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  1. Are you sure it's the sub and not just you tuned into the mains?
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, it really is a nice car and would be a great introduction to the Westfield world for someone.
  3. PM sent again
  4. PM sent
  5. Torbay... your legendary sense of direction comes to the fore
  6. Just want to say a big thanks to "Jeff the sheep whisperer" and the rest of the gang for a fantastic week, top banana!!
  7. Now I understand why people talk so much about Applecross... my word!
  8. This car has had an interesting past, it was originally registered in 1989 and we believe ran for around 2 years when oil surge caused engine failure of the originally installed crossflow. At that point the owner pushed it into the garage and left it there for many years, until another one of our members purchased it a few years ago as a project. The car was stripped down completely including body removal, suspension engine and gearbox, a lowered floor was fitted and it is at this point we purchased the car as a rolling chassis, without an engine back in July last year. Our plan was to rebuild the car for my daughter, not to sell it on again, however her plans have changed and my wife says that I can’t keep both Westfield’s as well as the Porsche. Bollockybill and myself have rebuilt the car to what we consider a good standard, replacing or reconditioning many of the original parts, as said earlier our plan was not to resell the car. The first run out was planned to be Stoneleigh so we had a deadline to meet, the car passed its MOT and was taxed for the first time in 24 years on 23 April. Driving the 200 or so miles to and from Stoneleigh was maybe a brave thing to do for a first run out, but we had a great day without any issues. So to the spec… Westfield SEi Narrow with low-line body, mileage 1600 miles in 28 years Lowered floor on drivers side Bodywork in very good condition given it age, no fading Ford 1600 CVH engine on twin 40 Weber DCOE’s Engine has only covered 3000 miles since complete rebuild Purchased from another member, power reported as 120BHP Weber’s have been rebuilt, new springs seals etc. Fully Independent rear suspension with Westfield Diff (open) Ford Type “E” fours speed gearbox Clutch done less 3000miles fitted with new release bearing All Wishbones have been re-powder coated with new Metalastic bushes Alternator and Starter Motor covered only 1000 miles from new All brakes renewed including calipers,rear cylinders, disks and drums Master Cylinder refurbed by Past Parts New Front wheel bearings Alloy front hubs Racing type seats with 4 point Willans Harnesses RAC Roll Bar, the rear tubes not show in photos (waiting for my Dremel to come home) Looking for offers in the region of £6400
  9. We don't like him really, we just couldn't see a nice Westfield going to waste
  10. No angle grinding , we managed to get hold of an RS1600i rocker cover to replace the standard pressed steel one, and Trafford Collage very kindly machined off the fins in a tapered pattern, but it was still too high and that's when Fibet came to the rescue with the engine mounts. We really didn't want to cut the bonnet, but it was increasingly looking like we were going to have to.
  11. Well actually no it didn't One of the biggest challenges when trying to fit the CVH engine into our project car was, would the bonnet go on afterwards. Obviously we spent hours meticulously measuring and comparing the position of the engine in the chassis with my other car "Marilyn", before the body was reunited with the rest of the car, only to find out we were about 20mm high right at the front of the engine. To cut a long and stressful story short, because we didn't want a power bulge in the bonnet, a company called Fibet came to our rescue. They manufacture Isolation Mounts in all shapes sizes and specs for automotive as well as industrial use . I contacted them via their website explained the issue and what we were trying to do. To my surprise they responded almost immediately explained that the item we needed was out of stock, but they would be doing a production run in the next two weeks. True to their word two weeks later I get a package in the post with the new engine mounts supplied completely free of charge including p&p... Fantastic!!! Who said customer service was dead, it's alive and very well at www.fibet.co.uk for sure After getting home from Stoneleigh on Sunday parked the two cars in the drive next to each other for the first time. Now it's easy to see why we had so much trouble when you compare the project car to Marilyn in the background. All worked out well in the end.... anybody looking for a nice 1989 SEi only covered 1600 miles from new G.