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  1. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    Great. If it will fit mine, I'd like it please. The easiest way to tell which type it is, is whether your cam belt has round or square teeth, or how many pulleys you have in total (including all the idlers).
  2. Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    £50 collected?
  3. C20XE Carbon Cam Belt Cover

    b*******. Missed it. If Oliver loses sanity and doesn't want it, let me know!
  4. Windscreen glass replacement (wide body)

    I've had two screens cut at a local glass place. I just take it apart myself and take the old glass in for them to copy. It can be a bit of a pig getting the frame apart and the glass out though, depending how old and rusted in the screws are.
  5. Gauges / Instruments for sale

    Racetech oil pressure gauges sold.
  6. Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Bump - offers welcome.
  7. 4 point harnesses

    I've got a pair of black Schroth 4 points with seatbelt type buckles and bolt on upper and lower mountings. £30 plus delivery?
  8. 4 point harnesses

    I think I've got a spare pair that came with my car. They're not very flashy but I don't want much for them. Let me check this evening.
  9. Narrow body fuel tank (independent suspension)

    Reduced again - £70. Please get this out of my garage!
  10. Rear wishbone set with new bushes

    Long gone I'm afraid, but Laptoprob71 who bought them only wanted one so had the others spare. I don't know if he ever sold them but it might be worth asking. Geoff
  11. Narrow Body Screen Fillet

    Sold STC
  12. Narrow Body Screen Fillet

    Bump - offers.
  13. Windscreen - Narrow body

  14. VDO speedo Calibration

    Just use the measured mile method, using sat nav or phone to measure it. Worked first time on mine.

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