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  1. Another round of "What's that for?"

    My chassis (1999-2000 vintage) has a #2. None the wiser as to what it's for, though.
  2. Fuel tank breather

    I have found that mine will leak fuel if I fill the tank to the brim and then park the car. It stands to reason, really. If there is no air gap in the tank the vent will have fuel behind it and the fuel will expand for a while, having travelled from a cold underground tank to a warm car. The only way out is through the vent. I have avoided this by tending to fill up only when I'm about to drive for a good few miles, especially on a warm day, and I also extended the breather pipe up to the base of the roll bar (I think the original supplied was only a couple of inches long).
  3. Bottom hose

    From memory, it's the 1.6/1.8 Fiesta / Escort / Orion pump that both rotates the correct way and doesn't have the outlet angled backwards. Mondeos all had a serpentine belt to drive PAS, air con and so on, so their pumps rotated the opposite way.
  4. Zetec misfire on light throttle

    Also worth checking the manifold and carb gaskets for air leaks (spray a bit of WD40 around them and see if the engine note changes). Pay particular attention to the cylinder that's spitting back, as that is a symptom of lean running (= air leak). Worth checking that the choke securing screws on the bottom of the carbs are all present and correct too.
  5. kitcardirct rear arches

    They are a lot more expensive than the arch I've recently purchased from Westfield, so I'd have to wonder what advantage they offer (other than the long wait?). EDIT: Just noticed that price is for a pair.
  6. MT75 oil capacity

    All the documentation I've seen says 1.2 Litres, and I used 1 and a bit 1L bottles, but it's been 18 years since I filled mine. You could always fill it with 1.2 litres, or just a little more, then drop it off the ramps with the plug removed and let any excess escape, then jack the front end back up and refit the filler plug. .. or lift the rear of the car as well, and put it on axle stands so it's level.
  7. trolley jack oil question

    Automatic transmission / power steering fluid might also be a good match for topping up that you're likely to have kicking around the garage. It's all basically hydraulic oil.
  8. trolley jack oil question

    A mineral oil might well attack the seals, possibly causing the jack to drop unexpectedly. Not worth risking it, IMHO. It'd be like using engine oil as brake fluid.
  9. Flywheel Identification

    It could be that the Zetecs that went into the Mondeo had bigger clutches than the Escort/Orion/Fiesta engines. Will have a look at my Mondeo Haynes book later. Not sure for the type 9 but I think the Raceline flywheel needs a 216mm diameter clutch plate and it does need the Westfield extension on the release bearing.
  10. MT75 and Diff Oil

    Just checked and it seems that site is a bit fussy about sharing image links so here is the link to the full page on the MT75 which has a lot of useful information and some more diagrams showing the component locations: http://www.super7thheaven.co.uk/components/mt75-gearbox/
  11. I have the setup shown with the small expansion tank from Raceline in front instead of the larger one on the scuttle panel. It works perfectly OK. The principle is slightly different to the alternative setup because the expansion tank is normally isolated from the cooling system. In this setup you do fit a pressure cap on the top of the water rail. The outlet from the water rail to the expansion tank runs to a dip tube that ends at the bottom of the expansion tank. As the coolant expands, the pressure builds until the pressure cap lifts and excess coolant flows into the expansion tank to limit the pressure. As the system cools down again, another valve in the pressure cap opens to allow the coolant back in again. This is basically the same system that is used in the MX 5. It works perfectly well and self-bleeds with no problems.
  12. Flywheel Identification

    I had a flywheel like that on my 2.0 Zetec donor engine. It was unbelievably heavy and I tried to get it lightened but they came across internal dowelling between sections once they started machining. Maybe it is a dual mass? I'd never come across one at the time. The factory gave me a standard 1.8 flywheel to replace it, and it was much lighter. I later swapped to a Raceline lightweight flywheel which is lighter still. If you have the budget the Raceline flywheel is probably the route I'd recommend.
  13. MT75 and Diff Oil

    There's a diagram here with the MT75 drain plug marked: http://www.super7thheaven.co.uk/images/mt75-dimensions-cvg-646-9.jpg The fill plug is the other 16x1.5 hole below and forward of the reverse light switch.
  14. MT75 and Diff Oil

    From memory the MT75 takes just over a litre - 1.2 rings a bell. I know I had to buy 2 1 litre bottles of it and had loads left over.
  15. MT75 and Diff Oil

    Yep, my MT75 has a drain plug too. Oil for MT75 boxes is a special oil similar to an ATF. Just google MT75 oil and you'll find some. Diff can take any GL4 or 5 hypoid oil. Unless you have a problem I wouldn't change either, just check level and top up if required.

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