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  1. Fuel Tank Breather

    As a Chris said, if that is genuinely a non return valve and you have no other breather, give it a very wide berth; it could at the very worst cause catastrophic damage to your tank and or fuel lines. At best, it could distort the tank a wee bit. Proper roll over valves have two way flow, it’s just that the flow out of the tank is limited by a spring release system. The tank needs to be able to equalize itself with atmospheric pressure. The internal pressure of the tank if it was sealed is constantly cpvarying over time, sometimes below atmospheric, sometimes above. So air must be able to move in and out. Westfield tanks normally include a roll over valve/breather valve, it’s screwed directly into the top of ZK tanks, I’d have assumed likewise on FW tanks?
  2. Heater

    The 3.5 Kw size is probably fine for a Seven type car, quite a few do run that T7 Design unit, it always gets great recommendations. To be honest, the biggest issue with the standard heater isn’t the KW rating, whatever that may be, it’s the relatively poor air moving ability of the standar heater fan, coupled with the fact that it pulls air in from under the scuttle, so in wet weather, recirculates any damp air round the cabin. Now obviously, you’re your friend is not going to get so much of that problem, with a half hood. But the fan, to be honest I don’t know how good/bad the fan is on that heater, better than the one in the Westfield item, probably. But I found changing to a proper squirrel cage blower unit that could shift large volumes of air at a decent pressure made a vast difference. A dash vent is on the list of jobs to do when I take the scuttle off to do the Freewheel/BeamStop; on my last car, with the blower on full speed, even with the top down, you could still feel heat from the dash vent on your chest at up to near forty miles an hour. With a hood up, even my half hood, you could make it as toasty as you want at any speed. The advantage of this, over winter, is not having to wrap up in as many layers, and not having such bulky clothing hampering driving. Also on the highly recommended list is a shut off valve for the hot water feed. Again, I’ve found that there are times when you want lots of volume of air, but the full engine heat output level is too hot after a while, so you can just dial it back till it hits a comfortable level. (Also means I can desist in the summer with the hood up, with cool air.) Obviously depending on your engines cold start bypass arrangements, you might not be able to use a single valve on the hot feed, but to be honest, I’ve had better results from a recirculating type cut off valve anyway, even when the engine doesn’t strictly need it.
  3. Peak District Blaze Farm Ice Cream Run, Sat 23rd Dec, 10.00am

    Not sure at the moment. Delayed pulling the car apart, with the plan of trying to start that week and do it while I’m off. So in theory, I won’t be mobile that weekend.
  4. Mega S2000 Engine Mount Help

    @Delboy has a K20 in his orange ballistic missile! Otherwise, I don’t know if the S2000 will be much help. We use the two cast alloy engine mounts that bolt to the sides of the block, with Westfield supplied rubber bushes. (Actually, a fairly common type, used in various Fords, Transits and a fe Land Rover/Range Rover V8 models). You can see the left hand side cast mount above. The right is very similar.
  5. Bitcoin

    A couple of years ago, a couple of the lads working for the same client as me bought various fake Rolex’s from a friend of the client, that was flying over for Christmas, to stay with them. (He brings them in every time he comes over for people, as he knows where to buy stunning replicas). I wish I’d joined the deal now, but I bottled it, as they were quite expensive for fakes. (Between £200 and £400 if memory serves). However we had a look at the six different Rolex’s and Omega’s he brought in and they were superb. The Omega’s felt no different in quality to my Seamaster, if anything the strap was actually better! The Rolex’s we compared to the clients, and other than being slightly heavier, again the quality differences felt minimal. But the other plus, (he opened up an old watch of his own for us to see), was that while the cases were all high quality fakes, the internals were those generic Swiss automatic movements that are sold by the big Swiss trade manufactures for companies to fit in their own cases. Pity he hasn’t been back since, always fancied a Rolex Sub-mariner!
  6. C20XE not starting

    Don't worry about it, there's precious few of us that don't suffer the odd brain fart occasionally!
  7. Just bought my first kit car

    Nothing wrong with classic chrome; it’s still very popular out there in club member land. (Though you might not always guess it, reading the Boardroom)
  8. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    I stood near Mike Rowland for two days and realised how little I knew!
  9. Am I going soft?

    I think he’s spending too long galavanting about in hot climes. He’s gone nesh. (Runs, hides, books airfare to secret foreign destination...)
  10. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    I asked whether it could be enabled, (obviously a sensor needs fitting too) when first asking about the Omex 620’s being opened up to user access. I was told that yes it would be possible.
  11. Bitcoin

    Moved to the right section at Martin’s request! And duplicate thread removed.
  12. XC90s

    I had one five or six years ago, and R Design with the D5 engine. Superb load lugger and the most comfy seats I’ve ever sat in, in a car. Had zero faults in my time of ownership, but from a look round on the forums at the time, the main issue I recall them suffering with is the drive to the rear. Its only part time, and only when the car decides it’s needed. I’m sure the drive shaft to the back came out through the sump, or something daft! Anyway, with lack of use, the drive to the rear could fail. Can’t remember the exact fault now though but I’m sure it was something to do with the part time transfer unit. Oh and it gave great mileage for such a big car.
  13. Non-Westfield build

    It sure is!
  14. Change from TPS to MAP for the Alps etc

    That’s typical narrow band lambda, hence me mentioning wide band previously, but yes as I went on to say, it does really need to be at either steady state, or to have had multiple passes through the target cell on the fuel map.
  15. Wife's out got some washing to do

    So bribery and corruption would have been cheaper!