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  1. RAC roll bar

    Mine is taller than the original bar, and hence the hood won't fit over it.
  2. Early nose grille

    Now SOLD
  3. Early nose grille

    439 x 174 mm
  4. Early nose grille

    Thanks both. Gary has first refusal but I'll update with dimensions this evening.
  5. Wilwood midilite

    Rally Design will sell you the mounting kits separately (or at least they did that for me a few years ago).
  6. Windscreen - Narrow body

    Price reduced.
  7. Early nose grille

    This was a spare with my '88 narrow. I think it might fit very early wides. It is not suitable for later cars with the larger nose cone appature. Needs a coat of paint but solid enough. £5 plus delivery please.
  8. Anoying rattle from offside rear around roll bar

    Did you fit 1.9" i.d. springs or 2.25"? If the latter, they can hit the chassis and / or bulkhead depending on what wishbones you have and how the ride height is set.
  9. Narrow Body Screen Fillet

  10. LED Headlight bulbs

    I don't think it's all LEDs. I have the 'intelligent' LED headlights on my E-class (W212) and they are by far the best headlights on any car I've owned, although I've never had more than HID low beam previously.
  11. Gauges / Instruments for sale

    Two old style VDO tachos. Both not in the best cosmetic condition with some corrosion around the bezel and it looks like someone has previously tried to rub them down. One is complete with bulb holders and bracket - £30 The other is missing them at present - £25
  12. Rear Exit Exhaust

    I guess it's designed so you just remove it with the least effort once it's out the showroom.
  13. Rear Exit Exhaust

    It's all subjective I appreciate, but that Caterham solution looks terrible to my eyes.
  14. Narrow Body Screen Fillet

    Screen fillet for narrow body in chrome yellow. This doesn't look like it's been fitted as the wiper holes are not drilled. Good condition other than a couple of small chips on the top edge, and a larger one (looks like from manufacture) where it will be covered by the screen pillar on the left hand side. These are an eye watering £58.29 new so £20 for this one seems fair. It's completely the wrong shape to post economically, so you'll need to collect from just outside Bicester (M40, J9).
  15. Windscreen - Narrow body