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  1. Carbon parts

    Unfortunately this particular subject has been rather done to death over the years, so sorry we that have been around far to long for our own good have a somewhat cynical view on it. But good luck to the guy, there is a market out there and to be honest in the whole post you've actually got a pretty good response of the ups and downs of it. If he started with say Nose cones then he could prove the quality and whether it did actually work for him as a business.
  2. Carbon parts

    To be honest that's even more concerning, moulding carbon is not easy, yet many seem to think it is. Many companies have come and gone over time in that game. Good luck to them, but slow steps and prove they can do what they say works best for everyone.
  3. Carbon parts

    Robo, we have been here so many times over the years that is actually best to ask them to show they can do some decent quality parts first. Lots claims they can, few seem to be able to. If they can and at reasonable prices then the customers will be there. Just ask yourself why there are very few doing it at the moment ??
  4. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    Well, it's this Friday, so not time to get that complicated, will have to see, but individual examiners have differing attitudes to things. Some take the sensible view of what is this car actually going to be used for others just read the rules. The first are preferable any day as they look for the things that really would kill you !!!!
  5. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    Thanks Gary, yes that bits worrying me a bit. Trouble with trying to get a 50 year old car through a 2017 year I guess
  6. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    Thanks Mark, yep, that's plan B assuming it's not somewhere already in the wiring and I'm just not spotting it But also after the how to wire for a Lucas 31788 switch 3 position,
  7. Light & Fog switch wiring issues - HELP

    Hi All, I've got everything working fine but am using 3 seperate switches for the lights ie 1 for sidelights, 1 for dip, 1 for main. Then 1 + tell tail for Fog. Now to get through IVA I need to wire so Fog will only come on with Dip or main. This is all with a Westfield loom. Has anyone had this fun I have bought a Lucas 31788 3 way switch to allow me hopefully to have the sidelights & dip on 1 switch. Thanks for any help IVA is only on Friday
  8. What's the point?

    Even my sprint Westfield had more miles than that on it in 3 year's, 2 of which it was not on the road.
  9. Top Speeds

    Standard Busa with aeroscreen will do about 130, very tuned Busa supercharged, the most I ever saw was 141 at Aintree and it was a pretty perfect day for it. Think Tommo's V8 would do about 150 there.
  10. Stuck up mountain, after taking cannabis (High twice).

    There are so many daft idiots going up the mountains unprepared. This is just another example to add to the list. Big thumbs up and respect to the mountain rescue teams who risk their lives to help others. The true hero's in this story.
  11. XTR2 on PistonHeads used for 3 hours since the build

    I agree with your comments that these are not Radicals, massive difference. But great as a road car.
  12. Hymer 2 berth motorhome

    That's a nice layout for a van based motorhome, looks great, good luck with the sale.
  13. Laptops

    2nd the comment Re touch screen, I have got one and rarely use it. Although my Mrs does use hers.
  14. Banning combustion engines in the UK, is it worth it..?

    But I'm running 100% Methanol in my race car and it works very well. Ethanol is less corrosive so should work better in a normal car. My biggest problem is gunking up the fuel system.
  15. Banning combustion engines in the UK, is it worth it..?

    You know the thing that is Stupid about all of this is we are rushing headlong into batteries when there may be a viable alternative. Ethanol process They need to be pouring money into seeing if this process can be made to work. It has so many advantages:- Decreases Co2. Completley renewable if Solar panels are used as power. Uses existing distribution channels and structure to power vehicle. Range no longer a problem I could go on but those are the main ones. Seems like a no brainer to me to really push this and see if it can be made to work large scale.