used a Quinton Hazel part. The Rally Design / Burton use a different mounting. Interestingly we run the Rally Design on two rocket boxes simple and straight forward to install and use. Neil
  12. Sigma clutch release brearing

    The answers in the bellhousing! Did you use a Westfield bellhousing on the type 9. If so I need the part number of the hydraulic clutch slave cylinder mounted inside the bellhousing. Thanks Neil
  13. Sigma clutch release brearing

    Still looking.
  14. Purchased a Type 9 to Sigma bellhousing from the factory - (end of line) Struggling to find the concentric release bearing. Was advised it was QH CCT 432 from the factory. Check the Quinton Hazell back catalogue no such release bearing. Anyone with a clue or pointer? Neil
  15. Best Aeroscreen?

    We have them available on a next day service both carbon and GRP : www.aerodynamix.co.uk Check the gallery. Neil