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  1. Nor can I ;-) It's advertised elsewhere for £1650.. But open to offers..
  2. Ideal for a Westfield etc Model LWT-060. Max 1300kg (Gross) / 930kg (Load). (or a tad more if you put the spare wheel in your boot) TOTAL SIZE - 16' (4.92m) x 7'1" (2.17m) BED SIZE - 12' (3.66m) x 5'5" (1.65m). 32cm above road. The beds are 40cm wide and 88cm apart. LONG RAMPS - 6'3" (1.92m) The width apart can be adjusted. Commercial rated TYRES - new or near new - 155 70 12" (5 studs.) Complete with 2 adjustable Stabilizing LEGS / Feet, Jockey Wheel, Spare Wheel, Number Plate Holder.. Two (removable) wheel storage poles fitted - for car racing etc - Front one is 1.2m and can store 5 wheels. The bar across the rear is 1.6m and can store up to about 7 wheels &/or spare tyres. Good quality manufacturer and in good condition - with good brakes, lights etc The nearside wheel arch has some tape on it and one of the two number plate lights has been knocked and broken by unloading the ramps so I'll be fitting a pair of slimline LED ones this week. I also took these photos without having cleaned it.!. I think it's always been stored in a dry garage.. This trailer sells for £2006 plus £116 for the winch option and £108 for the lock. So £2230 with vat. So this represents a good saving. Collection and Bank Transfer preferred, But I can deliver it in the South, once payment is received, for 40p/round trip miles.. NB I'm 35 minutes from the M25. Happy to answer any questions..
  3. Peugeot RCZ HDi GT. £6650. In Hampshire.

  4. Lovely looking sports car in Ninja Grey, combining cheap running costs with a great driving experience. This car has 12m MoT and has just been serviced. It has all the options, being the GT spec, and has been garaged and well looked after with Full Dealer Servicing, 87000 miles, mostly motorway cruising and no accident damage. 3 owners. Manual. They are surprisingly practical with the large boot and folding rear seats. (You can even fit a tow bar !!) This one also benefits from front and rear parking sensors, Cruise Control, Bluetooth Phone Integration, Heated Electric Leather Seats with Memory, Dual Climate Control Air Conditioning, Automatic Lights / Wipers / Mirrors.. The Heated Wing Mirrors fold away after you've parked.. Plus all the usual gadgets and safety equipment. The RCZ looks set to become a future classic so this represents a great depreciation resistant purchase. All in full working order with recent tyres and clean throughout. Comes with a folder of paperwork and two keys. Happy to answer questions, have car inspections and to consider offers.
  5. Just the CSR style front wings and a home made chin scoop on an FW body with an aero screen. My bonnet and nose also have loads of vent holes (maybe that helps reduce lift..) Plus a smidge of rear toe-in keeps it from wandering about.. With the 415 lbft it just doesn't stop accelerating on that long uphill straight after Eau Rouge (More typically it hits 145 in the uk - hence my suspicion that you'd be bouncing off the limiter at the faster tracks..)
  6. Looks like more great components are winding their way into your project :-) Incidentally my Seight hits 160 at Spa and still feels planted.. (The front aero wings crack / grind away though - might need to trim or beef those up!) With your power you'd be revving out at the fast uk circuits... (Silverstone, Snetterton, Bedford GT,,) You'd also probably only need 1st & 2nd for parking and traffic jams !?! But in terms of optimising it's drag credentials and hopefully blowing away the Evo and wrestling back the record from it's blue nemesis, it's spot on :-)
  7. Sorry to hear that Martin and I hope you're back up and running soon. I've since gathered loads of information (talking to John Eales, Synergy, Mulfab, RoadRunner, Ultima etc) and it turns out that John can rebuild my engine pretty quickly, that the LS Westy install brings up lots of issues without much gain and the Synergy V8.. well they never replied.!. Roadrunner can't deliver a kit until next year and there were only a couple of LS versions made.. I'm also concerned that I'd end up having a car that is in fact less fun on track than my Westy !? I've priced up building an Ultima and they're about 30% more than I had expected and would cost about double what the secondhand ones bottom out at.. (So maybe I'll modify a built one..) But my current plan is to restore my RV8 Westy to it's former glory..
  8. lipo car battery

