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  1. Wide body windscreen size

    Caterham SV - there equivalent of a wide body, and yes, in "Seven" terms, they're huge, so that sort of dimension wouldn't surprise me.
  2. Wide body windscreen size

    Just been outside for a measure up myself. I'd agree with your ball park measurements at where you've taken them. I also measured the glass section, down in each corner, where it meets the frame, just above the screen fillet - so should be reasonably repeatable. It's just about 34" For reference, any frame that has a maximum width of 39" is wider than the scuttle by some margin. Be interesting to see a picture of what you have, especially if it's mounted in a frame, as even if the glass had been supplied incorrectly to the factory, it shouldn't match the frame!
  3. Wide body windscreen size

    I ask, as there are so few parallel or squared off sections, and given how it sits on the car, it's hard to know how to measure for the best, in any sort of comparable way, without removing it from the car!
  4. Wide body windscreen size

    So, not the full width of screen then? How are you allowing for the screen section covered by the uprights?
  5. Big brakes

    Definitely change the fluid at that age. However, I'd go so far as to say a performance car like the Westfield can sometimes benefit from even more frequent changes than the normal every two years or so, if it's being used hard on track. Heavy track use can put a lot of heat into the fluid. If you get as far as brake fade on track, then I'd virtually say change your fluid too. Been there, got that t-shirt.
  6. Wide body windscreen size

    Sanity check time, how are you measuring the width? (I know it sounds stupid, but working in a world where people quote TV sizes in all sorts of imaginative and very non-traditional ways...)
  7. New member intro

    Welcome Jim! Sounds like you've got a good plan already. Its hard to over stress the benefits of seeing as many Westfields as you can; it's amazing how just checking them out, while tyre kicking with the owners really builds up your feel for what to look for, and what nicely built cars look like. - Something that can be hard to tell otherwise, when you see such widely different specs between cars. It's very easy sometimes to get swept up by the (low) age of a car, or a high spec, and overlook the older, or lower spec car, that might be better screwed together. Shame about Oulton, but as you say, needs must with family. Don't forget though, we don't regionally divide membership up in any way, so as well as getting along to the (very fine) Yorkshire meets, you've also got the Peak District and Manchester not too far away. Dont be put off by going on Area runs either; it doesn't matter that you're still at the hunting stage, it's a pretty rare run out that won't have at least one passenger seat free, and often, you can hop from car to car at the stops and get a ride in a number. Not quite the same as on track, but will give you an idea of road manners etc. (Just let the organiser know ahead of time that pax rides are needed, and all is good!) Good luck with the search, we get some fine track Westfields coming up on here.
  8. WANTED: rose joints (x2) for RAC roll bar

    Standard are 1/2 x 1/2, with a 1/2 to 7/16" reducer in the eyelet.
  9. Big brakes

    great, that helps a little; we definitely know what they're not! They're not what people will generally think of when you talk about AP brakes on a Westfield, confusing I know! As above, they look like Westfield cast uprights and a two pot calliper. They do look a little M16 ish, but I can't see enough to be completely sure... (my memory of M16's is getting hazier now! the other alternative, but they're rare, that the factory used briefly, were Landrover a Discovery rear callipers.) Pulling a brake pad out and getting a photo of it square on, while it's laid out flat sure help confirm the identity of the callipers, though. Or a clearer view of the side of the calliper. (Might need to pop a wheel off, to make it easier). Pedal to the floor is definitely a no no, though. Or do you just mean that no matter how hard you press the pedal, it doesn't stop any better?
  10. The Word Association Thread

  11. Positive tank pressure

    Sometimes tanks end up fitted with one way valves when they should have roll over valves. A proper tank venting valve will actually let a certain amount of air pressure past in either direction, if you see what I mean. But will prevent the fuel itself leaking past.
  12. Newby

    a lovely looking Westfield.
  13. Is my budget realistic

    There will be lots of Westfields (hopefully) at Oulton Park on Sunday/Monday for the Gold Cup, if you can make it over. It's also the Cheshire Area meet a week on Thursday (the 7th September) at the Whipping Stocks near Knutsford, again, weather dependant, should be more Westfields there. Its worth trying to see as many as you can, regardless of whether they're actually for sale or not, as it will help you make sense of what your seeing when you do view cars on sale.
  14. Complete Kit Car Magazine - Sept 2017 Issue

    Well done, must grab a copy!
  15. The Word Association Thread