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  1. To throw another tyre in the mixer, i run Yoko A021's (13's) on the road instead of 888's, find them awesome, more than enough grip for the road and they cope well on dry trackways surprisingly well too. They have managed 2 wet/damp trackways, 2 dry and maybe 1000 road miles, still got a few mm left in them.
  2. Cadwell Park May 2nd

    Love to but no can do with work, shame as i love Cadwell. Cheers for the heads up Russ! Planning on Anglesey in June though!
  3. They asked me to cut the grass honest!
  4. Side screens/Doors

    Ha, suppose I could have a play with it to see if its workable, what you after for it?
  5. Apart from getting wet feat & legs on the way there, and my indicators packing up due to water ingress no doubt, what a day! So much fun sliding about. Nice to meet you guys and put faces to forum names!
  6. Yeah I think this is my 5th time at Oulton, but I have found that out the fun way and done some gardening for them before Yeah im sticking with the none 888's! Thanks for the garage heads up guys, see you there 8ish!
  7. 888 or no 888, hmmm
  8. Maybe so, itl all turn out good
  9. Just got off the phone with msv, all booked up He did say the group has 2 garages booked and im the 6th person to book on.
  10. Side screens/Doors

    bump bump
  11. Il hopefully be booking on soon, was going to get a garage if still available.
  12. Thirded, EFI parts
  13. Half doors, anything considered

    Iv just bought a set from soft bits the other day, arrived Monday but want to go in a different direction now. Brand new, with the extra fitting kit. Just paid £80 for the lot delivered. These be of any interest? Cheers Dan
  14. Side screens/Doors

    After a pair of side screens for a bit of an experiment so condition isn't too important. Anyone got any lying round? Cheers

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