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  1. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

  2. FREEEE "from Ape to kit car" vynil stickers

    Can’t see it anything wrong with it personally. There aren’t many of us mod’s on here tonight, but those that are have confirmed and can’t see any issue either Well Done, they look great by the way.
  3. Over 4.xx 7" Sierra LSD wanted

    @Stuart Faulkner - Shows & Events Coordinator Isn't the diff you have a 4. Something?
  4. Main Dealer Servicing Costs.

    I had a six month old Disco4 HSE on lease from a friend in the trade a few years back. It wasn't too bad in rain, but you had to be careful washing it, aim a (regular tap water pressure) hose at the wrong spot on the passenger side, and the rear N/S window would wind itself down 10cm and refuse to go back up again, unless you used the forced override function.
  5. Por15

    Excellent; another one for the armoury - ever since the inevitable formula change a few years ago, I've found the whole Hamerite/Smoothrite range very hit and miss
  6. S2000 diff

    I seem to remember Quaife do a special output flange for what you want, (at a price). I'm sure though, years ago, I remember someone telling me they'd had a set of the lobro type output flanges machined to suit. (I've a feeling they're shorter for the ATB).
  7. Happy birthday luke

    Yessss, we've seen the FB photos!
  8. Cheshire & North Staffs Christmas Curry Thursday 7th December

    Not really, I just need to know as soon as you can so that i can alert the restaurant if we need more places, I've already booked though based on provisional numbers from previous years. So currently, not a problem.
  9. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    Are all the wires from the controller wired in?
  10. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    Sorry no in this context dip switch is a little switch used for configuration settings on the controller, and nothing to do with dipped headlights! Depending on the number of settings, dip switches look like the above, but much smaller! It would either be on the controller box, or inside it, directly on the circuit board. Can you identify the brand of controller? Is it the same as the Car Builder Solutions one?
  11. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    You have the rocker switch similar to the one in the photo, So if I understand it, (assuming head lights on), press the switct so its in the normal on position fogs come on, Yes? Then press the switch to put it in the normal off position and the fog lamp does not go off? Press it again so now back in normal on position, fog lamp goes off? If that's the case, then it sounds like the controller has been set up/wired for a momentary contact closure switch. ie the controller changes setting every time it sees a pulse from the switch, and with your maintained closure switch, that only happens when it's turned on and off completely. Is there a dip switch setting on the controller, or alternative switch wire? There may not be of course, it may just be that effectively the switch is the wrong type for the controller being used.
  12. John's novice FW Special build...what was I thinking...

    Hmm, that's not right and given the closeness with which my IVA tester examined the fog lamp circuit, I'd not want to wing it. The fog lamp switch SHOULD be able to turn off fog lamps. If you ignore the fact it's a Westfield, as for IVA etc, that's not relevant, imagine a scenario where you're driving along a foggy country lane at night, you have lights and fog lamp on. Another car comes up behind you, and is now dazzled by your rear fog. (Though has it's own on, as the last car in the "convoy"). The only way to extinguish your rear fog is to turn your headlights off!!
  13. Boghouse Blue 2.0LTR XE Red Top .220bhp WITHDRAWN FROM SALE

    I so hope this car stays in the club. I remember it being built, and conversations with it's original owner, Scott Beeland about the engine spec, as we both built/had built similar engines at around the same time.
  14. Por15

    Hammerite isn't in the same league as POR15, especially not some of the awful batches of modern formulation Hammerite that you get. However, bear in mind that standard POR15 isn't UV stable, so in areas exposed directly to sun light, really needs a top coat. At a minimum, the surface to be painted with POR15 needs to be rubbed down and keyed and any loose material removed. You can go over powder coat, but make sure the area of powder coat is absolutely sound! The big problem with powder coat is if it chips, or is scratched through to the steel and water gets underneath, it can travel sideways under the powdercoat some distance, causing rust. This means ultimately, a large area could flake off, potentially taking any top coating off with it.
  15. Duratec ecu options

    The difficulty with Andy’s ecu is that mapping it requires a dongle, Webcon can’t replace them/supply them anymore. So you need a mapper with one in working condition, (I believe Troy’s is broken, hence they can’t map the ecu’s any more).