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  1. No worries, I never felt the car needed a lsd, car will be at Stoneleigh for any interested parties to view
  2. ford zetec 1.8 Silvertop

    The car is a wide body, i’m Sure it had a MT75 gearbox, the carbs were motorbike, not sure of the type. Mark
  3. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    New pictures added, these were taken this morning.
  4. engine change

    Are you sure it’s a blacktop, if it’s the car I think it is? I would check the rocker cover, if it’s alloy or cast it’s a silver top and if it’s plastic it’s a blacktop! Mark
  5. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    Also advertised on EBAY and price reduced to £10.500
  6. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    The headlamps I changed from the 4” back to 5.5”, the exhaust is the same fitted with the heat shield, the rear arches had carbon wrap on them, I removed it before Xmas and have some new wrap for the new owner.
  7. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    Hi Jim, Sorry for the delay in giving you my contact number, My number is 07841464645. Mark
  8. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    I’ll take some pic’s/ vid later, the pictures in the large workshop are approx18 months old. Mark
  9. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    MOT yesterday, passed no advisory’s, only covered 221 miles in the last 12 months, MOT dated till 12th March 19
  10. Well sorted road car wanted

    Would my Westfield in the for sale section be off interest?
  11. Zetec roadcar - bought one now

    Mine for sale, see for sale section. Mark
  12. 2012 Westfield SEiw

    Car still for sale, due to a family holiday, any viewing will after be after the 14th Feb
  13. Hi Mark,

    Is the Westy still available?


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