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  1. 2L zetec

    I have a crated zetec engine in my car and it runs sweet as a nut!
  2. Finally Passed!

    After the car passing on the second time next step DVLA!
  3. Fitting Mesh To Fw Bonnet

    When it came to bonding the side pieces in they needed some tweaking on mine, had to cut a small bit off the side of them and then bend them a little trying them every so often until they fit nicely!
  4. Swirls And Scratch Removal

    I thought i read somewhere that Mr IVA man didnt like them and would fail you on them! but i might be wrong lol
  5. Swirls And Scratch Removal

    What compound do you use? and i presume you use some sort of microfibre cloth aswell with it?
  6. Swirls And Scratch Removal

    I think were in the same boat then! After IVA going to put the roll bar covers on to hide the gaps in the rear to make it look abit nicer!
  7. Swirls And Scratch Removal

    Main problem i had was the fit of the rear clam to the two side panels, drivers side panel being longer than the passenger side and the rear clam being a little wide so it was a best fit in the end!
  8. Swirls And Scratch Removal

    How have you found fitting the FW body? mine was awful to fit had so many problems with it!
  9. Swirls And Scratch Removal

    Hi all coming close to finishing the build and before iva, and wanted to do some work on the body to remove the small scratches and swirls! haven't got a machine so what tips you got for me?
  10. Where Can I Get Headlights Like These?

    I think these are similar ones? http://www.demon-tweeks.co.uk/motorcycle/headlights-conversions/highway-hawk-double-oval-headlight
  11. Membership Processing

    Still doesn't work for me will email webmaster now
  12. Xbox live

    Normally around xmas time they do 33% off xbox live from microsoft website
  13. Membership Processing

    Same thing im waiting for
  14. Search function

    Got my membership number just waiting for it to be activated!

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