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  1. As the old fat chicken says, feel free to drop me a PM with any questions. I drove this car back in 2001 and tried to buy it from a colleague of mine who owned it at the time but he backed out, way back when. There are newer cars and faster cars, but they are not xflow powered
  2. Pinto electronic ignition

    @bollockybill and myself recently fitted an AccuSpark dizzy and coil to @John K 's Mr Grumpy. Must say we were impressed with the quality of the kit, and it works. No external amplifier to fit so it maintains the old skool look. We went for the non vacuum as Mr G. is fitted with twin 40's for the reason mentioned above. Think John is pretty happy with the running too.
  3. LSD unit

    @bollockybill good upgrade for the V8? Might stop at least one of the wheels spinning
  4. Crossflow Exhaust Manifold (Sold)

  5. Chrome Springs

    Guys, thanks for the info. @CraigHew The old springs are a little over 9" long, I've gone for some new Protech shocks, they recommend 8" but if it's acceptable to preload the springs I'll refit the old ones. Cheers G.
  6. Chrome Springs

    After 26 years the stock shocks on my 91 SE have not surprisingly given up and emptied themselves onto my garage floor. When I removed the fronts I noticed they had quite a lot of preload on the springs, in fact more than 25mm. This suggests to me the springs were under rated, and to achieve the correct ride height had to be preloaded to quite an extent. There is also signs at times the springs were coil bound, having been driven down many a bumpy lane in Wales over the years Couple of questions, firstly has anyone else had such a preload on their shocks/springs? Secondly does anyone know where I can get nice chrome plated springs from to replace these? Cheers G.
  7. Nice run today.

    Just for the record... no one
  8. Yes it's a toll bridge, but no booths so you don't have to stop.
  9. Manual or PDK Boxster

    It would get you mine for a start
  10. Manual or PDK Boxster

    One of my neighbours has an '09 Porker it's not a Boxster but he did say to me he wished he'd gone for the Auto/Tip/PDK as the clutch was very heavy.
  11. Anyone else venture over the new bridge just after midnight? Was a great atmosphere with hundreds of bikers
  12. A little nervous -lowered floor question

    Cheaper to buy her a car of her own
  13. Did it pass?

    Great job guys