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  1. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Mr Shifta are great but I really struggled to get one for decent money, they were getting up to proper caravan mover cash last time I looked ie £ 300 to £ 400 hence why I ended up with a single jockey wheel one.
  2. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Also, daft idea, but why don't you put the lower 3 or 4 ft of wooden battens either side on hinges so they hinge out the way ??
  3. Moving a Loaded Trailer

    Chris, don't get one of those, they are rubbish. Guy on Uphill racers bought one and it was crap. He had a real problem trying to get his money back. I use an electric jockey wheel which works great, takes a couple of minutes to put on and off but moves a BIG trailer with car in it. Welcome to come and have a demo any time, Nick
  4. Crash Helmet Stickers

    Good point Maurici, cut vinyl is easy to see no damage underneath, so should be fine. Think chin area as well is maybe not considered as critical but who knows. I have seen a scrutineer being very unhappy about a sticker on a helmet.
  5. XI rear look post IVA - Opinions please

    Maybe a fog light like this ??
  6. XI rear look post IVA - Opinions please

    Thanks, Stephen, sent you a PM. Take on board what you say. Yes I did have a bit of a problem first time with IVA but was fine the 2nd with same guy.
  7. XI rear look post IVA - Opinions please

    So the IVA is over and forgotten and it's just MOT time from now on (hopefully) so a bit more freedom. The front is pretty easy as it's all sorted for us but the rear there are some options on what to do and I've seen a few different ideas on other cars. ie: 1) Stick on numberplate with light above and foglight matching rear to one side 2) Leave it with IVA stuff on, bit big and ugly 3) Maybe stick on numberplate, light above. The hang an period or LED Fog & reversing light under the rear clam. What do everyone think, open to ideas ????? Picture of car as is below.
  8. Crash Helmet Stickers

    It's not a great idea and can be a problem with some scrutineers. Interestingly as they worry you may be trying to hide damage underneath it.
  9. Speed Series

    In my first years of sprinting with the Westie I was doing both. Often used to go across to Anglesey for a trackday on the friday followed by the sprint weekend, some brilliant times. Great fun.
  10. jonjh1964's XI Build

    Jon, Just take plenty of rubber trim to put around any edge that they take exception to, do the obvious ones and then you just never know. There were some I thought they might be worried about and nothing was said and others they wanted covered. So just be ready to do what they want seems to be the best option. I had the edges coming up to the where the clam overlapped the aluminium covered but not where it covered the aluminium and it was OK even though as you have found it's actually not hard up to the ali. Hope that helps. Nick
  11. Career change?

    No, Dean unfortunately. I suffer as well and it killed flying as a career for me to. Dean did pick up that I meant him.
  12. Career change?

    But his colour blindness will rule that out, as it did for me. Even mild just kill's it stone dead. Does't affect daily life but you do notice it in extremes like trying to see a light about 2 or 3 miles away, you actually can't see the colour. As to a sensible answer, I'll give it some thought, buy me a beer when your back in the UK
  13. Changing uprights for beginners

    Drill lightness in, works wonders
  14. email.

    Great laugh, needed that, thanks
  15. I just found out.....

    Thanks, it was about 8 months ago now and I've chucked all the bits of paper I'd written the dates/times down in the bin. Interestingly it was the usual telephone call, with nothing in writing despite asking, and they wonder why we hate Utility services so much.