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  1. [SOLD] Schnitz Racing Hayabusa steel throttle butterflies

    Wow,had no idea the standard ones could move that much from back firing etc.
  2. Intermittent rough running

    The system you have is very modular, so all individual sensors are renewable. A first step would be confirming where the rev counteris fed from, so that you kno for sure if it's a symptom, a coincidence, or a red herring! It could be fed from: ecu, in which case, it's a significant clue! the old coil feed. Would also require the old distributor to be still present and turning. Seems an unlikely coincidence foritto fail at the same time. a wireloop pick up on one of the sparkplug wires, again would be quite a coincidence to fail at the same time. The emoji's on the other hand are easy! on the strip at the top of the editor window on your posts, is a little emoticon button, it looks like a black and white line drawing of a smiley face, it's next to the <> button. Click it and it will show the available selection, to see more, click on "categories", then "Emoticons" to see the full list. Click on any individual emoticon to insert it. (The ones built in to your computer keyboard won't work, not unless they happen to insert the same keyboard shortcut as the Boardroom emoticons.)
  3. Intermittent rough running

    I'm not massively familiar with that ecu, but from what I understand of your set up, you have a system that uses mechanical control for the fuelling, your carbs! And then ecu control just on the ignition. When all is well you have a "3D" ignition system, i.e. The amount of advance is varied by both rpm - crank sensor detects this, and engine load, throttle position sensor detects this - literally how much you've got the accelerator pedal pressed! In addition, the coilpack you are using has a default limp home mode, where, when it doesn't get the signal from the ecu, it defaults to a fixed ignition timing. So your engine will run, after a fashion, with no ecu, it's just the timing will be off, hence the spitting and popping, and the being down on power.
  4. Intermittent rough running

    The lack of rev counter suggests that its fed from the ecu, and either the ecu is loosing the crank position sensor signal, so dropping in to the EDIS's limp home mode, or the ecu itself is cutting out, again leading to the EDIS's limp home mode. If you can get it to fault while youre hooked up to the ecu with a laptop, you should be able to see if its just the CPS or the whole ecu. (Unless the ecu can do data logging, in which case that would show it to.)
  5. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    Yep, secure it to the nozzle, I also dressed the pipe to run neatly round the wiper rack (secured to it with cable ties) and then down past the pump to an accessible spot under the scuttle, at the side, where it has a little pipe joiner in it, (most car spares shops stock little bits and bobs like that for repairing damaged wiper piping). This means when removing the scuttle, it's really easy to unplug the washer jet!
  6. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    It’s not about aesthetics with the height thing. If the wiper arm on the spindle is too far out, the sprung section of the arm can’t pull the blade section down with enough to tension and it skips over the surface of the glass too much to be effective.
  7. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    I might well be wrong, photo angles like this are notoriously tricky to judge, but gut reaction is you may have a tad too much spindle sticking through the fillet, if you can loose the outer rubber washer. (Perhaps bed the metal washer on silicon, if you’re worried about scratching the fillet), but also try and space the shaft of the wheel box down as far as it will go. Ideally, when the splined top hat bushes are fitted on the ends of the spindles, you want as small a gap between them and the threaded bush as possible, and as little a gap to the fillet as possible.
  8. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Aren’t there legality issues now with 21’s on the road, or is that an internet myth? I know they were always the go too road tyre for wet and dry use before the R1R came along. Will have a look at the Yoko 008’s and the V700 too.
  9. Car built over several yrs........caution required ?

    That’s not a long build in more general kit car terms. (Westfield perhaps on average get built a little quicker than some brands). It’s only a longer build when the years get into double figures! The two main catches with longer builds are, IVA regulations changing and affecting compliance Of previously acceptable items. But you say it’s registered, so that’s not a problem, And the other is things like tyres and rubber pipes/seals etc degrading. A visual inspections for general leaks and any cracking on hoses will tell you the state of them. It’s been on the road a while though so if there was a problem it would have probably shown up by now. Tyres, is the trickier one to judge by the time they look bad, they’re really bad! There are date codes on there that will give you an idea of tyre age, but I’d probably just look to replace as a matter of course - perhaps a good bargaining chip?
  10. So far

    Some of the blocks aren’t always a great fit, like Sycho said, you need to trim them down s bit to get a better fit. (Note the word better, you won’t get it perfect, but it can be improved.)
  11. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Exactly @Ben (bunje) I e had R888’s on the road, and while in the right conditions they were fantastic, I found them tremendously limiting in how you used the car. R1R’s were a revelation. Enough dry weather grip to be as close to a 888 on the road as you should really be getting, yet with awesome confidence inspiring wet weather handling that meant you stopped second guessing the weather all the time and just used the car. Full wets plus a set of semi slicks, or even full slicks is fine for track use, but not much good on the road if you get caught in a big change of weather to what ever weather/tyre combination you set out on!
  12. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    Rainsport 3’s do keep cropping up. I’m really keen to hear how they compare with R1R’s in the dry! Ots that balance of both dry and wet weather performance that’s so elusive! Dry weather alone, would be easy, there’s plenty of semi slicks out there that are better. And I’m sure there are plenty of pure wets that are better in heavy rain. It’s getting that combination as R1R’s get harder to replace...
  13. S2000 Idle Air Control Valve (IACV)

    Excellent, sticking idle control valves are a known thing on quite a few vehicles, S2000 included. Fingers crossed that was the root of the issue.
  14. Spotted in Basildon, Essex today

    Excellent, well done!
  15. Oulton Park track day 10th April. + Booking info

    So in other words, still no R1R replacent in one tyre on the horizon?

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