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  1. Tel's Tales Anglesey 7th and 8th April 2018

    Steve, I'll be at Gurston if you want to come and have a chat. Don't know what number I'll be running yet. Howard Gaskin
  2. Ford 4.1 cwp diff and casing

    Hi Chris, I'd like to take this. Can probably collect. Will PM to discuss.
  3. Sad day for me

    Sorry to see that Ian. Can't have been easy. Hopefully we'll still see you around - marshalling and the like.
  4. Anybody got a Mk2 Escort steering rack to sell? Any ratio will do, as I've got 2.4 internals to fit. Needs to be the original Ford type with the two plates for the input shaft, rather than the big hex nut. Ultimately, it's the outer casing I need. Mines bent. Regards Howard
  5. I did, and although it made a bit of a mess of the front end and the chassis, it was nothing compared to yours. It did make me review my enthusiasm for hills though. Like you, I've always preferred the unique challenge, the character and ambience of hills but I might be shifting towards sprints from now on and being more selective about the hills.
  6. Wow that's sobering. I remember chatting to you at Wiscombe, Mitch, at the beginning of the year and admiring your car. I heard recently of your accident but had no idea of the extent of your injuries. Truly horrific. Glad you're on the mend. And as you and others have said, what a testament to the calm professionalism of the marshals, medics and fire crew. Having watched the video I've just sat staring out the window in thoughtful silence for 15 minutes.
  7. That's a lovely shoe sir!

    Puts me in mind of Vivian Stanshall and Keith Moon trouser-testing
  8. Happy Birthday Glutey

    Happy Birthday Mr Free
  9. Bonnet locating pin required urgent.

    Hi Trev, Yes, I'm doing the track day on Friday
  10. Bonnet locating pin required urgent.

    Sounds like a plan - if Stu's in less of a hurry for them now.
  11. Bonnet locating pin required urgent.

    My pins are still available. If you're not at Blyton, PM me your address and I'll post them.
  12. Bonnet locating pin required urgent.

    If your holes are 20mm then you'll definitely need one of Dave's or Bunje's grommets. My grommets are 20mm to the very outside, to fit a 16mm hole. I'll bring them anyway, along with the pins.
  13. Bonnet locating pin required urgent.

    Stu, I've got a pair of pins and grommets you can have for free. I don't use them any more. I'm doing the track day on Friday so will be there first thing. Edit to add: My grommets fit and work okay but aren't the original Westfield ones (the pins are). I seem to remember the original grommets had a larger OD to help them stay in place. Mine are 20mm OD, 12mm ID. If Dave's are a bigger OD it may be an idea to use his grommets. I'll bring mine anyway.
  14. Blyton Gluten Free Dinner

    Hi Graham, Alex would like the Gammon Steak with pineapple. No requirement for steak, mixed grill, or gammon for me, I'll probably be having the Hickory Chicken. Thanks, Howard
  15. Blyton Gluten Free Dinner

    Hi Graham, no problem making my own way there. I'm just happy to be there! Thank you for all your efforts.

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