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  1. IVA trim for top of bulkhead

    Got one in the garage, yours for the cost of the postage send me a pm and i’ll Post on Monday/Tuesday Mark
  2. I’ve just purchased and started to fit my new to me 3.62 Sierra diff with push in driveshafts only to find my current push in driveshaft don’t fit because the shaft/ splines that push in the diff are to big!! my current driveshafts have 26 splines, does anyone have a pair of 23 splines for sale?
  3. IVA trim for top of bulkhead

    I may have a spare one in the garage, are you ok to wait till tomorrow and i’ll have a look.
  4. Hi All, I’m looking at buying a Garage gas heater for the winter, does anyone have a VAT free code for Machine Mart they would be happy to share? Mark
  5. Looking for the right first Westy

    Hi, thinking of selling mine shortly, it a 2.0 blacktop with Jenvey throttle bodies 174bhp set up by Northampton Motorsport, passed IVA 1st time in 2012, Happy to send you any further details. Mark
  6. C type project

    Any updates, really enjoying the build sofar Mark
  7. Spacers for Headlights

    Excellent, I'm away till Saturday, I'll send you a message to arrange payment and posting on Sunday morning. Mark
  8. Spacers for Headlights

    Has anyone got a pair of headlight spacers they would like to sell ( the ones that fit between the headlight and the brackets, the factory no longer sell them) Mark
  9. Advertising on behalf of a friend. For sale my 1800 Zetec engined Westfield SEIW. Car was completed an registered on age related plate in July 2015. Mileage covered since completion is a little over 1200 (yes only 1200) Has been a joy to own and drives very well. Finished in dark British racing green with yellow vinyl on nose. Spec as follows, 1800cc ford zetec engine running fuel injection and throttle bodies, megasquirt management fitted, stainless exhaust and four branch manifold fitted, mt75 five speed gearbox, limited slip differential to rear. Adjustable shock absorbers fitted all round, Disc brakes all round, five matching wheels and tyres (like new). Momo steering wheel, stainless mesh grille fitted, daytime running lights. New Westfield half hood and side screens fitted last winter. New project forces reluctant sale. Folder full of receipts and paperwork included in sale. Priced to sell. £9950 Any questions please ask. Martin 07981 153215
  10. First Westy Wanted

    Thinking of putting mine up for sale shortly, 2012 build, passed IVA 1st time, 2.0 blacktop Zetec with Jenvey throttle bodies approx 174 BHP, tuned by Northamton Motorsport, full screen and Westfield half roof. Crimson with V8 bonnet and black cycle wings, covered approx 2300 miles since I built it. Car based in Blackpool looking for £10750 Ono, if interested send me a pm with your email address and I'll send you further information and pictures Mark
  11. Headlight spacers

    Does anyone have a pair of headlight spacers (between the headlights and headlight brackets) they would like to part with? Mark
  12. windscreen

    Still looking
  13. windscreen

  14. windscreen

    I'm still looking for a windscreen if anyone can help? Mark