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  1. Rich's S2000 Build

    It’s not just that, if you compare mine and Sychos chassis for instance, (it came up in a thread a few years ago), our lower, upper-steering column mounting tabs, near the drivers footwell end panel are in different positions, and not just by a couple of mm. It translates as quite a big variation in the position of the hole needed.
  2. Rich's S2000 Build

    Don’t use the dimensions without checking, they’re a guide at best, as variations kit to kit means the hole needs to move to suit.
  3. Peak District Scenic Stealer, Sat 24th Feb, 10.30am

    had been hoping to, but house selling keeps eating in to my getting the car back together time! It's nearly there now, but might just need to spend Saturday on it.
  4. Shower cap for cage

    The thing that will put many off is the towing aspect. I know, I know, you could argue what’s the difference between towing at fifty and driving at fifty. (Perhaps it’s turbulence off the tow car?) Who knows, however companies tend to be very risk averse when it comes to making towing covers that attach to the car, possibly as there are so many stories around of damage being caused. Just get a half hood for a cage, if that what you want, and if you happen to leave it on when you tow... or get some kind of shower cap made, modelled after the Soft Bits type with the extra straps. (Though to be ho est, I’d be very wary of towing with it on. The factory did the half hoods, and a friend of mine had one tidied up by a local trimmer, with no great fuss. (He did the basic cutting to shape himself, from a full hood, I think.)
  5. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Potentially fantastic news Gary.
  6. Rich's S2000 Build

    I’ve never had them with a starter kit, may be different in a full kit. Also, certain individual parts Westfield sell come with their own fitting kits, so it may be that one of the sub assemblies came with some? (I was cheeky last time around and rang up asking where my cable tie bases and brake line clips were to be given a firm “we don’t supply those with starter kits answer).
  7. Rich's S2000 Build

    Depends on the type of kit bought possibly, but you certainly don’t get any with starter kits.
  8. S2000 diff

    Yeah, I’ve considered the 3.38, they’re just quite a big chunk of money to “try” and then find it’s too much.
  9. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

  10. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    Fair enough, but as Terry said, if you have a steering lock, you don’t need it, and sometimes less is more when it comes to the IVA test.
  11. The Nerdy video thread.

  12. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I understand that Gary and am not arguing, the point I was trying, obviously unsuccessfully, to make, was that when I did my IVA, that’s either not how it was written, OR, not how it was being interpreted at the time.
  13. Soft Bits for Sevens Touring Tunnel bag.

    Been meaning to update this; if you lift out the vinyl base of the main compartment, then you’ll see the top half is just stapled on to the lower bit that wedges between the seat and tunnel. It was a piece of cake to remove it and re-staple for left hand mounting. So hopefully, as the rest of the mods with the car are on the home straight now, I’ll get an opportunity to test before long. Now, should I motorise the fan on the bottom of the cup holder, for nice cool beverages as I drive?
  14. For Sale threads with no contact details

    Nice, a red top!
  15. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    TJ is right. Consensus when I did my IVA, was that if an immobiliser was fitted, it would be tested and an installation certificate required. So I had my fob taped to the steering lock for the duration of the test.