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  1. I've found the e number on the rim, they are all e35 offset. I'm in Chelmsford, Essex but do have relatives that fairly regularly travel here from Bristol and Exmoor so could get them to the Southwest.
  2. Price reduced to £400 before they go on eBay. Have had a bit more of a measure, appear to be about 35mm offset.
  3. Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 15 x 7 wheels in excellent condition except from some paint damage on the inside of 1 wheel from a snapped anti roll bar blade, just cosmetic and can't be seen once on car. Back space is roughly 135mm. Fitted with Yokohama AD08R 205/50 R15 86V nearly new, still got 6.5mm tread on centre grooves, 5mm on sides, guess that is about what they are when new. All balanced and ready to use, bought for my SEi, the rears fit perfectly but the fronts touch the wing stays so going to stick with 13" wheels. £450 Contact Derek on 07885 874031 or derekrogers33@gmail.com
  4. Top Speeds

    My aeroscreened 185 bhp Zetec SEi has seen 120 at Snetterton on a GPS speedo, still accelerating but having to brake for the next corner, that's with a 4.1 diff, 4 speed Tran X box, 205/60-13 rear tyres and around 7500 revs, that engine had a forged rod let go recently, when I rebuild it it will probably have a higher diff ratio so I don't have to rev it so high to get the top speed.
  5. Which track works best for you?

    I'm quite a careful trackday driver (always worrying about what I might hit if I go off!) and, for me, Cadwell is a bit scary. I do like the Snetterton 300, you can have a bit of a play in the infield corners then a couple of blasts down the straights and it's always good value. Love going to Brands having spectated there a lot but not the best trackday track, usually too crowded and few places to overtake. Silverstone GP is amazing, too expensive for me in the summer but went there in November couple of years ago in a Clio 182, two big straights but lots of medium speed corners which if you get right you can keep up with most cars.
  6. Caterham Superlight R split rims x 7

    Still for sale, also on ebay
  7. Zetec engine needed

    I'm near Chelmsford in Essex
  8. Zetec engine needed

    After a bit of a disaster at Snetterton this week - something let go in the bottom end, holes in both sides of the block and the sump! I'm looking for a Silvertop Zetec engine, complete or a short engine I could rebuild mine into etc Let me know if you have anything or know of anyone that has, derekrogers33@gmail.com Thanks
  9. Sold subject to payment and collection
  10. Got 6 Avon ZZR tyres for sale 2 off 215/55-13 and 4 off 185-55-13 All are fairly recent tyres, would have to doublecheck the dates but 2015 and 2016 I think and all have at least 4mm of tread £150 for the lot or will split Collection from near Chelmsford, Essex Contact Derek on 07885 874031 or derekrogers33@gmail.com
  11. Selling 7 Caterham Superlight R KN split rims as follows: 3 are 6.5 x 13 with rolled rims, a later stronger version, 2 are 6.5 x 13 with normal rims, these weigh 5.2kg and have a total width of 190mm and a backspace of 115mm, ideal for Westfields. 2 are 8.5 x 13 which have a total width of 232mm and a backspace of 140mm, was looking at fitting these on the back of my SEi narrow but looks very tight, might fit other Westfields better. Some have slick tyres on but the tyres are old and should probably be scrapped, that said they do prove that the wheels hold air! Looking for £300 for the 5 off 6.5 x 13 and £150 for the 2 off 8.5 x 13. I also have 6 Avon ZZR 215/55-13 and 185/55-13 which I was going to use on these, see another listing. Collection from near Chelmsford, Essex Contact me on 07885 874031 or derekrogers33@gmail.com
  12. Essex Area Midweek Blat - Wednesday 24th

    Would love to come along, I live in High Easter so would be ideal but working a bit too late and the SEi is feeling a bit sorry for itself after a trackday at Snetterton on Monday, nothing major but needs a checkover which I haven't got time to do. Will look out for future Essex events. Derek
  13. I'm going to Snetterton on Monday 22nd May with a few friends, it's an MSVT day £139. It is a sessioned day which wouldn't be my first choice but it happens to be a day I can get off work. Provided I don't get numpties in my session keep getting it red flagged it should be fine! Derek