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  1. Westy home let the fun start

    Nae luck Gary! Still a few months until Applecross
  2. Age of Westfield Model

    Very difficult to determine age from that photo. Probably pre-2000 as it has kit bodywork. Very similar to my 97 widebody, with the top mounted pedal box. Originally mine had a CVH but now has a redtop. Got any more pictures?
  3. 90 Degree Speedo Drive SOLD

    Hi Kevin - I'll take it please. Will PM you. Cheers, Matt
  4. Seen these on the bay of E. Does anyone know anything about them, or who the manufacturer is? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/45mm-twin-throttle-bodies-race-car-kit-car-DCOE-spacing-includes-fuel-rails/132420690725?hash=item1ed4e36325:g:YPAAAOSwanRXhU9U Decent price but only if they're any good! Thanks, Matt
  5. Emerald M3DK ECU - XE Map

    Thanks for your responses guys. If I can get the XE map from John to start with, I'll see if I can get into the ECU and put it on (I've downloaded the software). If I have any issues, I'll get in touch with Emerald and take it from there. Fortunately there's no great rush, as it'll be a while until I've collected all the other stuff I need. Matt
  6. Emerald M3DK ECU - XE Map

    Ta John - Not that desperate, so can wait for a while. Cheers.
  7. Emerald M3DK ECU - XE Map

    Hi all, I've managed to get hold of the above ECU (used, so no setup disk and wrong map) to replace my existing Webcon Alpha and am looking for a base map to enable me to get up and running on it as a starting point. I'll be converting from Webers to ITB's at some point (probably Jenvey or similar), or may even initially try running it with the 45 Webers (3D). It's very much a budget build, so I'll be buying used bits as they come up (mainly the ITB's and an FPR - I have everything else). Engine is a Vauxhall 2.0 XE. Spec is lightened and balanced bottom end with forged pistons/steel rods, ported head with standard valves and 286 cams, non-cat exhaust and no Lambda. Any maps more suitable for the spec would be welcome but it will be getting properly set up on a rolling road at some point. I think I need the earlier '.fig' map for the M3DK and not the later '.map' ones for the K3 or K6, although I'm happy to be corrected. I'd appreciate it if anyone has something they can send me. Thanks in advance. Matt
  8. Just had my holidays approved for Applecross - think I'll go an pack my bag now, as there are only 163 days to go.......! Matt
  9. Rear wings, everything else has gone

    Hi Paul, first dibs on the ECU and swirl pot please. Will PM you. Cheers, Matt
  10. 1.3 xflow in the eleven?

    What about the 70's Vauxhall 1256cc OHV engine fitted to Viva's, Chevette's etc? It can't be that tall and there are always a few on eBay etc. for fairly low prices? There's one with a gearbox on now for under £200. I can't remember how tuneable these were but I do recall they leaked oil like an A series! Matt
  11. Side Screens

    Second dibs if Gary doesn't want them (and also sorry for the thread hijack!). Matt
  12. Chassis Hoop removal

    Funnily enough I have (unfortunately) and either having or not having that hoop wouldn't have made the slightest difference in my case. As it happens it was an extremely robust '96 chassis without the hoop and ended up in 2 halves anyway. Matt
  13. Chassis Hoop removal

    Of the 3 cars I've had, the '96 and '97 ones didn't have the hoop but the 2004 one did (only one with an MCT75 box and therefore I assume a wider tunnel). It was a real pain and caught on everything, so cut it off and welded a flat bar in it's place. Problem solved! Matt
  14. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the Omex kit comes with injectors. It assume you are using the injectors 'originally supplied with the engine to keep costs down' but that assumes it's coming out of an Astra GTE or something, not a WF on carbs! Hence why you're being charged for new injectors. On the labour charge, I'd have thought no more than 2 days work tops (excluding an RR session), so 2x8x£hourly rate should give you an idea of what they should be charging for labour - then they'll add the dreaded VAT of course.