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  1. Half Hoods & Fasteners

    Agree on drilling the backstays on the bar for the strap fastners, rather than the bodywork. Fitted a halfhood on 3 Westies I've owned that way, with good results and it's easy to get the right tension in the hood. Matt
  2. Will This Polish Out?

    Sorry, I was looking at the photo on my crappy phone and didn't notice how much there was. As Robin says, assuming it's gelcoat, very fine wet and dry, then cutting compound and polish will get a lot of it out.
  3. Will This Polish Out?

    You could always fit the number plate over it. That's what I did. Matt
  4. What have I done now.....

    Nice looking pile of bits there Steve! How complete is it? You might not make Applecross in June but definitely next year! Matt
  5. Clan McWesty: Inaugural Gathering 2018

    I'll be there.
  6. DCOE Throttle Bodies

    I know this is a long shot but if anyone happens to have a set of 42 or 45mm TB's (Jenvey etc.) that they'd be willing to part with, please let me know. I'm also looking for an associated TPS, 3.5 bar FPR, injectors and linkage. Don't need a manifold though (using my current XE one). No rush though as I'm still collecting bits for my conversion, so don't all PM me at once . Thanks, Matt
  7. 2.0 XE SEiW

    I can't believe this hasn't sold yet! It's a very similar spec to my car (same colour too) and in my humble opinion, the Redtop is ideally suited to the Westfield. Hope you get a sale soon John and someone is going to get a cracker of a Westie. Personally, I'd keep it and sell the V8...... Matt
  8. Selling my wife's wee Meriva - 2005/55 regd, Aircon (that works), RDS radio/CD player, electric windows etc. Only 54,600 miles from new We've owned it for the last 9 years and it had one previous owner before us. It has a full service history and is in VGC for it's age, with good bodywork/paint and very tidy interior. Next MOT and service aren't due until January 19. We still have all the original manuals, both remote keys and the radio code. Two tyres are new, the other 2 are hardly worn and the spare is unused. It's also had a recent exhaust. Only reason we're selling it is that my dad has offered us his old car, which is a lot newer. It has a few age-related marks but has never had any paintwork done on it. In the interests of honesty, it still has the original battery and, although it always starts instantly, a new one before next winter would make sense. It also has a slight weep from the water pump but it doesn't lose any water between annual services. It's been an extremely reliable second car. . Located in central Scotland
  9. Clan McWesty: Inaugural Gathering 2018

    Hi Rab - Can't confirm but will certainly try and be there (haven't ever missed our annual kick-off meeting!). Matt
  10. Nah, should be ok. It's only closed overnight during the week and nothing at weekends. We usually get there late afternoon on Friday. Would only be an issue for anyone planning to arrive late on Friday. Matt
  11. How many have you had?

    About 33 so far..... Morris 1300 (first car from my dad - fitted new bulkhead, subframe, wings etc.) Escort van Mk2 (converted to discs and 1.3 engine) Escort Sport Mk1 (rebuilt it then crashed it) Escort 1100 Mk1 (got the Sport mechanicals) Nissan Cherry (temporary) Capri 2.0S Mk3 Escort XR3 Mk1 Astra SR Mk2 Astra (2 of them) Cavalier Mk2 (family started growing here) Volvo 340 (wife's first car) Land Rover S2A SWB (my first real project car) Volvo 940 Estate (family getting bigger!) Volvo 850 GLT Estate Vx Nova 1.2 Volvo T-5 Estate (brilliant but I was going to lose my license) Astra DTI Estate (much more sensible but not big enough) Vx Zafira’s (2 off) Ford Focus Mk1 MG Midgets (a 1500 converted to chrome bumpers, then a 1275 RWA – fitted type 9 box, frontline suspension, fast road engine etc.) Vx Vectra Sri CDTI Estate (only new car I ever bought and most unreliable) Volvo V70 AWD Estate Astra 1.8 Estate (a mistake!) Mazda MX5 1.6iS Mk1 (import) Honda CRV Mk2 (ancient but so reliable until I wrecked it) Vx Meriva Honda CRV Mk3 Westfields (3 off - destroyed one, sold one, kept one!)
  12. Westy home let the fun start

    Nae luck Gary! Still a few months until Applecross
  13. Age of Westfield Model

    Very difficult to determine age from that photo. Probably pre-2000 as it has kit bodywork. Very similar to my 97 widebody, with the top mounted pedal box. Originally mine had a CVH but now has a redtop. Got any more pictures?
  14. 90 Degree Speedo Drive SOLD

    Hi Kevin - I'll take it please. Will PM you. Cheers, Matt

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