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  1. Personally I think it a bad idea that we have multiple events on the same weekend. I'm doing Pembrey despite the distance as the challenge is one that I have yet to master
  2. Timing Strut

    Dead easy to make your own Tony. Piece of ali angle screwed to top and bottom of nose cone opening sprayed satin or matt black. it takes longer for the paint to dry than make it
  3. Regs and online entry available here http://www.barcwales.co.uk/events/4572189228
  4. What have I done now.....

    Unless its already registered (I doubt it) you may need those mounts for IVA so check it out first before cutting them off
  5. Disaster, Maybe.

    Just go with a modern but not Chinese replacement
  6. Disaster, Maybe.

    I am puzzled as to why the starter ring gear would be jammed with the flywheel. When you last turned off the running engine, they would not have been lleft in this position and yet from what you say they appear to be now locked together without the engine having turned over - or did it initially crank when trying to start it?
  7. Disaster, Maybe.

    Stephen I'm sorry to read this and I am sure it will not be a s bad as you fear. If it was running fine when you switched it off it will not seize itself by just sitting there for a short time. The first thing to do is take the plugs out and see if you can then turn it with a spanner. John
  8. Disaster, Maybe.

    This is what I am thinking
  9. Anglesey 8th April

    Hi Jim Unfortunately not. the tube diameter and wall thickness is also too small. Legal versions are available from the factory or Plays Kool or a bespoke made one by Procomp John
  10. Xflow 1760cc Oil Pressure Help

    Exactly this. I personally think you have used too thinner oil. 20/50 mineral is the best for a crossflow and Valvoline racing is the oil of choice. The viscosity that you have used will make oil pressure read slightly lower when both hot and cold
  11. Anglesey 8th April

    Its the stress of not winning
  12. Anglesey 8th April

    bl**** pensioners with time on their hands! Ive been ill since I got home with cough and cold
  13. Why not? it surely doesn't ask for reg numbers does it? Make one up if it does and change it at signing on
  14. Mine didn't. Mine was instant unless you've paid by antique cheque
  15. Thanks for the heads up but it doesn't say you have entered on the online entry list

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