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  1. Oil Catch Tank?

    On track you are likely to get the oil hotter than normal, and you might suffer an engine failure. Both could cause it to dump oil from the breather. Before you realise it, you'll have made the track lethal for everyone else. Rules or not, it would be irresponsible to use the car on track with an open breather, IMHO. On the road, you have to make a call based on what collects in the tank. Mine collects only water, and only a negligible amount so I'd have no problem venting it directly. It's what most pre-1970 classics do anyway.
  2. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Where did you fit it? Passenger footwell? I'm tempted, I must admit.
  3. Oil Catch Tank?

    Yep, the smells if it does breathe significantly aren't pleasant. You certainly want the catch tank outlet plumbed under the car or into the intake.
  4. Oil Catch Tank?

    I think that filter was directly on the cam cover when it was first built. I guess it "breathed", so the catch tank was added later. Does the tank collect a significant amount of oil? If not, I'd try just extending the pipe down to underneath the car. You will probably be required to have a tank if taking it on track, however.
  5. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Well, a bit closer to getting my LED lights sorted. Modified my flasher unit to handle the lower current without going into "rapid flash" mode.
  6. Anyone used a 5 Cylinder Volvo S60R engine?

    I'm pretty sure I saw one at one of the factory open days once. Not a factory built car. Chap from Holland had built it, IIRC. It was a tight fit, but he'd done a lovely job.
  7. Brake & Clutch Bleeding System - Recomendation

    .. and whatever you do, don't let the reservoir run out of fluid. I've done that several times.. Just bleed a little more out.. and a little more.. Then you get that sound like a kid sucking through a drinking straw when there's nothing left, as your brake system fills with compressed air.
  8. Aluminium Panels

    I built mine in a 1960's single garage. It was tight but OK. I left anything that added width, such as fitting the suspension and bodywork, until as late as possible in the build. Didn't even have a loft in the garage, but I was single at the time, so the spare bedroom got filled with bits of car.
  9. Seat Trim / Cover kits

    A bit late to the party but I've just had one of my seats repaired by Graeme Searle in Four Marks. Did an excellent job for a very reasonable price. Not too far from you
  10. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Finally replaced the rear wheel arch that was damaged in an accident about 5 years back. Now to change the one on the other side (long story but Westfield's initial attempt at supplying a wheel arch resulted in a spare one for the incorrect side!). Then I have some nice Wipac LR Defender style LED lights to go on. Oh, and dropping in some replacement Mintex 1144s while the back wheels are off.
  11. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Response posted.
  12. Air Conditioning?

    I would imagine the fans were to keep the footwells cool when driving through Texas. I can't quite get my head around exactly where they are mounted from the picture, though. I assume there's nothing behind them that they're actually cooling? Electronics, etc? I think it was "Studbuckle" who came up with the nickname, indeed due to the number plate. I will have a rummage tonight. I probably have some photos from the build somewhere... I remember spending a weekend stripping the donor engine down. Cheers, Kevin
  13. Air Conditioning?

    Haven't come across Studbuckle (Simon Haughton) recently although I did a few tours with Simon and Carla back in the days. She was built by a colleague of mine and I'm still in touch with him. I'll drop him a line. It's been a while since I've caught up with him.
  14. Air Conditioning?

    Nice to see Maverick is still alive and well. I was support vehicle driver and followed her to her SVA.
  15. Best tyres for a Westfield

    I'm using Yokohama AD08s and I find them a very good all round tyre. They have great grip in the dry, even more so if you can get a little heat into them, yet they are sufficiently "well behaved" in the wet and cold. I've found they always provide lots of feedback, being quite progressive at the limit. I wouldn't go out in snow and ice on them, but that's what the tin top is for. I used A539s before them, and I found that the wear rate on a Westfield doing road miles was so slow that they hardened and lost a lot of their grip before I'd worn them below 4mm or so. They were also much less progressive. So. although the AD08s are softer, for a Westfield doing road miles, I don't rate that as a negative. They last me a good 2 or 3 years, anyway. I haven't taken the AD08s on track. They might not stand up to that as well, of course. I also don't know if they are available in 13".