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  1. Well done!
  2. Seems to have reasonable lasting qualities. Has a UV active die in it so that you can see what's been treated and what hasn't.
  3. I always use Contralube, a contact grease, on all electrical connections.
  4. I had a quick look tonight, but couldn't find them. There is another spot I can have a look in, it just needs a bit more she'd emptying to get to!
  5. Thanks Stu.
  6. No. Utter frustration.
  7. Aye that's the one I found! I might take you up on that Stu, if I've heard nothing by the end of the week. Just trying to get the bits in place to convert.
  8. Does anyone know what the make and better still, part number of this connector is, please? Unfortunately my original one seems to have not returned when the car was converted to ITB. Trying to find one, so far had no luck, other than a place in the US. Which will sell a pigtailed version, that could be spliced in. (Or if you have one spare, I'll buy it off you!) Help!
  9. you can see the planet wheels on both open and viscous LSD diffs, it's ATB's etc where you can't.
  10. Fantastic news Adge!
  11. That's precisely the reassurance you'll get from physically attending your IVA in person; you get to see just how precisely the car is gone over with a fine tooth comb, and how detailed some of the checks and tests really are.
  12. Ah, that old nugget! Dashed odd behavior from your dash, without it!
  13. We'll be merging the threads at this rate! Are you trying to turn it over with the plugs in or out? Has the battery had any sort of charge? Have you got a multimeter?
  14. The only foolproof way is to either count teeth or to mark the input and output flanges and count the turns. Its been so long since many of these diff stuff left their original fitments that many have indeed had ratios swapped over the years. Not everyone tries to keep the tags with the right crown wheel and pinions. Its not the clearest of pictures on an iPad, but the casing at the back of the crown wheel does just about look thick enough to be a viscous lsd module. Would want a clearer shot to be sure though.
  15. In that case I'd pick someone else. If you're going to the trouble of having a silencer made, for trackdays, having a non repackable one would seem to be a massive own goal! Sorry. In trackday use especially, they do need re-packing every so often.