  9. lipo car battery

    My 1.8kg Li Battery happily starts my 5L V8 - spinning it into life as rapidly as any 10-20 kg battery I've tried.. When it first arrived I thought I'd been sent an empty box !!!
  10. Good plan.. I could install their V8 and a sequential gearbox in my Westy for a lot less cash and build hours than starting from scratch with the Ultima.. What do you expect the dressed engine to weigh? Will you be fixing it to the Westy chassis engine mount holes or going bespoke?
  11. After reading this thread I thought that I might fit Synergy's cheapest normally aspirated V8 (the 2.4L 405bhp one I'm guessing?) But then I clocked that a crate LS3 engine was about a sixth of the price so that rose to pole position.. Or leave the Westy alone and build a 1020bhp Ultima !! Maybe subsequent updates to this thread might help me decide !?!
  12. Have you weighed that? I look forward to seeing what strengthening you work out.. As I'm tempted by a 480bhp LS3/TKO600 upgrade for my Seight so might do something similar.. Did you happen to investigate whether the TKO600 (or500) fits within the Westy transmission tunnel?
  13. Sounds good. But I had an oil pump failure last week at Donington and coasted into the pits with the engine off.. So the engine rebuild/refresh that I've been intending for a while has now become a necessity.. Unfortunately John Eales is always booked up for months in advance and I don't trust the other outfits to be as competent.. Hence my interest in going the alternative route of installing an LS2 engine and having an install that is designed to run all day at 400 odd bhp rather than a highly modified Rover one that needs engine-out rebuilds from time to time and costs a lot more to replace.!. Alternatively (and in the context of my interest in building an Ultima Evolution.!.) I might instead go to town on the Westy and fit a revvy little 2.4 V8 from http://www.synergypower.co.nz/ that would be a lot smaller and lighter and has 405 bhp.. So I'd like to check out on yours whether my RV8 to T5 bellhousing might be made to fit the LS2, how the engine mounts attach and whether my exhaust manifold can be made to fit.. How much does your sump hang below your car? As I'd fit my dry sump kit and replace the LS2 sump with a oil collection pan and then lower the whole engine as much as possible using some customized engine mounts... If you spot a trackday that you fancy, my other trackday car is a Global GT1 so I could bring that along.. (Incidentally when choosing that car my alternative idea was the RoadRunner SR1 - but I decided to go for the more track focused/evolved car..) That plus the V8 Westy make a great and very different trackday car pairing :-)
  14. Thanks for the offer Martin, I'm just down in Hampshire and would love to meet up for a chat and to poke around the car sometime.. We have a fair bit in common petrol-head wise! I race dirt bikes a bit and do the odd trackday on my race Gixer1000 plus my Westy is pretty highly developed having 375bhp & 415ft/lb, dry sump, T5 box, giant rad, very quick steering etc I actually find it puts all the power down pretty easily (on track with hot V70 tyres), but you have to respect the throttle a bit and feel for the grip rather than just mash it.!. It's normally pretty neutral and predictable and if you feel like larking around for a camera or passenger it can hold decent slides through hairpins ok :-) Once I'd booked Snetterton in January and it was indeed soaked and all I had was worn out R888 tyres.. However despite naff all grip it was one of the most enjoyable trackdays I've done.!. I pretty much had the track to myself and was enjoying half hour sessions drifting about (at speeds too slow to hit anything!!) for lap after lap not wanting to come in.!. I ended up doing over 200 miles there !! So I'm sure you can make some good progress with your car set-up. Maybe it's just down to your chassis design (geometry, shorter wheelbase? Anti Roll Bars? etc) But I've been pleasantly surprised by the handling since joining the Seight fold (having wrongly anticipated that it would be more of a GT car). They're also very sensitive to the amount of rear toe-in.. So your next set of tyres might help. Maybe try the Avon ZZS in 245/40r15 (or 245/50r13 ?) - they both go on a 10" rim.. The ZZS has the same grippy compound as the much hailed ZZR but a few more groves in the tread. So it should be more progressive on the limit and is also pretty decent in the rain. As for the hot cockpit - ideas that spring to mind - heat reflective matting on the outside of the footwell, carpet on the inside (wash my mouth out!?), decent wrap on the exhaust manifolds and more vents in the bonnet (mine has 15 !) Then for the hot engine after a run - I make a point of doing a good long cool down (2 or 3 mins) still carrying the corner speed and reaching decent speed on the straights but only using about half of the torque in 5th and not much braking. Plus I have a dash switch in parallel with the fan switch - so I flick that on as I approach a situation without much airflow - pitting or spotting a traffic jam ahead on the roads.. Might be an idea for yours..