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    Keeping the faith with a narrow body (the car not me) xflow and clam shells
  1. Shower Cap ( Sold to Grizzlee )

    Hi Rod, I'll take it please for Son of Marilyn G.
  2. Cycle wings - or not.

    I've told you before, there's nothing wrong with a Vauxhall Corsa
  3. Did it pass?

    Me thinks your on thin ice there Mr. D Sorry to hear that it didn't pass, but as Rod says, only one issue and relatively easy to resolve. Well done guys! given how long it has been since then car was built, this really is quite an achievement, and I'm looking forward to seeing the car out on our regular Sunday runs
  4. Eeny meeny miny moe.

    I think you have space across the front for another one... red maybe
  5. Eeny meeny miny moe.

  6. When "Well Meaning Hippies" collide...

    You're too late with your invention Mr. K someone already invented the Bistro-matic Drive
  7. Fuel Sender Unit Seal

    I have a large quantity of petrol resistant rubber, if you drop me a pm with your details I'll send you some when I get back to the UK at the weekend. if you can wait that long of course G.
  8. Mr Grumpy - Can they rebuild him..?

    maybe add naked dancing girls, it might help... or is that just me
  9. Fridge Freezer Brands... Sammy or AEG..?

    Oh no! Tell me the beers not getting warm... you can manage without the food
  10. Driving a Mustang GT around the Pacific Northwest, I love this car
  11. A modern take on the 7

    I think we have plumbed new depths there Mr. K
  12. Free bits.

    Me thinks your read that wrong John
  13. Cables or WiFi..?

    Wot he said
  14. Mr Grumpy - Can they rebuild him..?

    You could maybe try a cushion under your knees, my car has the old seats like yours and came with the wedge shaped cushions which were great on the 500 mile trip up to Ullapool a few weeks ago