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  1. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Westfield XI 2018 new car for sale.

    Lots of views on here but no interest??? Anyone like an XI for summer now we actually have some sun, then give me a call
  2. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Cat c Westfield

    I agree, fixing chassis is certainly possible but you really need a specialist to do it. Afraid that seller isn't recognised as one. So it would be buyer beware.
  3. Nick - Joint North East AO

    washing Nomex

    Genuine Nomex can be washed OK and a good number of times. There should be instructions on the suit as to how. So follow the label instructions. I used to be fussy, but as the years have gone by I've dropped down to just chuck it in the washing machine by itself with normal powder. Seems to work for me.
  4. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Hi All, First Westfield Purchase

    But if you have, the eBay one looks pretty good. And welcome to our Club of car nuts.
  5. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Laminova fitting to a hayabusa

    The concept behind using a laminova or any similar oil/water heat exchanger is to allow the water to heat the oil up to temperature quickly, certainly much quicker than it would normally do. But then it acts as a cooler to keep the oil at the water temperature. Most modern road cars run these systems to help with emmisions. The Gould race car I had used one very effectively.
  6. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Taxing a motor that you have forgotten to tax/SORN

    Just do it. It's the best advice I can give, I had the same with SORN on the Midget logbook I was using for the XI and it came back no problem. But the DVLA are a law unto themselves. I don't really think you can do anything else other than declare it and see what happens.
  7. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Gurston Down attendance

    That has been discussed and a suggested change in going through the due process. So will be out for consultation in due course.
  8. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Gurston Down attendance

    Time will tell, but with David Richards taking over at the MSA, there have been some indications of a desire to considering relaxing regulations where appropriate, so we will see.
  9. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Gurston Down attendance

    As an overview, nationwide, MSA Sprinting is losing numbers significantly, a variety of reasons and the advent of Javelin in recent years has taken away potential newcomers to some extent. Although they do have a lot of Scoobies & Evo's, hot hatches type of car's that have not been as popular in sprinting, so maybe tapping into a new market. By comparison, Hillclimbing is relatively stable and remains popular, particularly the main UK hill's like Loton, Shelsley, Harewood etc. A lot of championships have seen a drop off in numbers, with the notable exception of HSA, I am sure there are others, but in the main most have/are going down.
  10. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Westfield XI 2018 new car for sale.

    Bit of a heavy heart as I post this, but having bought the car part built and then finished it off I've now had it on the road for a while and been driving it around but it's not for me. I'm too much of a speed freak and unlikely to change. But that was the main reason for buying it to scratch that itch. Westfield XI for sale. New car, only registered in Feb 2018. Car 48 of a commemorative edition of 50. Negligible miles. All donor vehicle parts fully reconditioned, the engine capacity was increased to 1330cc to give a better performance and converted to unleaded fuel. Twin SU carburettors, set-up by a period specialist to give excellent starting and running. Minilite wheels, Mountney period Red leather steering wheel, front anti roll bar, Tonneau cover. Lots of other details, call to discuss. £ 19,995 07770 nine three 4 673 or PM me here.
  11. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Disaster, Maybe.

    Hi Stephen, Just PM'd you as I have a spare you welcome to if you want. Cheers Nick
  12. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Track Day Insurance Cover?

    Did it cover you for any 3rd party trying to claim against you for damages ? Other than that it's good value, personally I always ran uninsured but at £ 40 / day reckon it would have been well worth it just in case. You don;t see much damage on track-days but just occasionally you see the odd one that's big enough to make you think "hope they have got cover" !!!
  13. Nick - Joint North East AO


    Difficult one David, that's the route that has been chosen by the MSA ultimately up to them. I just tried to help by giving some of the reasoning that was forcing something to be done. As to dealing with fakes, that's a real problem as it's the competitors property,
  14. Nick - Joint North East AO


    My understanding is because of the copies that have been found. It's quite a big problem, bigger that you might think. Things like FIA Rally Seats get copied as well. if you can make money by copying it and sticking a label on it, then it appears that someone, somewhere will do it. As to the sticker they are like the helmet stickers, if you talk to MSA Tech Dept then the stickers are there so that Scrutineers or any other officials can easily see cars that are lined up ready to start and do a quick check that the driver has suitable helmet & now Hans. Makes sense to me, and ultimately the blame should lie with the copiers. There is of course another aspect, which is who's to say the driver may not have put a different helmet/Hans on, again this is a quick check. I get Scrutineers News each month and I've got to say that some of what you see competitors trying to get away with in there makes you realise why these rules end up being brought in.
  15. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Gen1 Busa Oil

    I'm happy for him to believe what he belives and likewise I'll do the same. I've only run Busa's in car's for 18 year's. Current car is putting out some pretty extreme power and on Methanol and like Ash, we have both competed at top level, so we'll just carry on as we are. You believe who you like, it's your engine, someone has asked for advice and it's been given.

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