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  1. Sprint slicks for sale

    Now sold
  2. English axle to chassis arms/mounts

    Ring Matt at Procomp - 0121 350 3258. He keeps them on the shelf
  3. Slick Tyres

    PM sent
  4. So....Diesel Cars and Transport

    Public transport is always pushed by the government. However, they listened to a bloke called Beeching in the 1960';s and closed nearly all the local lines down. now they've gone full circle and want people to use them again
  5. Type 9 quick shift - Bent version

    Problem is the steel is often not great. I've seen quite a few cut and rewelded gearsticks fracture at the weld site
  6. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Thank you Mr Flatout
  7. 2018 Rounds Calendar

    Is there any chance of having the calendar as a PDF download please? Calendar looks great by the way.
  8. C type project

    Wow - didnt know that
  9. C type project

    Why do you need the tacho in reverse?
  10. Evening Campers....

    And as I said earlier, double check what the rear of the chassis is made of. Its OK having it plated to legally tow 2000kg but its not if you cant have a suitable towbar fitted as there isn't anything substantial enough to attach it to. New motorhomes have to have type approved towbars as well so check this for the age of yours.
  11. Slick Tyres

    I've got a pair of Avon crossply 7.5/21/13's in A27 compound (grade harder than usual sprint slicks so should be OK for track days). New last June at £380 the pair and not done much since. Fit perfectly on 7 - 8 inch rims. Cheap enough to anyone who wants to make good use of them
  12. 21st Party -Hillclimb try and evening dinner

    Because Borough 19 lost their usual date at Snetterton for May and had to move to a date in June as an alternative. It wasn't previously a clash.
  13. MHR Terry

    Happy birthday Terry. Im hoping that only one of us gets faster with age
  14. Chris Jones’s SE 1600vauxhall

    For those that don't know, I believe that this car won the Speed Series in 1999 driven by Dave Jones. Good car. Good luck with selling it
  15. Evening Campers....

    Whatever you buy, make sure it has been regularly habitation checked (the tester issues a certificate to the owner much like an MOT but for safety of gas / electric / water / damp etc). LED lighting is a great benefit as it minimises the drain on the leisure battery when not hooked up to electic. As said above, German brands are usually best. The vast majority are FWD Fiat Ducato. There are a few RWD Sprinter and Transits around but nowhere near as common. Don't be tempted by anything less than a 2.3 motor as it wont pull the dick off a chocolate moose. Mine is Fiat Ducato 130 Multijet with a 2.3 engine and tows nicely but you wouldn't want less. The other thing to be aware of is that if you plan to use it for motorsport activities, you may find a rear garage or belly lockers useful for storage etc. This will however to an extent dictate the layout of the motorhome and may compromise your rear lounge wish. The next major thing is to absolutely be certain that a towbar can be fitted. Some rear chassis are just extended with flimsy material and are unsafe to mount towbars on. Whilst on about towing, check and double check that the plated towing capacity is sufficient for a car and trailer. Some are plated as low as 800kg. The payload is also important as this dictates the weight of the kit that you can carry in the motorhome before it is considered overloaded eg - the VIN plate will show a maximum gross weight and an unladen weight. the difference is the payload. Some motorhomes have stupidly low differences and wouldn't allow much kit to be taken onboard legally